[edit] Background

inFamous 2 is the direct sequel to inFamous; the story of inFamous 2 follows the protagonist from the first game, Cole MacGrath, on his journey to become strong enough to defeat his nemesis. Cole is a Conduit; Conduits have super powers and Cole has electricity based powers. The fictional city the game takes place was inspired by New Orleans; the game takes place in New Marais.

inFamous 2 was released in 2011 worldwide and is a Playstation 3 exclusive. It was developed by Sucker Punch Productions and published by Sony.

[edit] Game Play

Like the first game, inFamous 2 is an action-adventure game set in the open world of New Marais; the player controls Cole in a third-person view. The electricity powers that Cole has can be used to move through the world in various ways including to climb buildings, hover and grind along power cables or train rails.

His powers are also used in fights for both offence and defence however Cole can also fight in melee combat with enemies using a weapon called the Amp; his powers are varied and allow him to deal various amount of damage by utilizing his powers in different ways such as electric bolts and large electric rockets that deal heavy damage. Cole's powers can be used to destroy various environmental objects such as towers.

More skills and abilities can be unlocked over time to improve his abilities or unlock new ones; this is done by gaining experience points which can be done in various ways including defeating enemies and completing missions. There are also passive abilities than can be unlocked based on the Karma Level of the player, these skills are called Karmic Boosts.

Cole may also gain ice or fire powers from the game's female protagonists Kuo and Nix depending on the player's choice.

In order to use his powers Cole needs to have energy stored which is displayed on the screen as an overlay; Cole needs to drain electricity from working electrical sources. Recharging also restores health to Cole for quick health boosts however Cole regains health over time so healing like this is not always needed.

The inFamous series uses a Karma system which can affect the story of each game and the abilities that can be unlocked. The Karma system works up to Hero on the Good side and Infamous on the Evil side; the game starts in the neutral zone and players can choose to go down either path, they can also swap mid-game if they wish. There are smaller actions that will affect the Karma level such as healing citizens or killing them. If the player ignore these actions then there are also story missions that affect the Karma level, at these points the game will pause to allow the player to select which option they wish to go with. Karma based side missions are also in the game and completing these provides the player with special rewards.

Collectibles can be found around the map; Blast Shards can be collected to increase the amount of electricity that Cole can store and Dead Drops provide more lore and story about the game.

A feature called “User Generated Content” allows the player to make their own missions and share them through the Playstation Network for other to play. It also lets the player download player created missions to play.

[edit] Features

Dynamic Karma system – The system moves constantly as the game progresses and it affects the games story

Varied Combat – With a range of abilities Cole is able to fight in any way the player wishes

Changing story – The Karma of the player can change how the game responds to events and also the ending

Share missions online – Players can make and share user created missions and play ones created by others

[edit] Players liked

  • Fun and engaging combat system
  • Good graphics
  • The world design

[edit] Players didn't like

  • The powers are an extension of the first game, not much changed
  • Not much replay value
  • Unrefined movement, often misses objects when trying to land on them

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