Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory

Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory Cheats

Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory cheats, Trophys, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PS3.


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Complete the outlined tasks, and earn the Trophies.
TrophyHow to unlock
Secret Trophies-
Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory Victor! (Platinum)Gamindustri's got nothing left to offer you! Thanks so much for being awesome! -Neptune
Neptunia Victory Begins! (Bronze)Ooh, looks like you started a new game! Think any game reviewers won't get this one!? -Neptune
Avid Newsie (Bronze)Extra, extra! You saw every Nepstation episode! Oh yeah, didn't this game get a perfect score on there!? -Neptune
It's Scoutin' Time! (Bronze)It's kinda bleh that Noire taught me how to use Scouts, but I got this keen trophy for using them or whatever! -Neptune
Forward to the Past (Bronze)Whoa, the Scouts found 10 Lost Places! I wonder if they found my stash of candied cookies... -Neptune
Combo Maker (Bronze)So you finally made a combo all your own, huh? Is it pizza-flavored? -Neptune
Item Developer (Bronze)I know I developed an item so I could use it, but bawwwww! I put my heart into it... -Neptune
Mad Item Developer (Silver)I've seriously made 100 items!? May as well quit my day job as a goddess! -Neptune
100-million Credit Limit (Bronze)Whoa! I saved up 100,000,000 Credits! I dunno if anyone needs that much, but it's like free food for life! -Neptune
Egg of Game Creation (Bronze)I totally burned my own game disc! And my thumb! And my index finger. And my nose. -Neptune
Hatched Game Creator (Bronze)They said I made a 'Godly Game' disc. Too bad this one isn't for sale, stinkers! -Neptune
Aww, Exercise... (Bronze)I know this is my first fight in a while, but...level one!? Ya gotta be joshin' me! -Neptune
Fit for Fighting (Bronze)Congratulations to me! I mowed down over 100 baddies. Think I ran away like way more than that? -Neptune
Battle Master (Silver)And so, the invincible Neptune battled 500 times, risking life and limb. Haha, yeah, I can sound cool if I want! -Neptune
Nice Hits, Lady! (Bronze)Secret skill: Nep-Nep's 100 HITS! Wait, I don't have to get all 100 myself? Aw, plungers... -Neptune
Massive Damage (Bronze)Wow! 100,000 damage! I guess unless you find someone's who's like, 'I got Infinity+1 HP!' you can one-hit KO anyone! -Neptune
Level Cap Found! (Bronze)Well well well, who reached level 99 first? It was me, right? IT WAS ME RIGHT!?!? -Neptune
Top of Their Class (Gold)Everyone's level 99 now! We're totally the bestest ever! Secret bosses ain't no thang! P-Probably... -Neptune
Quest Master (Silver)So we're at Quest Rank S? I can't believe they'd promote a slacker like me! Yokes on them! -Neptune
Hot Stuff: Neptune (Silver)Everyone's Lily Rank is maxed out with me! Wow, it looks like I'm all kinds of popular! -Neptune
Hot Stuff: Plutia (Silver)Everyone's Lily Rank is maxed out with Plutia! I guess it's more like Plutie made everyone into her pets... -Neptune
Hot Stuff: Noire (Silver)Oh, everyone's Lily Rank is maxed out with Noire? She's probably all like, 'b-but I don't like any of you or anything!' Wanna bet!? -Neptune
Hot Stuff: Blanc (Silver)Everyone's Lily Rank is maxed out with Blanc! When she's all calm and stuff, it's like sitting next to an oscillating fan of relaxation... -Neptune
Hot Stuff: Vert (Silver)Everyone's Lily Rank is maxed out with Vert! Not like she needs anything else maxed out, know what I'm sayin'!? -Neptune
Hot Stuff: Nepgear (Silver)Everyone's Lily Rank is maxed out with Nepgear!? I guess it's no surprise that my darling sister would get spoiled by everyone. -Neptune
Hot Stuff: Peashy (Silver)Everyone's Lily Rank is maxed out with Peashy! It makes me all warm and bubbly inside to see P-ko treated so well. I'm like the daddy! -Neptune
Hot Stuff: Uni (Silver)Everyone's Lily Rank is maxed out with Uni. It's kinda funny to see my sis get all flustered 'cuz her best buddy has a zillion other friends. -Neptune
Hot Stuff: Rom (Silver)Everyone's Lily Rank is maxed out with Rom! That shy kid sure has some kind of charm! -Neptune
Hot Stuff: Ram (Silver)Everyone's Lily Rank is maxed out with Ram! She's like a cat that gets hissy if you bug her too much. And she usually lands butter-side-down. -Neptune
Prologue Clear (Bronze)Prologue complete! Our battle has only just begun! -Neptune
Chapter 1 Clear (Bronze)Chapter 1 complete! Climbing Mt. Nep-Nep is hard work, but let's go for it! -Neptune
Chapter 2 Clear (Bronze)Chapter 2 complete! But Gamindustri's history is still like, page 1. -Neptune
Chapter 3 Clear (Bronze)Chapter 3 complete! The next chapter is super-duper coolios! -Neptune
Chapter 4 Clear (Bronze)Chapter 4 complete! Let's play more! I mean, if Nepgear will forgive me... -Neptune
Chapter 5 Clear (Bronze)Chapter 5 complete! What kinda Planeptune will tomorrow bring? -Neptune
Chapter 6 Clear (Bronze)Chapter 6 complete! Y'know, if I'm not in your party next time, I'm gonna flip out like a ninja. -Neptune
Chapter 7 Clear (Bronze)Chapter 7 complete! Now that puts the 'hyper' in 'hyperdimension'! -Neptune
Chapter 8 Clear (Bronze)Chapter 8 complete! We won, you guys! -Neptune
Chapter 9 Clear (Bronze)Chapter 9 complete! Save the Nep-Nep, save the world! -Neptune
Normal Ending (Silver)Well, I guess it was a Normal Ending, so let's just be happy that peace has returned. -Neptune
Good Ending (Silver)We were able to save both worlds, so this is the Good Ending! But I still gotta be all, 'I'm so sorry please forgive your sister!' to Nepgear. -Neptune
True Ending (Gold)The True Ending has to be like this! Next time, there'll be 13 Goddesses, so we'll call it Hyperbakersdozen Neptunia: mk2many! Not really... -Neptune


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Chapter 4+: Quick Money
From chapter 4 on-wards, you have a very quick and easy way to make a lot of credits in little to no time.

During chapter 4 a new area called "Hello Continent" appears, which only has one dungeon called "Suaho Mountain Range". In here you can find an enemy called Pinky which drops Invisible Cloth.

Collect as many of these items as you can. Once you've had your fill, go back to town, and purchase a dress from the shop called "Monochrome" which should cost you 5000C. Buy as many of these as you have Invisible Cloths You can now go into Item Creation menu and make the Monochrome Style dress. (Make as many as you can).

The Monochrome Style dress has a purchase price of 2,500,000C from the store once it's made, and therefore the sale price of each one of these is 1,250,000C. Therefore by simply collecting the Invisible Cloths, you are in fact making 1,245,000C, which is a very quick and easy way to make money FAST!
Perfect Chapter End Score
To get a perfect 40/40 score at the end of the chapters you'll need the
  1. Quests: To get 10/10 you need to clear ALL quests available at that point in time - some may appear like they can't be done in that chapter, but if you use the scout system correctly, you'll find that they can be completed. Miss even one quest and you'll only get a 9/10
  2. Shares: Planeptune needs at least 50% of the shares for you to get 10/10
  3. Scouts: Just send your scouts to as many places as possible. You'll most likely get this whilst completing scouts, but if you're still off the perfect score then you can just send them somehwere with Auto-dispatch turned on and paying 100C, go into the area that you sent them to and exit instantly. Check what your scouts have brought back, enter the area again and exit again. Now check your scouts and hopefully they'll be dispatched again. Keep repeating this till you think you've got a 10/10 and check.
  4. Enemies Killed: This should be the one 10/10 that you get each and every chapter, just kill as many enemies that you come across regardless of how weak they are.


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Guard Break Glitch!
This is a glitch which you can find useful against bosses and those hard to defeat enemies.

As you know, each enemy has a Guard Break Gauge, which is depleted each time you attack. Once it is fully depleted, the enemy is in a state of Guard Break. However, every-turn the enemy will regain part of the gauge.

However, due to a possible glitch, the enemy will ONLY recover the gauge if the words "Guard Break" are being displayed on the gauge. This means that if you break the gauge, and don't attack the enemy anymore, it will continue to regain it's gauge until it is full healed.

However, knowing this glitch you can use it to your advantage. If the enemy has just had it's turn and was previously guard broken, (and has since regained part of the gauge since then) you will notice that the gauge will still say that it's guard broken.

If you notice that only two of your party are going to take a turn next, rather than attack it is more prudent to attack till the guard break gauge has a sliver remaining (i.e. don't guard break it again), and then either stop attacking, or defend. After your first attach the words "Guard Break" will have disappeared from the enemy.

Once the enemy has had it's turn you can now (hopefully) use all four party members to attach the enemy using the strongest of attacks.