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Hungry for dots


It's hard to be a shoot em up fan these days. What, with a large emphasis on first person shooters and all, and most shoot em ups that pop up nowadays are... how can I put this lightly... not all that great. Another shitty part is that if you live in Australia, good luck getting a decent chunk of these games, because most of them were released in Japan and North America only. Again, though, they don't feel right. So out comes Ikaruga, ready to raise your spirits... yes, I know it's a rerelease of a Dreamcast game, but honestly guys, just take what you can get, especially since this version ...


One hell of a badass game


Welcome to the world of shoot em ups, quite possibly the most back breaking, finger twitching, heart pounding, blood pumping, hair tearing, wall smashing genre of video games ever conceived, with fast paced gameplay and excruciatingly difficult levels and obstacles. These games make Ninja Gaiden look like Super Mario Brothers. They are that hard. Yes, there are exceptions, but generally speaking, they’re *bleep*ing hard. Too bad we’ve seen very few shoot em ups lately. I guess everyone’s into FPS games. Anyway, along comes Ikaruga, which arrives on the Gamecube and Dreamcast to show gamers ...


Welcome to Bullet Hell


As far as gaming genres go, the one that seems missing in action from the home console front seems to be that of the scrolling shooter. Sure there is the odd entry that pops up here or there, but they are rare enough. So along comes Ikaruga, which a throwback to the older days where death surrounds you and instant kills are commonplace. Welcome to bullet hell.

Ikaruga drops you into the role of a space ship fighter pilot (nothing new there) and pits you against a horde of enemies in a last hope for mankind deal. Games like this are called bullet hell for a good reason, as the game field is o...


A Great Game

The good:

Pretty much everything.

The bad:

black frames on sides of screen, and its too short, also ships can bump into each other in two player mode, but its hardly noticable.


This game offers extremely fast-paced action, a unique "bullet eating technique" and it is very fun. And the two player mode adds even more to the great quality and gameplay of this game. The only bad things are the borders on the sides of the screen, which can get annoying, but you'll eventually get used to it. Also, its short, but since its challenging it will take you a while before you'll be able to beat the game, and it offers tons of other things to keep you occupied with, and it includes a couple unlockables. Also in two player mode, the ships can bump into each other, but its hardly...


One of the best shooter ever created


I have to say IKARUGA is one of the best Shooter ever created. The game uses ying-yang system dark and light color. If the enemies craft shoot you with the same color you are using you wont die but you absorb the bullets and that bullets powerups your bomb.
You can switch the color you want

Believe me or not IMO Ikaruga has the best graphics ever created till today! So clean like christals , clue ocean ! i just can describe it!

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