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: : : : Feel The Magic: XY/XX FAQ/Walkthrough

Feel The Magic: XY/XX FAQ/Walkthrough

by Tectactoe   Updated to v1.1 on
SEGA Presents...

MMMMBMMM8M                     MMMa           MMMMMMMMMM  MMM
  MM     M     MM@       MM7     M0           M   2M   M   ;M            MMZ
  MM         MM  rMa   MZ  MM    MW               MM       8MMMMMMM    MM  SM
  MMMMMM    MM     M  Mr    MM   MW               MM       8M    ;M   MM    SM
  MM  MM    MMMMMMMM. MMMMMMMM   MW               MM       WM    rM   MMMMMMMB
  MM        MM        MM         M7               0M       2M     M   MS
M0MMaMr      MMMMMMW  :MMMMMM. Z@MMMX           M MM8M     MM@a.MMMWW  MMMMMM 

MMMMMMMM        MMMMMMMM8                                  ZMMW
   @MMMMX      XMMMM@                               MMMMi   MMi
   MMM MM      MM MMM         MMMMM            .MMMMM .MM             ZMMMM2
   MMM MM.    MMM MMM      aMMi    MM        @MMMMMWMM      MM      MMMMMMMMM
   MMM  MM    MM  MMM      MMMa    2M       XMM      MM     MM     MM       Mr
   MMM  MMB  8MM  MMM             SMM        M       MM     MM    ;MM.     MMZ
   MMM  ,MB  MM   MMM      MMMMMMMMMM       MMMM   MMM      MM     M 
   MMM   MM XMr   MMM     BMM      :M  MM  MM: 0MMMM        MM     MM        M
   MMM    M  M    MMM     MM       MM  MMM  MMr             MM    2MM       MM
                                           MM8        MMi
   MM      MM      MM;      MM          M       MMM     MM;      MM      MM   
    ZMM  8MM        MMM    MM          M0         MM   MM         @MM  8MM    
     MMMMMM          MMX  MM          MM          @MMMMM           MMMMMM     
       MM.            MM MM           M             MMB              MM       
     MMMXMZ            MMM           MM           aMM MM           MMMMMZ     
    SMM  MMM            MM          aM            MM  XMM         0MM  MMM    
   MM      MM           MM          MM          MMM     MM       MM      MM   

                                                ...for the Nintendo DS


 GAME:         Feel The Magic: XY/XX
 CREATOR:      tectactoe (Tony)
 E-MAIL:       tectactoe(at)gmail.com
 VERSION:      1.1
 STARTED:      December 29, 2004
 RELEASED:     January 03, 2005

I. First Things First

Before I begin my guide, I would like to say thanks for reading. I doubt that
anyone would actually read this section. They probably just skip on to the
Guide, but thanks anyway. If you see something in my walkthrough that has an
error (spelling, grammatical, or incorrect information), you can e-mail me
and I'll fix it. Please don't email me with things that are already in my
guide. Thanks to SEGA for making a crazy and odd, yet fun and addicting game.
Read ahead, and I hope you enjoy.

II. Table Of Contents

I.     First Things First
II.    Table Of Contents
III.   Version Guide
IV.    The Story
V.     Controls
VI.    Styles Of Play
VII.   Walkthrough
VIII.  Hidden Rabbits
IX.    Maniac Items
X.     FAQs
XI.    Last Words

III. Version Guide
0.1 - (12/29/04) - FAQ started, not much up. Rough beginning.
0.2 - (12/30/04) - More games/scenes added. Game menu exp. added.
0.4 - (12/31/04) - Tons of new games and stuff added. Happy New Year's Eve.
0.6 - (01/01/05) - All scenes completed. Happy 2005.
1.1 - (01/06/05) - Updated things, fixed errors.

IV. The Story

The Story According To The Instruction Booklet:

          The day he saw her as they passed on the street,
          it was love at first sight.
          But being an ordinary, shy boy,
          he could never get a girl like her.
          Being the most sought after girl in high school,
          she had the brains, the body, and smile that made
          all of the guys' hearts melt.

          What should have ended in a crush
          was suddenly turned upside down
          when an unusual man with bunny ears on his head
          suddenly appeared.
          This leader of the Super Performance
          Group, the Rub Rabbits,
          gave our hero the chance to earn
          the affection of his dream girl.
          With a fish tank and some crazy stunts,
          he embarks on a love story unlike
          any other...

The Story According To Myself

Well, if you had trouble understanding the whole layout above,
let me throw this up on the table real quick: THE STORY IS
INCREDIBLY BIZZARE. It's weird and crazy, so get used to it.
It will have you going "what?!" every second of the way.

SO.... there's this boy. He's ordinary and shy.
AND... there's this girl. She's popular and hot.
Boy sees girl. Boy wants girl. 
Boy tries to impress girl by doing crazy stunts.
Eventually, she notices him and starts hanging around.
Now that he's done impressing her,
he has to save her.
Save her from things like scorpions and fat guys.
Oh yeah, it's not over. 
Something new will always happen.
And you'll have to win her back all over again.
Get ready, you're in for the ride of your life.

V. Controls

Being the fact that this game was made specifically for the DS's use of
the touch screen and microphone, you will be using the stylus/your finger/
your voice/your breath about 95% of the time. Actually, the ENTIRE game
can be played without touching a single button. Nice, isn't it? Oh yeah.

Just use the stylus and touch screen to select whatever you want, and
then follow the in-game instructions to complete whatever mini-game you
are about to play. And the mini-games never require you to press a button,
so the stylus is pretty much all you'll need.

Isn't life wonderful?

VI. Styles Of Play

The lingo on the in-game menu isn't the best to understand, so I will hold
your hand while we try to figure out what all of these words mean, okay?

 STORY - This is where the whole thing goes on. You click this
 and you watch cutscenes that explain the story in detail. Keep
 in mind, there is no dialogue, so pay attention. In story mode,
 you begin in a Scene. Each scene has 1-3 mini games. When you
 complete a mini game, you get Heart Points. Depending on the
 amount of mini games in the Scene, you get a different amount
 of Heart Points. You need 100 Heart Points to advance to the
 next Scene. Failing or Quitting a game takes away Heart Points,
 so do good! Super Performances (usually 2-3 to a scene) give
 you 40-60 Heart Points. Boss Battles and Love Scenes (only one
 per scene) give you 100 Heart Points when completed.

 MEMORIES - After you play a mini game in Story mode, it is saved
 here and you can play it over and over. Super Performances have
 10 Levels, thus they have 10 stars available. When you start a
 SP game, you will notice 10 bars in the upper left of the screen.
 Once you complete the short game, a bar gets filled and you move
 on to the next level, which is harder. For every bar you get, you
 get one star. Ten stars are possible for SP's. Once you get Ten
 Stars on a game (with only one life), it is considered "Complete".
 Boss Battles and Love Scenes are longer, and only need to be
 beaten one time, thus they only have one star available. The more
 stars you have, the more clothes you can unlock for the girl of
 your dreams. Yay happy do-da.

 OPTION - Basically all you can do here is change the language to
 either English or Japanese. Yes, if you turn it to Japanese then
 the girl on the title screen goes topless, but IT'S JUST A DUMB
 SHADOW. Get a life, it's not even worth trying.

 MANIAC - Where they got Maniac from, I don't know... This is 
 where you dress your dream girl. You can change her (1) Hair, (2)
 her Torso and Legs, and (3) her Shoes. You can unlock new shoes
 and hairstyles by finding HIDDEN RABBITS (for more info on this,
 go to the Hidden Rabbits section of my FAQ). For torso/leg stuff,
 you must win stars in Memories. Read the above paragraph called
 "MEMORIES" for info on this. Maniac is basically just for fun.

VII. Walkthrough

Finally. This Walkthrough will be split into Scenes. And within the
Scenes will be the games. Hooray. NOTE: In your first time through
the game, it's automatically set to Normal difficulty. Beat that and
play it again for Hard difficulty. Beat THAT and play it again for
HELL MODE which is insanely hard. Woo exciting, mm-hmmm.


And for further notice, HUH? means "What Happened", RAB is where to
get the hidden rabbit (read later section in this FAQ if you don't
know what they are) and OK!! is more about the mini game. HERE IS


|     Scene ##      | (Number of Minigames in that scene)
 // Mini-game Name

 // HUH? Story of what you are actually doing in the mini-game.

 // RAB! Where the hidden rabbit is.

 // OK!! Strategies or how to beat the stage, and how it changes
    as it gets harder.


So without further ado (what does ado mean, anyways?), here is the
walkthrough!! ENJOY, MATE!

|     Scene 00      | (One Game!)
 // Goldfish!

 // HUH? You bump into a guy and the goldfish you are carrying just
    happens to go down his throat. GET THEM OUT!!

 // RAB! (1) Lower half; goldfish in the dude's belly.

 // OK!! There is a guys stomach and some fish. Take your stylus and
    make upward motions on the touch screen in his stomach. Note that
    you do NOT have to rub up on the fish, just in his stomach. It
    starts off really easy, but eventually more fish are added, and
    then sometimes TURTLES are added. Turtles are heavier and take
    longer to get out. Sometimes a little wave will go from the top
    of his stomach to the bottom. THE IDIOT SWALLOWED. This makes the
    creatures in his stomach go down - FAST. So you have to pick up
    the pace. If one of the fish makes it past the purple area in the
    bottom of his stomach (into his intestines) you LOSE!

|     Scene 01      | (Three Games!)
 // Parachute!

 // HUH? You have to parachute down to impress the girl. Rather, help
    others open their chutes. Make sure they don't plunge to their
    unltimate death!

 // RAB! (1) Lower half; the aeroplane.

 // OK!! This involves nothing to with actual parachutes. It has to do
    with a calculator. As the dudes jump from the plane, a number will
    appear over their head. On the bottom screen, type in that number
    on the calculator and hit ENTER (long arrow buttons on the sides)!
    If you mess up, hit CE and hurry up! It stars off with two digit
    numbers and long intervals between jumps. As it gets harder, you
    must type in three and four digit numbers. Level five has only one
    number, but it's SIX digits and the dude falls quickly. It then
    goes back to three digits, but more guys and they jump QUICKER!!
    Then the last level has a huge seven digit number. HURRY AND TYPE
    IT IN or else you lose!

 // Candle!

 // HUH? Giant candles are falling towards your peeps! Blow it out
    before it burns you and your posse!

 // RAB! (1) Top half; the candle flame, (2) Lower half; the reaching
    arm of the person.

 // OK!! Now here is some innovation. You can either (a) touch the
    heads on the bottom to make them blow (BORING) or you can (b)
    blow into the mic yourself and bow it out (EXCITING). If you chose
    (b), then after a few blows, your men will turn red and get dizzy.
    This is unavoidable and only takes a few seconds so wait for them
    to recover and BLOW, BLOW, BLOW!! In harder levels, the flames are
    harder to put out and bats fly around and block the path of your
    breath. Either way, this is easy, so don't get worked up.

 // Cart!

 // HUH? You and your buds are riding carts down the streets but there
    are huge tacks in the road for some reason. It's your job to clear
    them out and make a path of safety! YAY SAFETY!!

 // RAB! (1) Bottom half; touch the cart.

 // OK!! Move the stylus up and down and the spikes around it will move
    either LEFT or RIGHT. Look on the top screen to see where the guy
    is carting and move the spikes away! If they run into a spike - you
    are a LOSER. As it gets harder, more people will come down, so after
    you are positive you've cleared a lane for the current "carter", you
    should look back up at the top screen and get ready for the next guy
    who comes. In later levels, two people will come at a time, and then
    in alot harder levels, there are more spikes, and the carters don't
    wait for the carter in front of them to finish, so you need to be
    heads up. REMEMBER: spikes don't need to be COMPLETELY out of the
    lane; just make sure they are out of the guy's "cart radius" and you
    will be fine!

|     Scene 02      | (One Game!)
 // Bull!

 // HUH? Yay, our first BOSS level. You must now protect the girl from
    angry charging bulls. ISN'T THAT NORMAL OR WHAT?

 // RAB! (1) Top half; the huge bull next to your guy, (2) Bottom half;
    the goldfish on his shirt.

 // OK!! You have to tap the bulls to get rid of them. Some bulls will
    require more than one tap, and a tiny counter in the corner of the
    touch screen with a heart will show you how many taps is needed to
    kill him (it's actually best to IGNORE this meter and just tap the
    bull till he is gone). Sometimes, people on ski's pop up. DON'T
    tap them. If you do, YOU LOSE. If a bull gets up in your grill (or
    too close to you), then you lose also. The LAST bull will take 100
    taps. TAP FAST, MAN!! If you tap fast, then around '30 taps left',
    the bull will move left to right. Big deal. Follow him and tap. It
    is really easy to win this stage, so don't lose. PLEASE don't lose.

|     Scene 03      | (One Game!)
 // Clean Up!

 // HUH? The girl has dirt all over her because of all the bulls that
    kicked up the dirt... I guess. Clean her off because she is too
    lazy to do it herself (?)

 // RAB! (1) Top half; left white pad, (2) Top half; right white pad,
    (3) Top half; tap the goldfish on his shirt.

 // OK!! This level is really dumb. It's like impossible to lose! IF
    YOU LOSE THIS LEVEL, tell me how, I'd love to know. The girl has
    dirt patches on her arms, elbows, and cheek. Take your stylus and
    rub for a looooong time. The dirt will eventually fade and when it
    is gone, it will sparkle will cleanliness. Move on to the next, at
    once! If you are too aggressive or you touch her face, she freaks
    out. Don't worry about this, because it only take a second and you
    can get back to rubbin'. BORING. Okay, I think we can move on now.

|     Scene 04      | (Two Games!)
 // Antlion!

 // HUH? People are falling through quicksand and there is a giant 
    monster called ANTLION at the bottom who is about to eat them.
    You have to drag them out before they become lunch. Or dinner.

 // RAB! (1) Bottom half; the Antlion creature.

 // OK!! A mountain of quicksand and little shadow people. Take your
    stylus and RUB UPWARDS on one of the people. They will begin to
    crawl up by themselves for about a second and a half. As there are
    more people, a good idea is to rub up on one, HURRY and rub up on
    another, and HURRY and rub up on the last one, then go back to the
    beginning and LATHER, RINSE, REPEAT. Please note that only one or
    two quick rubs are needed for a person each time, so don't take too
    long on one person, or the other people will fall to the Antlion!!
    As the level gets harder, fat people are introduced and they fall
    faster. Then you eventually get TWO fatties, and then three. Keep
    them up, for if they get eaten - YOU LOSE!

 // Bus Stop!

 // HUH? People are standing at a bus stop in the formation of bowling
    pins. Then you get put inside of a ball, and act just like a human
    bowling ball. I WANT TO DO THIS IN REAL LIFE.

 // RAB! (1) Top half; left side of ball, (2) Top half: right side of
    ball, (3) Bottom half; guy in the ball.

 // OK!! Get this in your head: If you don't knock down everyone in a
    single throw, you lose a life, and if you hit/get hit by a vehicle,
    you also lose. FIRST, tap the hero to make him get into his ball,
    then drag him left across the sidewalk till you get lines up in
    the middle. Wait for a clearing in traffic.... and ROLL (make an
    upward motion from the ball) the hero into the people. It's like
    bowling, man... whoa. In harder levels, traffic is a little less
    predictable and different speed vehicles add confusion. And just
    remember, the faster you move the stylus upward, the fast the hero
    zooms across the road. JUST TO LET YOU KNOW.

|     Scene 05      | (Two Games!)
 // Monocycle!

 // HUH? Impress by riding a monocycle (UNICYCLE!!) across a skinny
    path between two REALLY high up buildings. Good luck, buddy.

 // RAB! (1) Bottom half; the rising (maybe setting?) sun.

 // OK!! The best way to do this is to not pay attention to the mono-
    cycle or the guy at all. This game is basically HARD TRACING. All
    you want to do is trace the bridge with your stylus. If you mess
    up the tracing and go out of the lines, the hero falls to his
    death and you lose a life. How sad. This level is mainly hard for
    the fact that you are under a strict time limit. MYSELF, I like
    to tilt the entire DS to the left 90 degrees so that my hand is
    never blocking the view of the bridge, but it's really up to you
    and how you play games. As it gets harder, ziggyer patterns are
    added and the FAT parts of the track are taken out and more TINY
    parts are added.

 // Painter!

 // HUH? Spraypaint stuff on the side of a building (graffiti) but
    don't get hit by falling objects (or falling people, rather).

 // RAB! (1) Top half; the spray can he is holding, (2) Bottom half;
    the dude in the lower right hand corner of the screen.

 // OK!! Whatever you do, make sure your stylus STAYS INSIDE OF THE
    LINES or you lose. Paint in small circles and be careful near
    the edges. When you are done with a painting, it changes color. 
    Go fast, but be conscious of TIME. You'll eventually see it
    come back and hurt you. Also, if you hear a "AHH" take a QUICK
    glance at the top screen to see where the things are falling. If
    it's right above your stylus, lift up and start painting some-
    where else to save time. If the people fall away from you, then
    just continue. As it gets harder, the pictures become harder to
    color, and the time limit seems more complex. Just for fun, I've
    decided to write down the 10 different paintings you paint, in
    order from easiest (level 1) to hardest (level 10):

    (1) A big heart, (2) two smaller hearts, (3) five really tiny
    hearts, (4) a shooting star, (5) three bunny rabbits, (6) the
    word RUB, (7) Sonic's head and four small stars, (8) two of
    those shooting stars from earlier, (9) the word LOVE, (10), the
    SEGA logo.

    I'm pretty sure those are right. I know that's what they are, but
    I may have them out of order. If the order IS wrong. Email me the
    correction, I am too lazy to go look myself =(

|     Scene 06      | (Three Games!)
 // Scorpion!

 // HUH? Scorpions are release out of a crashing truck and they land
    all over your girl! GET THEM OFF! But do not touch the girl or you
    lose a life.... for some reason.

 // RAB! (1) Bottom half; the largest scorpion.

 // OK!! Simply touch the scorpions to kill them. Things to remember:
    (1) DO NOT TOUCH THE GIRL or else you lose a life, and (2) If a
    scorpion makes it to her neck (her SKIN), they bite her and you
    will lose. The first few levels are easy because they have these
    big and slow purple scorpions, but as it gets harder, orangish
    ones appear and they are smaller and faster. The number of them
    grows as well.

    It's best to just wait until the scorpions stop and turn, then go
    and poke them dead. Do not get to antsy and go for one but miss
    because it decided to move. BAD MISTAKE. Just be patient (but not
    too patient) and you will walk away VICTORIOUS!

 // Sign!

 // HUH? Rub Rabbits are trying to hold up a sign, but some of the
    idiots are holding their pieces upside down. You have to make it
    right side up to win.

 // RAB! (1-9) Touch every person in that long line. There are nine
    people in all. May take a while.

 // OK!! Here's the deal: You need to get the picture completely right
    side up by touching pieces. You only have a certain number of
    touches per picture, and it is stated on the screen. HERE IS THE
    CATCH: when you touch a piece, the pieces to the North, South, East,
    and West flip as well. The picture eventually changes from a heart
    to a star, but that doesn't make it harder. The puzzles get more
    complex and are random. Look below and the chart I made for help on
    these puzzles:


 // Microphone!

 // HUH? Get your girl's attention by yelling for her! Ah! A marching
    band makes things worse by playing loud (and BAD) music. YELL!!

 // RAB! (1) Bottom half; the goldfish on his shirt.

 // OK!! There are a few ways you can do this, so I will list them out
    for you now:

    (1) Actually yell into your microphone. This is only suggested if
    you are alone in a sound-proof room, unless you want to get awkward
    looks from people around you.
    (2) Blow into the microphone like you did for Candle! It's not as
    weird as yelling, but you still may get awkward glances.
    (3) Rub your finger back and forth over the mic itself. It works,
    it's not noticable, and people won't be looking at you funny. This
    method is best when you are in a public area.

    As it gets harder, the DUMB BAND plays louder and louder, so you 
    must (1) yell louder, (2) blow harder, or (3) rub faster, depending
    on what style of play you choose to persue.

|     Scene 07      | (One Game!)
 // Hands!

 // HUH? Hold your woman's hand on a lovely stroll through the park,
    but make sure she doesn't get stung by the bees!

 // RAB! (1) Top half; girl's hand, (2) Bottom half; girl's other
    hand, (3) Bottom half; the goldfish on his shirt.

 // OK!! You have to press your stylus on the girls hand, and hold it
    as she swings it back and forth. Every now and then, a swarm of
    bees come out and you must let go of her hand (I know... it's
    tough...) and touch the bees. You will get several of swarmings
    and each one has more and more bees, so BE ALERT! After the bees
    are gone again, grab back onto her hand and hold. When the little
    heart meter and the bottom fills up, YOU ARE DONE! Hooray! I am
    pretty sure the only way to lose this mission is to let a bee
    sting her so do NOT let that happen at any cost.

|     Scene 08      | (One Game!)
 // Drive!

 // HUH? That fat guy kidnaps your girl in a van, so take your Car/
    Slingshot thing and launch peds at the van to destory it.

 // RAB! (1) Top half; the license plate, (2) Bottom half; the smoke
    coming from the exhaust pipe.

 // OK!! On the touch screen is a wheel and a level. Move the wheel
    to steer. AVOID HITTING TRAFFIC. You will see little shadow guys
    running in the streets, HIT THEM, they are ammo. You can have up
    to five at a time, so collect, collect, collect. Eventually, the
    other traffic will be no more, and you will see a big van come
    into view. A heart meter will also appear in the upper right-hand
    corner of the screen. What you need to do is get behind the van
    (and watch, because he switches lanes often), and lauch the peds
    at him. Do this by pulling back on the level (dragging it down
    with your stylus) and letting it go (picking up the stylus). The
    farther down you pull, the farther the peds get lauched. If you
    need more ammo, look for more running dudes and hit them again.
    Once again, do NOT run into the van or you lose a life.

    After a couple hits, the van turns into a wierd machine thing.
    This machine thing also takes a couple hits to get rid of, so use
    the same strategy as above. Also, WATCH OUT for the little fire-
    balls that the van and the machine throws behind them. They will
    make you lose a life. Other than that, I think you can handle this
    level - it's not that hard.

|     Scene 09      | (One Game!)
 // Yacht!

 // HUH? Your girl fell off during a romantic boat ride! Go and get
    her out of the water before she drowns/gets eaten by a shark! AH!

 // RAB! (1) Top half; the goldfish on his shirt, (2) Bottom half;
    the man's torso, (3) Bottom half; the girl in the water.

 // OK!!  The object of this is to pull your yacht up right next to
    the girl in the ocean. You move your yacht by blowing into the
    microphone (HOW COOL IS THAT), so the harder you blow, the farther
    you go. KEEP THIS IS MIND, that if you go PAST the girl, there is
    no way to go backwards, and you will lose a life. As levels go on
    and get harder, a shark will swim from left to right - HIT IT AND
    YOU LOSE A LIFE. Then sometimes the shark will swim in a circle
    around the girl. THEN as it gets way harder, two sharks will swim
    around the girl, and in the harder levels, they swim in SMALL
    circles, so you have to breath/blow at the right time and get that
    darn girl into your boat, ese!

|     Scene 10      | (One Game!)
 // Bonfire!

 // HUH? Your yacht crashed on shore and your girl's clothes are soaking
    wet! Undress her (yay) but keep the fire alive so she keeps warm.

 // RAB! (1) Top half; the bottom of the girl's dress, (2) Bottom half;
    the sweat drop on the hero.

 // OK!! This level has a few parts to it, but all in all it is really
    simple and you should in NO WAY lose a life while attempting it.
    It starts off with a bar and a moving circle around one of the 
    buttons on the back of the girl's dress. When the moving (yellow)
    circle lines up with her button (it will turn RED) then tap it
    with the stylus. If done right, you will see a sparkle. COOL BEANS.
    It takes a few taps on each button to finally get it undone.

    Eventually, the fire will start to go out and the girl will not
    let you unbutton anymore until she gets warm again. Now TOUCH the
    Fire Button in the lower left of the screen to switch to a view of
    the camp fire. Rub your stylus left and right over the fire until
    it gets REALLY big and huge. Then click the button in the lower-
    left to go back to the girl. Continue unbuttoning. You may (and
    probably will) have to go warm the fire back up again, so REPEAT
    this process until the dress is unbuttoned.

|     Scene 11      | (Three Games!)
 // Dance!

 // HUH? Dance with your woman. Follow the game moves as her and MAKE
    SURE YOU FOLLOW THE RHYTHM or you lose. Hello, Amplitude.

 // RAB! (1-4) Top half; all the musical notes, (5) Top half; the gold-
    fish on his shirt, (6) Bottom half; goldfish on the shirt again.

 // OK!! Quick note: turn your DS volume up becuase it's easier to
    hear what the girl says, and once again YOU NEED TO TAP THE BUTTONS
    TO THE RHYTHM. There are SIX possible dance moves: Up, Down, Left,
    Right, Turn, and FIRE. You will hear a beat and the girl will begin
    to dance. Listen to her because she says "Up, Left... etc" and pay
    attention to the speed at which she is going, because you need to
    MIRROR HER MOVES EXACTLY and make sure they are in time with hers.
    I'll remind you ONE MORE time, only because it is really important: 
    Good luck.

 // Snake!

 // HUH? You got eaten by a snake (how likely...) and you must swim
    out while avoiding green acid ball things.

 // RAB! (1) Bottom half; tip of the snake's head.

 // OK!! Touch your character with the stylus and drag it along to
    make him swim. This is actually not that hard. Just manuever him
    along the bending path, but make sure he doesn't get hit by the
    green smile balls. The smile balls (in most levels) will bounce
    along the walls in a countinuous maner. Whoo-hoo, just swim by
    them when you get the chance. In a few other levels, smile balls
    regenerate and shoot from one side of the snake to the other, and
    then disappear; repeat. In this case, just know where they are,
    wait for them to shoot across, and then JET IT till you're in the

    In Levels 5 and 10 (I think... correct me if I am wrong), a HUGE
    green slime ball will eventually begin to slowly roll along the
    inside of the snake, start to finish, so YOU CAN'T SLOW DOWN!
    Even with this, it's not a hard level. Just get your guy to the
    throat of the snake and you are safe!

 // Seeker!

 // HUH? Your girl has lost and item in the sand! FIND IT! But don't
    be fooled by the look-alike items with small differences! BAH!

 // RAB! (1) Top half; touch the sun, (2) Bottom half; the goldfish
    on his shirt ONCE AGAIN.

 // OK!! On the top screen, your girl shows you what she lost. Take 
    your stylus or your finger and rub your screen. You will notice the
    sand getting darker. You are digging. HOORAY. Once you go over an
    item, a small sparkle will appear and go away. Rub furiously over
    there because it means that an item is under there. There are at
    least two or three other items in the sand that look similar, but
    have a small difference from the real item. Just keep rubbing until
    you find the right item, then un-dig it ALL THE WAY. If you DO pull
    up the wrong item, it's okay - you can keep digging, but ACT QUICK
    because there's a time limit - goodie-goodie.

|     Scene 12      | (One Game!)
 // Plants!

 // HUH? A giant plant thing has taken your girlfriend. Don't just
    stand there! SEND IT TO HELL!!

 // RAB! (1) Top half; tip of the vine on the left side, (2) Top half;
    *shock* the goldfish on his stinkin' shirt.

 // OK!! This is a boss level and it can be divided into parts. The
    parts will be layed out and numbered for your convienience. Just
    look down here:

    (1) Drag the stylus to move your guy. A plant ivy will come up in
    the back and it will eventually SNAP down on the ground. Avoid
    getting hit, and when it smacks down, move your guy right next to
    it and he should automatically start lighting it on fire. Wait 
    until it gets engulfed and then you can walk away. After a while,
    it will disappear. DON'T TOUCH IT WHILE IT'S ON FIRE. After this,
    the plant will send out more ivy things. Burn them all, and it
    zooms in on the hero.

    (2) After burning the ivy, it switches to a screen with the big
    plants mouth on the top, and a "Fire Button" on the bottom. When
    the plant opens his mouth, hit the fire button to toss fire. IF
    WILL LOSE A LIFE. Keep doing this until the Heart Meter reaches
    zero, and you go back to the first view.

    (3) After throwing fire at its mouth, step one is repeated, but
    this time, the plant throws fire-bomb things from the sky. Do the
    same thing you did before, but dodge the falling items, and don't
    run into the flames they make.

    (4) After burning the ivy again, repeat step TWO. This time, you
    have to throw more fire than before, that's all.

    (5) Once you've done step four, repeat step THREE, except more
    fire is thrown down at you. YAYNESS. Keep burning the ivy and you
    will reach the last step (THANK GOD).

    (6) The last step is the same as step FOUR except the plant will
    swim your girl in front of its mouth from a vine. Just throw some
    more fire in it's OPEN mouth, but now you have to avoid hitting
    your girl with the fire. Sounds hard, but it really isn't.

    And that's all. It sounds complicated, but it isn't too bad. Just
    hang in there, you'll get the hang of it eventually.

|     Scene 13      | (One Game!)
 // Chaser!

 // HUH? The evil fatty has stolen your girl and you must chase his
    helicopter on a monocycle going over a skinny road with sharks!

 // RAB! (1) Bottom half; touch the monocycle (UNICYCLE!!).

 // OK!! Easy controls: drag your stylus to move the character on his
    monocycle (UNICYCLE, UNICYCLE, UNICYCLE!!!!). The screen scrolls
    upwards automatically, but you can control how far up/down your
    character is on the screen. Keep him towards the bottom of the
    screen so you can see whats coming up ahead. The first few levels
    have mostly straight zig-zags, but as you continue, the roads will
    curve and sometimes have jumps!

    Keep an eye out for shadows in the water - they are SHARKS. If a
    shark jumps over you, he bites your head off (maybe?) and you will
    lose a life. If you notice a shark about to jump over where you
    are, speed up ahead of him or fall back if you can. Make it to the
    goal line and YOU WIN! OMG THAT IS SO COOL.

|     Scene 14      | (One Game!)
 // Steal!

 // HUH? Distract guards in your enemies mansion so your peeps can get
    inside and rob him for all he is worth.

 // RAB! (1) Top half; cat under the flashlight, (2-3) Bottom half;
    both of the cats under the flashlight.

 // OK!! There are guards in this place holding flashlights. There is
    a red line going from one end to the other. This line is the path
    that your friends will take. If any one of your friends walks into
    a flashlight, you lose a life. There isn't much strategy here, it
    is basically just whether you can do it or not, but here are some
    things to remember:

    (1) There are cats on the top, bottom, left, and right sides of the
    screen. Touch them, and all of the guards will turn and focus their
    flashlights that way.
    (2) Look for little boxes in the middle, and realize that a guard's
    flashlight can NOT go through these.

    That's basically all. You shouldn't have too much trouble with this
    at all. THE FORCE IS WITH YOU. (Hehe, that's from a movie).

|     Scene 15      | (Three Games!)

*NOTE* This scene consists of THREE games, but if you are playing this
scene in story mode, you must play all three games consecutively. This
means that you have to beat all three of them in a row. If you die on
the third one, you have to play all three over again. But once you beat
them, they go into your Memories as three seperate games. *END OF NOTE*

 // Nightmare!

 // HUH? Nightmare gas! OH NOES! NOT NIGHTMARE GAS! Say... what is
    Nightmare gas, anyway? Guess we'll find out.

 // RAB! (1) Top half; hero engulfed in gas.

 // OK!! This is a redo of the mini-game "Bull" from Scene 02. This
    time around, there are more of the stronger bulls that require
    about eight taps to kill. No big deal. Oh, yeah, and the colors
    are all wavy and inverted and purple-like. Must be the nightmare
    gas or something.

 // Nightmare2!

 // HUH? Nightmare gas! OH NOES! NOT NIGHTMARE GAS! Say... what is
    Nightmare gas, anyway? Guess we'll find out.

 // RAB! (1) Top half; hero engulfed in gas.

 // OK!! This is a redo of the mini-game "Drive" from Scene 08. This
    time around, the enemy van at the end takes a few more hits to
    kill than normally. Other than that, everything else is that same.
    Oh yeah, the colors are weird and wavy and purple-like, too. I
    guess it's a side effect of Nightmare gas. Or something.

 // Nightmare3!

 // HUH? Nightmare gas! OH NOES! NOT NIGHTMARE GAS! Say... what is
    Nightmare gas, anyway? Guess we'll find out.

 // RAB! (1) Top half; hero engulfed in gas.

 // OK!! This is a redo of the mini-game "Plants" from Scene 12. This
    time around, the plant starts dropping bombs right off of the bat
    and it takes several more hits with fire to finally kill. It's
    okay because everything else is the same. BESIDES THE COLORS once
    again. They are wavy and purple-like and weird. Must be the *gasp*
    Nightmare gas... who would've known?

*NOTE* Make sure you read the note at the beginning of this scene! It
is really important that you read and understand that!! *END OF NOTE*

|     Scene 16      | (One Game!)
 // Last Battle!

 // HUH? Your enemy is in a robot thing! YIKES. Save your girlfriend
    because this is the "LAST BATTLE" *wink, wink*

 // RAB! (1) Top half; the robot's face; (2) Bottom half; touch that
    goldfish on his shirt (DEJA VU).

 // OK!! Everybody gets confused on this level as to what you do. It
    is very easy, and it jsut requires some fast stylus movement. It
    comes in phases:

    (1) The robot sends out missiles. When the missiles reach the
    middle of the touch screen, they split into several little bombs
    or circles - whatever. Just rub your stylus over them to get rid
    of them, and do it FAST (before they turn red) or they explode
    and you lose a life.

    (2) After a few rounds of missiles, the robot opens his chest
    on the touch screen and neon orange/yellow lines will appear. Just
    QUICKLY trace over them with your stylus. Every time you destroy
    one of these, his Health Meter goes down.

    (3) When you're done with the chest, step one is repeated. The
    missile patterns are harder and more complex, so be quick or else
    you lose, FOOL.

    (4) Now repeat step two. YAWN.

    There is not a set number of times this happens so I won't go on
    with the steps, but eventually when he opens his chest, a giant
    arm comes in front of the screen holding the girl. DON'T touch the
    girl, but you CAN touch the arm to cause more damage. Once his
    damage meter goes down to ZERO, you win. Hooray, all is good. NOT.

|     Scene 17      | (One Game!)
 // Final Battle!

 // HUH? Surprise, this is the last battle! Turns out your enemy can
    generate electricity by rubbing a towel on his head. But wait!!
    *SHOCK* So can you!

 // RAB! (1) Bottom half; the hero guy, (2) Bottom half; the enemy.

 // OK!! This level is dumb. I hate it. It's my least favorite. Just
    take your stylus (I used my finger) and rub back and forth across
    your hero's head. Eventually the energy ball will move towards
    your opponent. Usually when it reaches him, he will send it back
    really quickly. JUST KEEP RUBBING. Faster. Harder. If your arm
    gets sore, pause the game and continue when it stops hurting. This
    level is dumb and I would remove it from the game if I was SEGA.
    But I am not SEGA so I can not remove it and I am forced to play
    this stupid mini-game.

    There is a strategy I've found that seems to make this easier.
    Attach your little thumb pad thing (comes with DS) to the system
    and put it on your index finger. Them rub the hero's head with
    the plastic tip from the left side to the right side really fast.
    The thumb thingy slides good, at least I think so.

|     Scene 18      | (One Game!)
 // Magic Touch!
 // HUH? Before the enemy leaves, he kills your girl! Or so it seems.
    Hurry and do CPR to revive her NOW!
 // RAB!
 // OK!! This is kind of like a really easy version of Dance Dance
    Revolution, but here we go. It starts off with your girl on the
    touch screen and a tiny heart on her chest. On the top screen is
    a big heart with a little heart in the middle. Eventually, little
    hearts will go across the screen from right to left (on the top
    screen). When the hearts line up with the little heart thats in
    the big heart, tap the heart on your girl's chest. Do this for a 
    while and eventually DEATH (a reaper) will appear. Tap him like
    500 million times to make him go away. Okay, more like 30 times,
    but whatever. When he's gone it goes back to the heart thing.
    Sometimes, it will zoom in and lips will appear on the screen 
    (the top screen), and little puffs of air will go from right to
    left. Time this like you did for the hearts but now you have to
    blow into the microphone in time. These are the three phases of
    this last (finally) scene. Just repeat until her Heart Meter
    gets filled up, and win.

 unlock two outfits in Maniac, Sound Test, and HARD MODE! Go play Story mode
 again and now everything is harder! After beating Hard, play story mode ONE
 last time to play HELL MODE! It's like hard mode with only ONE LIFE! YAY!!!!

VIII. Hidden Rabbits

**The location of the Hidden Rabbits is listed in the Walkthrough
section for each minigame. They are next to the word "RAB!" This
section is just explain what Hidden Rabbits are. That is all...**

Hidden Rabbits are just that - HIDDEN. They can only be found in Story
mode. Here's where to get them: After you touch the name of the mini-
game you want to play for a certain scene, a small cutscene appears,
usually with four different pictures (two on each screen). The hidden
rabbits can be found by touching a certain spot on the touch screen
during these little cutscenes. Sometimes there is only one for that
level... but sometimes there could be FIVE or more.

NOTE: if the guide says TOP HALF, that means the rabbit is in the top 
half OF the lower DS screen (touch screen), not the top screen itself. 
Sorry, but some people were actually confused by this.

IX. Maniac Items

Below is a list of item you can unlockin Maniac mode. There are 21
hairstyles, 21 clothes, and 13 shoe styles. This list tells you how
many rabbits/stars you need for each one. Remember, rabbits are in
Story mode (read above) and stars are gained by beating Memories!

|   Hair Style   |   Rabbits   |   Stars   |   Other Notes, etc.  |
|       01       |     N/A     |    N/A    |   Already unlocked   |
|       02       |      1      |    N/A    |          N/A         |
|       03       |      3      |    N/A    |          N/A         |
|       04       |      5      |    N/A    |          N/A         |
|       05       |      6      |    N/A    |          N/A         |
|       06       |      19     |    N/A    |          N/A         |
|       07       |      29     |    N/A    |          N/A         |
|       08       |      39     |    N/A    |          N/A         |
|       09       |      49     |    N/A    |          N/A         |
|       10       |      59     |    N/A    |          N/A         |
|       11       |      30     |    100    |          N/A         |
|       12       |      35     |    100    |          N/A         |
|       13       |      40     |    130    |          N/A         |
|       14       |     N/A     |    N/A    |    Beat Hard Mode    |
|       15       |     N/A     |    N/A    |    Beat Hard Mode    |
|       16       |      60     |    182    |          N/A         |
|       17       |     N/A     |    N/A    | Have Sonic Advance 1 |
|                |             |           | or 2 in GBA slot -or-|
|                |             |           |    Beat Hell Mode    |
|       18       |     N/A     |    N/A    | Have Sonic Advance 3 |
|                |             |           | in GBA slot -or- Beat|
|                |             |           |       Hell Mode.     |
|       19       |     N/A     |    N/A    | Have Puyo Pop in GBA |
|                |             |           |Slot or Beat Hell Mode|
|       20       |     N/A     |    N/A    | Have Sonic Pinball or|
|                |             |           | ChuChu Rocket in GBA |
|                |             |           |Slot or Beat Hell Mode|
|       21       |     N/A     |    N/A    | Have Sonic Battle or |
|                |             |           |Space Channel 5 in GBA|
|                |             |           |Slot or Beat Hell Mode|


|   Body Style   |   Rabbits   |   Stars   |   Other Notes, etc.  |
|       01       |     N/A     |    N/A    |   Already unlocked   |
|       02       |     N/A     |    N/A    |   Beat Normal Mode   |
|       03       |     N/A     |    N/A    |   Beat Normal Mode   |
|       04       |     N/A     |     10    |          N/A         |
|       05       |     N/A     |     15    |          N/A         |
|       06       |     N/A     |     20    |          N/A         |
|       07       |     N/A     |     30    |          N/A         |
|       08       |     N/A     |     50    |          N/A         |
|       09       |     N/A     |     75    |          N/A         |
|       10       |     N/A     |    100    |          N/A         |
|       11       |     N/A     |    130    |          N/A         |
|       12       |     N/A     |    170    |          N/A         |
|       13       |     N/A     |    182    |          N/A         |
|       14       |      30     |    100    |          N/A         |
|       15       |      35     |    100    |          N/A         |
|       16       |      40     |    130    |          N/A         |
|       17       |     N/A     |    N/A    |    Beat Hard Mode    |
|       18       |     N/A     |    N/A    |    Beat Hard Mode    |
|       19       |      55     |    170    |          N/A         |
|       20       |      60     |    182    |          N/A         |
|       21       |     N/A     |    N/A    |    Beat Hell Mode    |


|   Shoe Style   |   Rabbits   |   Stars   |   Other Notes, etc.  |
|       01       |     N/A     |    N/A    |   Already unlocked   |
|       02       |      2      |    N/A    |          N/A         |
|       03       |      4      |    N/A    |          N/A         |
|       04       |      7      |    N/A    |          N/A         |
|       05       |      9      |    N/A    |          N/A         |
|       06       |      11     |    N/A    |          N/A         |
|       07       |      21     |    N/A    |          N/A         |
|       08       |      31     |    N/A    |          N/A         |
|       09       |      41     |    N/A    |          N/A         |
|       10       |      51     |    N/A    |          N/A         |
|       11       |     N/A     |    N/A    |    Beat Hard Mode    |
|       12       |      55     |    170    |          N/A         |
|       13       |     N/A     |    N/A    |    Beat Hell Mode    |

X. FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: So liek I heard you see her NUDE haha omg lemme see.
A: Change the language to see the title screen girl naked or Beat
   Hell Mode to get the naked costume. Be warned: IT IS STILL A

Q: How bout that girl at the Scene screen in story mode... eh? EH?!
A: She's the host. Touch her "bazongas" and you lose 1 Heart Point.
   Touch her OTHER goodies (where the sun don't shine) and lose 4.

Q: Is this your favorite game?
A: No, but it's good.

Q: How much is this game normally?
A: Normally $29.99 US. I got it for $24.99 US at Best Buy.

Q: So liek replay value/gamelife?! How do they compare?!
A: Uhm, the replay value is good, and Hell Mode will keep you
   entertained for a while. The game life is short, but if you
   like it, you can make it last longer, I guess.

Q: Is this only for DS or liek any other systems?
A: Only DS, duh.

Q: Where is Rabbit Number [insert number here]?!?!?
A: Don't ask me a question like that when it is answered IN MY
   GUIDE. It gets old after a while.

Q: Wuts yo e-mail?
A: tectactoe(at)gmail.com - NO STUPID EMAIL PLLLLLEASE. Keep it
   normal and make sure it's not in my FAQ, or in the trash it goes.

XI. Last Words

BEFORE I GO and end this FAQ, I would like to say thanks to Nintendo
for making a cool new system with a cool touch idea thing, and thanks
to SEGA for being weird and making a game like this. It's crazy, but
it's awesome.

The ONLY places authorized to use this FAQ are:


If you want to use it, you MUST get MY PERMISSION. E-mail me and ask
if you want to use it. AND I MUST GRANT PERMISSION. Bottom line.
and that is really bad =) So be kind and ask first, ok?

Copyright (c)2004-2005 tectactoe