Imagine Babyz Cheats

Imagine Babyz cheats, Tips, and Codes for DS.


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Get them to sleep faster
To get them to sleep faster put the babies in their favorite pajamas!

Leo--light green

Good luck and hope I helped!
Happyness meter
When the baby walk around the room it is completley happy.
How to swing
Some people have trouble swinging. To swing right before it turns green tap. If your stylus is high enough it should work.
Make them happy
To make sure the baby is very happy, feed them homemade food instead of regular food.


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HEY! not in the eye!
When washing the baby we know Storky says "be gentle" but don't! Or you won't get the dirt off! when washing the face, wash ABOVE the eyes, it still take the same amount of dirt off- but without the use of a duck.
What does he need?
What does the baby need? we don't like to listen to old storky!

If the baby is sort of smelling themselves and looking at themselves, then they need a bath- pronto!

If the baby is eating thier hands they are hungry, go break open a pot of mush!

If the baby is rocking from side to side then play with them or they'll get afitated...which brings me to my next point.

If the baby is moody then rock them, or they won't eat or sleep.

If the baby is tierd they will yawn (duh!)

If the baby is cold they will murmur and shiver, you will need to re-dress them (underwear is condidered warmer than a piggy costume!).

If the baby is sick they will sneeze and then cry and you will need to give them cough syrup.