[edit] Background

You are set against a huge swarm of extremly violent and practically unstoppable force of aliens. Threatning to destroy your solar system. Pick from a choice of two spaceships and customise them by collecting coins and power ups. A two player game of strategy.

[edit] Features

  • Choice of 2 different spacecraft to control
  • Collect coins and power ups to customise your own spacecraft
  • Up to 8 different weapons to choose from
  • Multi layer parallax scrolling
  • Real-time effects including accurate shadow casting, variable weather, realistic transparent water and night and day settings
  • Ever-increasing sense of height and depth, helping the player to experience real feelings of speed and motion
  • 8 end bosses
  • 8 true to nature worlds, filled with scores of enemies
  • Unique co-operative play available via the GBA Game Link Cable
  • Four Modes of play: Single Player Arcade mode, Dual Player Arcade mode, Single Player Survival mode, Single Player Boss mode
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Release Dates
  • North America: Aug 27, 2002
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