[edit] Background

In yet another Marvel action hero brought to life, Dr. Robert Bruce Banner gets caught in the heart of a nuclear explosion and is the victim of a large dose of gamma radiation. Now he finds himself transformed during times of stress into the dark personification of his repressed rage and fury - the most powerful man ever to walk the face of the Earth! Now you can control The Hulk and smash all the enemies that stand in your way in this game based on the hit movie.

[edit] Gameplay

The game is split into two different gameplay types: stealth missions starring Bruce Banner, and destruction and combat stages played as The Hulk. Players learn Hulk's 25 devastating attacks and fight their way through 30 different levels and face gamma-enhanced super villains like Flux, Rampage, and Half Life. Features the voice of Eric Bana as The Hulk.

[edit] Features

  • Two types of gameplay: Employ the powers of brains and stealth as Bruce Banner or take control of the of the incredible strength and rage of the Hulk.
  • 30 massive, highly-detailed levels featuring environments both directly from the film and exclusive to the game
  • Fully destructible and interactive environments: Virtually anything can be manipulated, picked up, destroyed or used as a weapon. The Hulk can smash through walls, use semi-trucks as weapons, throw enemies through billboards and more.
  • Take down the Hulk's foes with over 30 devastating attacks, including super attacks like the Sonic Clap and Gamma Slam.
  • Intense boss battles: Battle it out against gamma-enhanced super villians like Flux, Rampage and Half Life.
  • Hollywood-quality voice over and soundtrack work featuring Eric Bana as Bruce Banner.
  • Take Down the Hulk's foes with tons of devastating attacks.

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Mar 29, 09 10:07am
this game sucked, burned $50 on this one Hulk
Jun 15, 08 2:55am
Gay Hulk
Nov 05, 05 12:51pm
d('.')b Hulk
Mar 12, 05 1:29am
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Jun 03, 04 5:31am
great game! Hulk
Apr 28, 04 3:06pm

The Hulk does a marvelous job capturing this dark hero's destructive essence. Every...

Apr 27, 04 12:59pm

If i had a nickel for every crappy licensed game that squirmed its way onto store...

Nemac Haram
Sep 11, 03 9:52am

Review Excerpt: Players who are also fans of the comic book, that challenge this one,...

Jul 27, 03 8:34pm

The Hulk is literally a smashing game. The Hulk comes with great fun, graphics, and...

Jul 16, 03 12:58pm

This game is coooool! You can pick up(almost) everything you see and use it as a...

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Release Dates
  • North America:
    • Jun 20, 2003 (Movie)
    • May 27, 2003 (PC)
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