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Hydro Thunder cheats, and Codes for N64. Also see GameShark Codes for more Hydro Thunder cheat codes.

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Hydro Thunder Cheats

Unlock All
Start a new game and race one of the Beginner tracks. You must place well enough to enter your initials in to the high score listing. Enter "?PB" (without quotes) and you will unlock every track, and every boat in the game!! (this includes the Tiny Titanic, Blowfish Armed Response, and Chumdinger)
submitted by m'hood

Quick Start
Hold L during the pre-race countdown. Release L and hold R when the countdown reaches "3". Release R and hold L when the countdown reaches "2". Release L and hold R when the countdown reaches "1". If done correctly, your boat will get a faster start and a four-second boost.

Far East - After the Blue Boost that's hanging out in the air, you'll hit a bunch of small waterfalls followed by a Tunnel. If you jump on top of the Tunnel, you'll cut you're time in half for that section.

Ship Graveyard - After the gigantic fall after the tunnel there will be sharks in the water and a waterfall on the right. If you take the shortcut there will be 1 red boost and 1 blue boost and you can use boost to boost into 6th or 5th depending on where you were before the waterfall.

Venice Canals - Towards the beginning of the level, after the second checkpoint, there is a wall with a red arrow pointing left. Usually you would turn a sharp left, then a sharp right (a full 180 degrees) slowing you down and causing you to bump into the walls. But instead of turning that sharp left, just hydro jump over the wall. It will cut about 6 or 7 seconds off of your time and you will end up in 4th or 5th place.

Venice Canals #2 - Towards the beginning of this stage there is a wall that has poles coming out of the water and there is a board going across the top of it. Do a hydro jump off that wall and to cut off a lot of time from your race. Shorcuts submitted by Rayce Feend

Unlock secret boat
In Lake Powell on the starting gate turn right to see a a patch of light brown rocks bump into them and pause and restart the race do this 13 times and go back to the boat selection and there will be ANOTHER BOAT! This may not work if you do not do it correctly, so do not panic.
submitted by Jay


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Blue boost
This trick works kind of like the Turbo Start except that this one gives you the 4 second boost in the beginning needed to get some shortcuts and boosts by hydro jumping. To do this, at the countdown, press B on 3, A on 2, B on 1, and A on Go and you will hydro jump in the air and get a blue boost.
Bonus Boats
Tiny Titanic: Place first in Catacombs.
Armed Response: Place first in Hydro Speedway.
Blowfish: Place first in Castle Von Dandy.
Chumdinger: Place first in Nile Adventure.
Bonus Levels
Catacombs: Beat the hard levels by placing first in each race.
Hydro Speedway: Place first in Catacombs.
Castle Von Dandy: Place first in Hydro Speedway.
Nile Adventure: Place first in Castle Von Dandy.
Hydro Jump
At any time in any race, you can perform the Hydro Jump, which is when your boat launches it's self into the air, as long as you have about five seconds of boost power. To perform this jump, simply press and hold the brake button, then activate your boost. With these tricks, you can find hidden boosts and reach hidden shortcuts. Remember though, that the Turbo Jump will reduce your speed by a little bit, so don't use this jump on strait-aways unless your getting a boost or taking a shortcut.
Turbo Start
To do this trick in Hydro Thunder that will move you up a couple of places in the beginning, simply wait until the announcer gets to zero on the countdown before the race. Then, right before he says zero, press A (go) and you should boost up to 13th. This trick is hard to master, so you might have to try a little before you get it down.