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Good Idea Crippled


The NES has been home to quite a few Nintendo stars that have struggled to see success in later generations. Back in those 8 bit days some managed to meet the parka-wearing duo Popo and Nana. Now more commonly known for their Super Smash Brothers appearances, this duo once starred in their own little game, where they were tasked with scaling frosty peaks while battling against various hazards.

Well, I say frosty peaks, but the mountains you climb don't really look like mountains. Rather, the game screen is made up of a series of platforms that look more like bricks than mountain ledges. It's...


Climb and eat!

The good:

Graphics are easy on the eyes
The sounds themselves are fairly good I guess
Controls alright

The bad:

Crippled jumping mechanics
Forgettable, repetitive and few sound effects and music
Not very enjoyable...quite boring actually
Some of the ideas sounded good on paper, but weren't executed too well (more on that later)


Ice Climbers...not exactly Nintendo's greatest pair of icons. Aside from fairly average characters in Super Smash Brothers Melee, you wouldn't even know what the hell an Ice Climber was unless you were alive during the 8-bit era. In fact, I knew about these guys because of Super Smash Brothers Melee, but I never really liked using them as characters. I was curious as to what game they're from, then I got it, played it for about a week...and ended up ditching it for good after typing this review up.

Why? Because it was boring, most of it was forgettable and it felt crippled!

The main objective...

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