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If you run a tech oriented site and have hardware or games articles, you can have them indexed on Neoseeker. You do not need to be an affiliate to have your articles listed, you simply have to tell us that you are out there and that you have articles for us to index. Its as easy as filling out the below form.

Some basic requirements:

  1. You must own your own domain or subdomain (the former preferably). Please... no GeoCities or Xoom sites.
  2. Your site must have real, unbiased, and editorially responsible reviews or articles.
  3. You must already be publishing articles on a regular basis - we do not list sites that are publishing their first 2-3 articles (site turnaround is too high in today's Internet).
  4. Legitimate and appropriate reviews are normally more than simple single paragraph blurbs.
  5. You should already be linking to Neoseeker in your links section, and should also be linking to our articles. If you do not receive our article announcements, you contact the webmaster and let us know! (emails are only sent to this list when we publish an article.)

Submit your site to Neoseeker: All fields except for description are required.

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