Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory

Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory Glitches

Guard Break Glitch!
This is a glitch which you can find useful against bosses and those hard to defeat enemies.

As you know, each enemy has a Guard Break Gauge, which is depleted each time you attack. Once it is fully depleted, the enemy is in a state of Guard Break. However, every-turn the enemy will regain part of the gauge.

However, due to a possible glitch, the enemy will ONLY recover the gauge if the words "Guard Break" are being displayed on the gauge. This means that if you break the gauge, and don't attack the enemy anymore, it will continue to regain it's gauge until it is full healed.

However, knowing this glitch you can use it to your advantage. If the enemy has just had it's turn and was previously guard broken, (and has since regained part of the gauge since then) you will notice that the gauge will still say that it's guard broken.

If you notice that only two of your party are going to take a turn next, rather than attack it is more prudent to attack till the guard break gauge has a sliver remaining (i.e. don't guard break it again), and then either stop attacking, or defend. After your first attach the words "Guard Break" will have disappeared from the enemy.

Once the enemy has had it's turn you can now (hopefully) use all four party members to attach the enemy using the strongest of attacks.