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[edit] Background

With the Imaginary Pet Horse you, a horse lover you know, or even the kids can run around the house, farm, or outdoors galloping on their own horse. It's great fun and easily makes you smile at how fun they're having with their own pony (plus it's way cheaper than a real pony!)

[edit] Game Play

[edit] Features

      • Shake to Gallop***

Just shake once to get your horse to gallop once. Shake multiple times to get your horse to gallop, trot, or jog further and even start to hear the sounds of the western saddle moving in your arms.

      • Let your Horse Graze***

When you're not running, your horse will occasionally graze on the grass. Also, if you run it too hard, it'll need a rest and simply stop galloping and relax to the sound and picture of your horse grazing.

      • Feels like You're Around a Real Horse***

When you stop shaking, you'll hear your horse grazing through a grassy field munching on pasture forage or hay. Plus, occasionally your Imaginary Horse will neigh or snort a stutter. Overall, it's like having your own real horse pet to take care of and feed! Pretend you own your own horse farm or ranch and can ride your Imaginary Horse anytime or even just listen to it graze on hay in a quiet pasture.

      • Perfect Kid Entertainment!***

Race your horse in horse racing or go to an imaginary rodeo or ranch and enjoy the horseback riding experience. Pretend you're at a horse show or medieval jousting with your own Imaginary horse. For the most part, enjoy participating in any equestrian sport with your own imaginary pony! Plus, as your horse runs, you'll see the pasture move as if you were really galloping though your own pony pasture!

[edit] Hardware Info

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Release Dates
  • North America: Mar 28, 2009