Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory

Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory Tips

Chapter 4+: Quick Money
From chapter 4 on-wards, you have a very quick and easy way to make a lot of credits in little to no time.

During chapter 4 a new area called "Hello Continent" appears, which only has one dungeon called "Suaho Mountain Range". In here you can find an enemy called Pinky which drops Invisible Cloth.

Collect as many of these items as you can. Once you've had your fill, go back to town, and purchase a dress from the shop called "Monochrome" which should cost you 5000C. Buy as many of these as you have Invisible Cloths You can now go into Item Creation menu and make the Monochrome Style dress. (Make as many as you can).

The Monochrome Style dress has a purchase price of 2,500,000C from the store once it's made, and therefore the sale price of each one of these is 1,250,000C. Therefore by simply collecting the Invisible Cloths, you are in fact making 1,245,000C, which is a very quick and easy way to make money FAST!