Indiana Jones and The Infernal Machine (PC) Cheats

Indiana Jones and The Infernal Machine cheats, and Codes for PC.


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During play press F10 and enter the following codes:

taklit_marion on : God mode
taklit_marion off : God mode off
azerim_sophia : Health kits and herbs
urgon_elsa : All weapons
makemeapirate : Turn Indy into GuyBrush from Monkey Island
fixme : Will move Indy when he is stuck
version : See game version
polys : See polygon rates
coords : coordinates
framerate: display framrate
mem : display memory information
toto: Machine gun
deriver : no clipping mode
horse : give Indy a horse
pop : suicide
endcredit : View credits
Jones Head, Pirate costume
First get underwater. Then, press f10 and enter makemeapirate. when you get up on land, you will have the pirates costume, but Indy's head. (without the hat.)