Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory

Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory Tips

Perfect Chapter End Score
To get a perfect 40/40 score at the end of the chapters you'll need the
  1. Quests: To get 10/10 you need to clear ALL quests available at that point in time - some may appear like they can't be done in that chapter, but if you use the scout system correctly, you'll find that they can be completed. Miss even one quest and you'll only get a 9/10
  2. Shares: Planeptune needs at least 50% of the shares for you to get 10/10
  3. Scouts: Just send your scouts to as many places as possible. You'll most likely get this whilst completing scouts, but if you're still off the perfect score then you can just send them somehwere with Auto-dispatch turned on and paying 100C, go into the area that you sent them to and exit instantly. Check what your scouts have brought back, enter the area again and exit again. Now check your scouts and hopefully they'll be dispatched again. Keep repeating this till you think you've got a 10/10 and check.
  4. Enemies Killed: This should be the one 10/10 that you get each and every chapter, just kill as many enemies that you come across regardless of how weak they are.