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Hoyle Casino 4.0 Cheats

Glitch: Extra money in Break The Bank
This trick can be done in the $10,000 Break The Bank. Create a player, then go to the game. Enter the options menu and select "Players". Choose "Replace", select another player, but do not go back to play the slots. Instead, select "Replace" again. Delete the player you had previously. Create a new player and when you go to play you should start with $10 million to $31 million.
Note: If this doesn't happen at first, repeat the steps.


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Horse Racing Glitch
Go to Horse Racing with at least $5000.00, read the odds tables for Place and Show. Place will pay out for the top 2 horses, Show pays for the top 3 horses. Put $1000 on each horse ($1000 is the max allowed). Click Place for all horses. Look at the worst two odds on the screen (usually 2-1 or 3-1), if the total earned for the lowest two odds is equal or greater than $5000 you are guaranteed to earn all your money back with the good chance of earning more (anywhere from $500 to $15000 more than your original bet). If you would earn less than $5000 on place, go to show and do the math again with the lowest three odds (usually 3-2 and 2-1).

If you would not earn your $5000 back guaranteed, just access the Go To menu and click on horse racing again, all the odds will be reset. It is a slow way to earn money but enough if you want a safe way to earn up to $500,000 for tournament play.


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It doesn't matter when you want this cheat... Go to the slots, called "progressive" and pick an amount of $$$. When u get to the slot machine, if there is a maintanance sign up on the corner of the machine, hold down the letter "P" on your keyboard and wait until a menu pops up that says, the repair man has just come, you'll have to leave. Then push "cash out" and collect your credits. If you do not see the maintanance sign, keep returning to the "Progressive" slot machine with different money amounts until you see the sign. You can use this cheat as many times as desired. You'll find that your money amount will keep increasing rapidly until you are satisfied... That is IF you become satisfied.