Infinite Space FAQ/Walkthrough
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Infinite Space FAQ/Walkthrough

by alexlee387   Updated on
Infinite Space FAQ/Walkthrough


By Alex Lee “dragonknight387”


Complete version
Copyright 2012 by Alex Lee on 11/25/2012
1/23/2012 Began work on walkthrough
1/25/2012 Added Sidequest section 30KB
5/21/2012 Took a long break before deciding to get back to the walkthrough. 
Added an index. 49 KB
5/22/2012 Added Blueprint locations 58KB
5/25/2012 Finished Act 1 of the walkthrough. 69 KB
6/1/2012 Decided to add a section devoted to where to recruit characters. 
6/4/2012 Decided to add a character flag to show the earliest time to 
recruit a character 100KB.
6/8/12 Added module and ship flags as warning to people who are looking for 
those blueprints 107 KB. 
6/15/2012 Completed one playthrough 126 KB.
1/4/2013 Added a comprehensive character recruitment section. 228KB
7/1/2013 Fixed the index and added the control+F explanation. 228KB.

Hello everyone, this is my Infinite Space FAQ. This is my attempt to write 
a full length walkthrough that also gives advice on how to play the 
game as you go. Now, there are a lot of spoilers in the walkthrough because 
these events make it easier to find the part of the walkthrough that you 
need to use. Also, I will write down when to set flags to recruit 
characters and make reference to various characters giving stat increases. 
If you don’t have the character, check into the character recruitment list 
for details. As for ship and blueprint modules, you’ll have to look at the 
sections set aside for those to find those blueprints you’re looking for. 
Ship and modules that you can buy in stores are NOT covered by the flags. 
You have been warned. 

In case I didn’t do so later in the walkthrough, I give a lot of thanks to
Katal1.His preliminary work was incredibly helpful in finding a lot of 



To use the index, press Crtl+F (Control Key and F key simultaneously to 
bring up the browser's search function. Then either type in the code in the
brackets or hilight it to search for all instances of that code. For example,
If you type in [A1CHP1], you will be taken directly to the beginning of that

Commands [CMND]
	Act 1
Chapter 1 [A1CHP1]
	Chapter 2 [A1CHP2]
	Chapter 3 [A1CHP3]
	Chapter 4 [A1CHP4]
	Chapter 5 [A1CHP5]
	Chapter 6 [A1CHP6]
	Chapter 7 [A1CHP7C]
		Kalymnos [A1CHP7K]
		Nova Nacio [A1CHP7N]
	Chapter 8
		Kalymnos [A1CHP8K]
		Nova Nacio [A1CHP8N]
	Path rejoins [A1CHP8C]
	Act 2
	Chapter One [A2CHP1]
	Chapter Two [A2CHP2C]
		Rebels [A2CHP2R]
	Chapter Three [A2CHP3]
	Chapter Four [A2CHP4C]
	Chapter Five [A2CHP5]
	Chapter Six [A2CHP6]
	Chapter Seven [A2CHP7C1]
		Normal route [A2CHP7N]
		Starburst route [A2CHP7S] 
		Common Route [A2CHP7C2]
	Chapter Eight [A2CHP8]
Sidequest [QSIDE]
	Ropesk [SIDE1]
	Lutzk [SIDE2]
	Central [SIDE3]
	Kalymnos [SIDE4]
	Regeinland [SIDE5]
Blueprint Location [BPRINT]
Ships [BSHIP]
Modules [BMOD]
Fighters [BFGHT]
Characters [RCHAR]


Commands [CMND]


Typically gets your ship into range for your weapons to work. A weapon will 
fire if the blue icons above your ship(s) HP are, well, blue. If not, they 
will be red. This command is necessary for attacking and in some cases, 
defending. You can also press A.


Moves the ships(s) away from the enemy. Both commands work to help keep your 
ship(s) within optimum firing range. Your opponent will also be moving around 
in the same way. You can also press Y.


This command makes your ship wait in one spot. The only reason to do this is 
so that your command gauge fills faster, which is necessary to send orders. 
You can also press B.

The Command Gauge

This gauge governs your ability to issue orders. This bar’s rate is heavily 
affected by the fatigue gauge.


Allows you to avoid Barrage, but normal attacks will hit more often.

Normal attack

All weapons that can fire will fire one attack. Even if a weapon shoots 2 or 
3 per salvo, it still only counts as 1 attack. The X2 and X3 are damage 
multipliers. This attack is accurate and will usually hit.


All weapons that can fire will fire three times and is quite devastating. If 
the enemy is Dodging, this command does no damage. The best way to use this 
command is right after the enemy attacks or barrages. Right after the attack, 
they are unable to dodge, which allows you to launch your own devastating 
counterattack.The AI likes to activate dodge as soon as possible, so your 
normal attacks will be quite effective. The best strategy for you is to also 
activate dodge, retreat until you have a full command gauge and once they 
attack, you can barrage them to death.  While normal attacks will do more 
damage to you, barrages are capable of sinking your ships outright, so 
leave dodge on!


Board the enemy’s ship. It’s only available after the first encounter with 
Valantin. You must be right next to the enemy in order to use it. It 
activatesa rock paper scissors battle, but the commands are