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Give this game to someone you hate.

The good:

  • Alright attempt at a Plot
  • Iron Man's suits
  • Voice actors from the film
  • Some Customization

    The bad:

  • Laughable missions
  • Cutscenes off-point
  • Music
  • Very short
  • No replay value
  • Controls
  • Repetitive
  • Difficulty


    Couldn't quite get a decent box art of the PS3 version. But it's the same as the PS2's, both in-game and out.

    Terrible, absolutely terrible. ShadowJ hit the nail on the head with this one. The pro reviewers were too generous with their score. Ok, enough bashing, let's get into it's problems.

    The game starts off alright, not really following the film but we get to make use of the Mach I suit. There's even a 'boss' towards the end at the desert. Iron man's capabilities are shown off a bit, but not quite at it's full potential until we hit the next mission. We get a chance to get used to the Mac...

  • 4.2

    Iron Man? Dig deep and let this one rust in its grave

    The good:

    The one time gimmicks such as grabbing a missile in mid-air and lobbing it back.

    Not much else I'm afraid

    The bad:

    A lot


    I shall begin with saying, the film adaptation is great, the game however is not.

    A great concept, great ideas but very poorly executed. You are introduced with very badly done CG sequences to start you off in the missions, unfortunately if you have seen the film first you will know how much the sequences are lacking in telling you what goes on and how things pan out. Fair enough, make a game with different outcomes to the film but I lost on what the heck was going on most of the time and I hadn't even started playing the game yet.

    This brings me to one of the awful concepts, one that is high...


    A good start, but more improvement is needed.

    The good:

    Iron Man looks great in the game.

    Flight controls are tight and the upgrades offer the ability to customize the Mark III armor however you like.

    Pre-customized suits of Iron Man's classic incarnations of his armor are unlockable throughout the game, and offer their own strengths and weaknesses.

    Robert Downey Jr and Terrence Howard reprise their roles from the film in the game, and do a really good job.

    The bad:

    Melee combat is atrocious. No real reason to not be in hover or flight mode at all times.

    The sheer number of missiles homing in on you at one time make it frustrating to concentrate on your objectives, forcing you to dodge all over the place to stay alive.

    Linear, Mission based gameplay instead of a sandbox style environment.


    Fans of Iron Man have pretty much had to see their favorite superhero in a videogame as a side character up to this point. X-Men Legends II featured IM as an unlockable character and while his abilities were captured, it just didnt feel like he belonged. He played a similar role in Marvel's Ultimate Alliance where he could be used to team up with other characters in the Marvel Universe, but the premise was pretty much the same as in XML2, he was part of a team and not the star of the game.

    At first glance, the demos and videos of Iron Man showed some promise and looked really good. But wh...


    Sega & AM2 bring shell-head to the PSP

    The good:

    Game play works pretty well, decent amount of freedom for Iron Man to fly around in, as well as room to back off and rethink strategies if needed. Visuals are decent, seems to be ported down from the PS2 version. Some voice work is fine, sound effects are crisp, and difficulty is just right.

    The bad:

    Music isn't all that great or memorable - phoned in for sure. Enemies simply respawn so you can blow them up again, and ground troops show no sign of intelligence, and will just stand there waiting to be blown up while they fire at you. Targeting system makes it hard to spot an enemy when they are in your field of vision unless you are really close to them, yet when you turn around the target marker appears to tell you they are in a specific direction behind you - often results in you having to connect the tracer fire to sift through ground rubble to find the offending enemy soldier.

    Some voice work is great, but most of it is pretty hammy. Robert Downey Jr. and Terrence Howard's voice over lines are cheap and quick, though Jr.'s usual tonal inflections stand out way too much to keep him grounded as Tony Stark. (Wasn't taken seriously) Though you can hear them act much better during the CG movies, where they likely had to lip sync to visual footage instead of talk into a mic and read from a game script.

    Some game play elements are disabled when you would otherwise use them, such as fast-forward flight when in long corridors, or when fighting certain bosses.

    The game also sloppily pieces together bits of the movie plot just enough to be coherently played, but leaves out some seriously important scenes, such as the cause for Stark's new mechanical heart, and some background information on other characters.


    Iron Man for the PSP is based on the 2008, May released "Iron Man" film, starring Robert Downey Jr. as billionaire weapons developer Tony Stark, with a supporting cast of Terrence Howard, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Jeff Bridges as Stark's rival, Obediah Stane.

    The game starts out with Tony Stark imprisoned by enemy forces in the middle east. He, along with another scientist by the name of Yensen, have apparently been captured and have been ordered to create missiles for their captors. Having finally realized the downside to weapons development, Tony Stark decides then and there to fight back and c...

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