Iron Man (PSP) Cheats

Iron Man cheats, Tips, and Codes for PSP.


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Boss Tip/Melee
Simply hold the melee when fighting a boss up close or anybody/anything bosses and anything else will quickly be defeated with half the effort easiest way to be bosses and if you fall and die just manual reboot and continue.
Instead of Continually pressing the melee button simply hold it and Iron Man will Continue to Melee


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On The "Fight Back" Where you have to destroy the weapon caches when you go through the tunnel (after the game introduces how to reload ammo) go into flight mode then while your about to go through the tunneldive and you will go through the ground
Warning:The Game will freeze(go into afterburner to get a little longer time)

If you survive long enough head any hole in the ground to rach the surface i found a hidden crate!

PS:My first Glitch!!!