Hot Wheels: Velocity X (PS2) Cheats

Hot Wheels: Velocity X cheats, and Codes for PS2.


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+challeng 4
In challeng 4 if you hit 30 barrles you will get all weopons
All Items
Intentionally hit at least 30 Barrels while completing Challenge 7 to unlock all items.
challenge 8
In chalenge 8 if you collect a 11 bous stunt point which are (purple) you will get every car
every world unlocked
find the hidden key while completing challenge 18. The yellow key is in the mines, across a trestle at the end of the tunnel.
Infinite Ammunition
Intentionally hit at least 50 Barrels while completing Challenge 18 to unlock infinite ammunition.
Infinite Health
Intentionally hit at least 179 Barrels while completing Challenge 17 to unlock infinite health.
Infinite Turbo
Collect 8 Zappers while completing Challenge 4 to unlock infinite turbo.
Timer Speed
Intentionally hit at least 60 Barrels while completing Challenge 12 to unlock timer speed.
Unlimited ammmunition
by hitting 50 barrels in challenge 18
Unlimited ammunition
by hitting 179 Barrels while completing challenge 17
Upgraded Laser
Successfully complete Challenge 18 on the very hard difficulty setting to unlock upgraded laser.