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Jason Statham Look-Alike + Electric = Infamous

The good:

Some awesome electrical powers
Comic-book style story telling
Powers for what you'd want - Ranged, close, movement etc
Oddly good art style

The bad:

Feels like a PS2 game
Zeek is as annoying as Roman from GTAIV
Lack of Melee
Comic-book style story telling
Climbing is very basic


You take a bald martial arts master named Jason Statham, pump him full of electric and you have Cole McGrath, the protagonist of one of Sony's flagship exclusives. Infamous, as said, puts you in the shoes of a supercharged delivery boy. When Cole McGrath wakes up in the epicentre of a huge crater, he sets out on a mission to find out who planted the explosive device on him and why. Along the way he'll learn to control his powers more as well as learning new ones.

Empire City will be your playground to run around and save civilians, or kill them, using your powers. The city is in ruin, with g...


So close...

The good:

+Fun, fast-paced action
+Lets you choose how the character develops to a point
+Powers are fun to play around with
+Big, interesting city to explore

The bad:

-Glitches aplenty, some can cost you Cole's life
-Some stunts are really picky about whether they unlock or not
-Karma barely affects the plot
-Player has no say in Cole's appearance or interactions with most characters
-Searching for blast shards gets horribly annoying
-Neutrality is severely punished
-Townspeople are morons


Everybody has asked their friends and been asked themselves at some point. "If you had super-powers, would you be a good guy or a bad guy?". This game is a much longer way of answering that than just...answering it.

inFamous is the story of a former normal guy named Cole something who finds out much too late that hes delivered a device that nukes his hometown and grants him mastery of electricity. Because if he'd delivered a pizza, this would have been a much less interesting game. The resulting explosion sends the New York-like city into the third world which causes the government to quaran...


Infamous, but not for long, it's too damn good!

The good:

Climbing. It's so uncharted

The Karma system works great

Stonking Explosions

The bad:

Deadly dull hero

Too much fiddly scrapping

Odd bit of slowdown


We're often forced to wait a little longer then we'd like, but a few times a year, the PS3 serves up an exclusive title that will make the most die-hard 360 fan-boy weep into his Halo 3 helmet. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Infamous, the title that takes up the blueprint that Spider-Man pioneered all those years ago and finally fulfills its enormous potential.

Lets rewind a bit, though, and see where Infamous is coming from. You're bike messenger Cole (Just Cole), and you just happen to have delivered the package that's...well, pretty much levelled the entirety of the Empire City, mutated...


inFamous in more ways than one

The good:

+ Awesome array of powers
+ Excellent story
+ Fluid combat system

The bad:

- Too easy
- Only one game mode


Do you ever wonder what it'd be like in the life of a delivery boy? Just delivering packages and messages, doing the same, seemingly menial task for an honest days work? Sprinkle in a good friend named Zeke and a lady friend named Trish and that's more or less the life of Cole. Upon doing his job one day, something strange happens with the package he is carrying. A large explosion that reaches to the end of the city, leveling buildings and structures, while taking the lives of a near unimaginable amount of people. Immediately Cole is thrown into action and sets out to help an evolving myste...

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