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Imagine: Animal Doctor cheats, Tips, and Codes for DS.


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Get The Pets Better Quickly!!!!!!!!
See, when I went on my game I had as many pets as possible in each pen (except pigs, I don't have them yet). They all were unhappy and no health and Red. I healed one of each type of animal and I got a new one of each animal when I healed one of that animal. For example, I have 3 cats, heal one, get a new one so 3 cats again. But when I got the new animal it was healthier than the others! So just leave the 2 others and focus on one animal at a time. This is ecpecially good for when you are trying to get, say, 5 cats healed.

The trick for healing them so quickly is to stroke them for a few minutes, then play, then stroke, then play, and so on. But you have to keep making sure that the pens are clean and food and water are kept on the green!
Also, it's better to have both toys for all the animals. Because sometimes they get healthier when they are playing.

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