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Complete the outlined tasks, and earn the Trophies.
Trophies Videos
Good expousure trophies (Trophy) (00:00:22)
by leon102 Dec 04 2011
TrophyHow to unlock
Just Scratched the Surface (Bronze)Collect all Dead Drops in the Neon District.
Further Down the Rabbit Hole (Bronze)Collect all Dead Drops in the Warren.
You're so Sly (Bronze)Collect all Dead Drops in the Historic District.
Junior Geologist (Bronze)Find 25% of the Shards.
Member of the Mineral Club (Bronze)Find 50% of the Shards.
Rockhound (Bronze)Find 100% of the Shards.
Frequent Flyer (Bronze)Travel 5 kilometers using Static Thrusters.
Hotfoot (Bronze)Travel 25 kilometers while riding the rails.
Electric Hobo (Bronze)Ride the train for 2 kilometers.
Casey Jones (Bronze)Take down 25 enemies while riding on a moving train.
Road Kill (Bronze)Take down 25 enemies while riding on the roof of a moving vehicle.
Drop Everything (Bronze)Thunder Drop for a total distance of at least 500 meters.
AC/DC (Bronze)Drain 750 megawatts of power from Empire City.
Get Off My Cloud (Bronze)Get 100 High Fall take downs.
Red Baron (Bronze)Take down 100 enemies while they are airborne.
Fish in a Barrel (Bronze)Kill 50 enemies by using water.
True Potential (Bronze)Purchase every upgrade for a single power.
Oh, You've Done This Before (Bronze)Take down 50 enemies by sticking them with a grenade.
The Hunger (Bronze)Bio Leech 100 enemies.
Doctor Cole (Bronze)Heal 250 pedestrians.
Good Eats (Bronze)Good guys feed the needy.
Evil Eats (Bronze)Bad guys never share their food.
Good Riot (Bronze)Good guys stand up and take the heat.
Evil Riot (Bronze)Bad guys love starting riots.
Good Train (Bronze)Good guys proactively facilitate transportation solutions.
Evil Train (Bronze)Bad guys make it clear who the boss is.
Good Exposure (Bronze)Good guys are heroes to others.
Evil Exposure (Bronze)Bad guys love to be seen.
Good Sphere (Bronze)Good guys put a stop to the madness.
Evil Sphere (Bronze)Bad guys always want more power.
Good Intentions (Bronze)Good guys work for the greater good.
Evil Intentions (Bronze)Bad guys can't say goodbye.
Stunt Man (Bronze)Complete any one stunt from the stunt list.
Stunt Coordinator (Bronze)Complete 10 of the stunts on the stunt list.
Good Finish (Silver)Beat the game as a Hero.
Evil Finish (Silver)Beat the game while Infamous.
Community Organizer (Silver)Take over all territory in the Neon District.
Civic Leader (Silver)Take over all territory in the Warren.
Urban Designer (Silver)Take over all territory in the Historic District.
Evil to the Core (Silver)Purchase every negative Karma upgrade for each power.
True Hero (Silver)Purchase every positive Karma upgrade for each power.
Goody Two Shoes (Silver)Reach full positive Karma.
Truly Infamous (Silver)Reach full negative Karma.
Stunt Master (Silver)Complete all of the stunts on the stunt list.
Hard Finish (Gold)Finish story mode on Hard, without changing the difficulty setting.
inFamous Platinum Trophy (Platinum)Collect all other inFamous trophies.
Secret Trophies-
Back With Trish (Bronze)Reconciled with Trish
Confirmed Bachelor (Bronze)Trish hates you
Taking Out The Trash (Bronze)Defeat Alden
Clean Up Your Act (Silver)Defeat Sash.


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Corpse Battery Conductor
Kill a pedestrian or reaper and shock them multiple times and suck the electricity out of it.
Defeating a Golem/Large Conduit
The easiest way to defeat a Golem, or a Large Conduit, which is found in the Warren island, is to shoot it's arms off. Try and have good karma, and buy any upgrades that give you energy when you shoot something with a bolt. Shoot the Golem in the arm with as many Megawatt Hammers as you can until you run out of energy, and then shoot it to gain energy back. Keep hitting it in the arms until they fall off. This way, it's only attack is to throw boulders at you, which are easy to dodge.
Easy Evil Karma + Hotfoot trophy
First, gain the ability to throw grenades and grind on rails. Upgrade your drain power so that you get energy from grinding on rails. Now upgrade your grenades as much as you can. Go to an island without any trains running, and start grinding on the rail. Pick the rail that is closest to the center of the city. Now throw hundreds of grenades towards the civilians while you go by. This will fill up your evil karma meter quickly while also helping you get the 'Hotfoot' trophy.
Easy Hotfoot trophy
This is an easy way to get the Hotfoot trophy without having to worry about trains or anything.

First, go to the Historic District. Go to one of the two circular buildings on your map. Around the building you will find a circle of wires on telephone poles. Pick any of the the three wires and jump on them. You will automatically go to the next wire in the circle, you don't have to worry about controlling him. You can just set the controller down and wait!

Energy on the go
When you're surrounded or under fire and pinned down and need energy badly, a nice little trick is to make some of your own.

Find some sort of metal object that can absorb a charge. Fire multiple electric attacks in to the object (because it doesn't take up your power to use) and immediately absorb the electricity.
hydro power
so guys when ever your screen goes black n white go to any car and absorb the energy it will help you revive faster,, When ever u hav low energy and u r finished draining up a generator, just charge it up and then u can suk it up again
Infinite EXP source
Not a glitch, but rather an exploit of a game element.

I've found that if you kill certain sidequest characters, you gain EXP, and they (sidequest characters) respawn once you're out of range. The best way is to be a distance away (like on a building) kill them, turn away, run a bit, and run back when the sidequest icon appears. If you're far enough away you can simply rotate the camera around 360 degrees and the character will respawn.

I don't believe this works on generic street characters that you usually see, but I've used this on the cops that provide positive karma missions in particular (my character is negative karma). It is possible that it'll work on negative karma mission characters, though I doubt it (haven't tried it though).

It isn't much (5EXP + special move bonuses), but if you find yourself a bit short on an upgrade, you can do this to fill the gap.
Point of No Return
I'm not sure if this works for positive karma, but if you play through the game on evil karma, after activating the Ray Sphere your other karma bars turn black and you can't switch back over plus you get Black and Red lightning.
Quick Electricity
Need electricity? No sources to be found? Surrounded by enemies? Well here is an easy way to get some. Find an object that conducts electricity (metal, water, bodies etc) and use your Lightning Bolt on it over and over... and over. Then press L2 to absorb it. The easiest way to get some extra electricity.
Stunt List
There are 21 Stunts in total that you need to perform to unlock the relevant trophy. The majority of these stunts are relatively easy and you shouldn't have too much problem with them although there are a few which are a bit trickier.
My advice would be to get all the Stunts on your Good playthrough. It's slightly more difficult on Evil because some of your powers on Good make the enemy float in the air which is handy for the Air stunts.

Unfortunatly there is no way to see which stunts you have already perfomed. However in the pause menu the game will tell you the stunts you need 1 stunt at a time.

Airstike - Kill an enemy with a lightning bolt while Cole is airbourne.

Sounds easy but it's trickier then you might think. Especially on Hard whereby it takes more shots to kill an enemy so it may be best to soften an enemy up first from a height. Then after a few shots jump down and shoot him again while you are mid jump to kill him.

Crush - Kill an enemy by crushing them with an object.

Not so hard. Simply stand behind a car and use Shockwave to blast the car onto an enemy.

Sticky Bomb - Kill an enemy by sticking a Shock Grenade to them.

Pretty easy. Throw a grenade at an enemy but make sure it's a direct hit so that the grenade sticks to them.

Highfall - Kill an enemy by making them fall from a height.

You'll get this pretty soon. Simply make an enemy fall off a building. There is a restriction on the height though so small building are no good. It needs to be a relatively high building.

Enviro Takedown - Kill an enemy with an environmental explosion.

Very easy. Blow up cars, gas cannisters, trucks, petrol stations etc etc to cause an enemy to die in the explosion.

Blast & Bolt - Kill an airbourne enemy with a lightning bolt.

Easier with Good karma as the Shockwave causes an enemy to float in the air.

Flying Headshot - Headshot an airbourne enemy.

Use Shockwave and then use Precision to get an easy headshot while the enemy is airbourne.

Ride the Lightning - Use Precision on an enemy while grinding a rail.

Pretty easy and self explanatory.

Air Sticky Bomb - Kill an airbourne enemy by sticking a grenade to them.

A lot of luck involved here. Again, it's easier with Good Karma. Use Shockwave and then throw a grenade onto the airbourne enemy. The grenade must explode while the enemy is still airbourne.

Flying Melee - Kill an airbourne enemy with Melee.

Unfortunatly Cole can't melee in the air as he does a Thunder Drop when you press square. So instead use Shockwave and run to where you think the enemy will land and then just hit him before he lands.

Insult to Injurt - Stick a grenade to an enemy but kill them before the grenade explodes.

Self explanatory really.

Whack a Mole - Kill a conduit with Thunder Drop

There's a side mission on Warren which requires you to kill 3 Conduits within a maze. Position yourself above a Conduit and Thunder Drop onto it's head.

Suspended Sentence - Kill an airbourne enemy with Thunder Storm.

Best done with Good Karma powers. Thunder Storm is unlocked near the end. Use Shockwave and then instantly use Thunder Storm.

Unquenchable Thirst - Transfer to 4 different grinds without touching anything else.

Best done on the train tracks.

Melee Finisher - Kill an enemy with the last hit of a 5 hit combo.

Basically the enemy needs to die by the last hit of the combo. Just melee a lot and you'll get it eventually. If the enemy is withstanding all 5 hits upgrade your melee power.

Premature Detonation - Kill an enemy by making a Kamikaze enemy explode near them.

There are many times when a bunch of Kamikaze enemy charge at you. Just kill one to take out another enemy.

Crowd Control - Kill 5 enemies at once.

Throw a grenade into a large crowd of enemies to get the stunt.

Splash and Clash - While airbourne shoot an enemy with a Thunder Bolt and then Thunder Drop onto the same enemy.

Very tricky and practise makes perfect. Try it from a low height. Jump from a car and then shoot in the air and instantly Thunder Drop. It's easier because your target is closer and bigger.

Up Close And Personal - Kill 3 enemies in a row with melee.

Isn't too hard but luck is needed. Make sure you don't fire inbetween.

Right Back At Ya - Kill an enemy with his own grenade.

Use Shockwave as soon as an enemy throws a grenade at you to send it back. Only works on grenades. Stunt won't unlock with rockets.

Have a Nice Fall - Take down 3 enemies at once by knocking them off a roof.

Use Shockwave to knock 3 enemies of a roof at the same time. There are quite a few side missions which have enemies grouped on rooftops. Just be on the lookout.
The First Sons conduit easy defeat
As you can see, the conduit on the third island is big, ugly, and lightning fast. To kill him, use the megawatt hammer as much as you can while he's turning into a big humungo thingy. And when he starts walking, still use the megawatt hammer until he groans defeat and kill him.


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Gltiche: Make Cole Dance
This is something that I found while looking for blast shards. Empire city is sorrounded by water. Go to next the ocean and you will find bars or railing with the ocean in the distance. What you need to find is metal railing and not wooden or cement. The metal should also have sections, as in it bends down and a new railing begins. Jump on the metal railing and have cole face towards the city and slowely move towards the next railing. if you do this just right, cole will get to the edge of the railing without jumping to the next rail or off the rail and start doing a weaird dance.
Leaving Empire City
Go to the bridge where the mission "The Escape" was, where you fought the guards and opened the gates so the people could get though. You cannot do this while you are doing the mission "The Escape," though.
Jump on top of the power box you were supposed to charge, and try and jump into the wire fence to the left of it. Keep jumping while pushing the analog stick forwards. Eventually, you will either go though the fence or over it. Once over the fence, you will not be able to run normally, so you have to continuously jump to move forward. Do the same for the next fences, until you reach the last section where, if you already did the mission, the "wall of razor wire and machine guns," is, as the clip at the end of the mission says.
To your right is the tent like building where Moya is. You will be able to walk though the gate and jump into the tent, but be careful, as most of the surfaces cause you to slip and fall into the water, killing you and causing you to start the glitch over.
Whenever you see a dead person, with precision look into his/her eyes and you'll see them blinking.
Super Easy Experience
There is a hero side mission under the quarintine bridge.(the one you tried to escape from) It's called "Tough Coller" You have to Arc Restrain a reaper conduit. Kill him. You will get 25 exp. Combine that with stunts and other things.Every time you kill him the mission will restart.

This will work as long as you don't restrain him.
AT the end of the price you have to chose between trish and doctors i choose trish and she turned out to be a fake i got pissed off right ther and tried to press pause and it worked so i abandened the mission it gave me the evil trophie befor i restarted the mission and then i went for the doctors and won that way and got the good trophie pleese do not and i meen do not go for the doctors first because it will not let you pause
thank you for your time
Train Sound Effect
Find an island where the trains are not running. Make sure you have the ability to grind on rails and ropes. Find one of the unmoving trains and slide towards the front of it at full speed. It's best to start a distance from the train. When you get close to the train, you will here the train horn sound effect, even though the train if not moving.
Simply running up to the train will not trigger this glitch, only sliding up to it on the rail works.

Easter eggs

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Quoting the Beast
While walking roaming Empire City, you can sometimes hear a person say "I should have died a long time ago." These are the exact words that The Beast (John White) says to you in inFamous 2 before transferring The Beast into Cole in the evil ending. John died when the Raysphere exploded at the end of the first inFamous, but came back to life because he carried the conduit gene, just like Cole. In inFamous 2, when. John says, "I should have died a long time ago" he is describing how tired he is of having powers and being a conduit, so when it is said in the streets by civilians in the original Empire City, it is implying that the person saying that is a conduit.
Sly Cooper 4 Reference
Find any building with a small sign that says "Centerplex Theater." They can be found on any island.
Look at the list of movies playing. You will find the title 'Sly Cooper 4' on the list.
Sly Cooper Logo
If you look very closely, on the back of Coles backpack you can see the Sly Cooper logo, a game that Sucker Punch worked on through out the PS2 era.