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Very Fun Tennis Simulation

The good:

- VERY fun tennis game; very realistic; great tennis simulation game that teaches you a lot about the sport and how to be good at it (in game tips and instruction manual); teachers you rules, what things are, shots, game strategies, etc.
- Bright and colorful; nice cartoon graphics, good visuals and placement of things
- Great music and good sounds that go along with everything
- Tons of unlockables: players, courts, umpires, character outfits, and more
- Singles and doubles
- Pretty difficult tennis game (especially in Challenge Mode); you really have to work hard and use strategy to beat opponents
- 15 unique characters to choose from (3 tiers: beginner, intermediate, and expert); each character has their own look, attributes, outfits, shots and serve; 3-4 different outfits per player; characters have different types, including: all-around, net player, baseline player, and big server)
- 11 courts to choose from (hard, grass, clay; indoor, outdoor); each with their own ball bounce and ball speed; you can hit standing people and objects near the court and knock them over; each court has its own sounds relating to the surrounding environment
- Different tennis ranks and tiers that show you are moving up and getting better
- 5 different umpires to choose from
- 3 modes of gameplay: Practice (which helps you learn shots and how to play your best; very fun), Fun Time Tennis (where you can create your own singles and doubles matches with friends or computer players), and Challenge Mode (a very fun, hard mode where you battle your way from the bottom to the top; harder as you go along; 7 classes with 71 total matches)
- Can choose set length and game length
- Handicaps can be set on players and offbeat rules (such as irregular bounce and slow motion) can be used to add some challenge and fun
- Your doubles partner will actually do something, and not let you do all the work while they stand around and do nothing
- It actually takes skill to get your serve in; you have to worry about placement, power, and timing when you hit the ball perfectly; you can use two different ball tosses (A button being more powerful but less control, or B button being less powerful but more accurate); you control the direction of your shot with the left analog stick; you can even hit an underhand lob serve (which is pretty funny)
- 4 different shots: topspin, slice, lob, and overhead smash (all controlled with the left analog stick when you make contact with the ball); you can control shot pace, direction, and whether the ball will go to the front of the opposite court or the back; you can actually hit an effective slices, drop shots, and lobs (unlike in most tennis games); shots can actually go out (which is rare in tennis games); strong overhead smash shots can temporarily make a hole in a court, which is a nice touch and indicator of power
- Within a match, games and points are nicely displayed so you know what the score is at all times
- You can also counter an opponents shot and use the power they used to power your shot (use their power and angle to hit a great return)
- Shot indicators that show if your timing was dead on, early or late when hitting the ball (music note: perfect; bunny: too early, turtle: too late); you can miss-hit shots as well; helps you hit the best possible shots at all times
- You can hit players with shots, as well as your own teammates if they are in the way
- Players will actually get tired and slower if they have to run around too much during a point; nice bit of realism there
- Opponents will make you run around the court and force you to use strategy to beat them every point; also, if they keep hitting perfect, fast blue shots, you need to throw in some strategy and toss in a slice shot to throw off their rhythm

The bad:

- It's great that your doubles partner actually does something, but in most cases, they will try to go for every shot and not let you do anything
- Only 3 modes of gameplay, which doesn't allow you to do all that much
- Short game (you can beat it in probably under a week)
- There isn't a big enough point for different player attributes; they do not really do a lot, or are a lot different from player to player; there isn't a big enough need to use the better players as opposed to the beginner/intermediate players; I found myself using the same Intermediate player throughout most of the game
- Not too much of a noticeable difference between courts
- Tennis ranks and tiers are useless and really do nothing
- Your players cannot improve (only the person using them can); little character strategy involved in choosing a player
- The 'behind player' camera angle is not placed right; it cuts off the sides of the court and if a ball goes high, you cannot see it
- All the umpire voices are pretty annoying
- You cannot hit the ball if it has hit the net and bounced on your side
- Not enough offbeat rules are included
- No mini-games or special modes of play
- A few characters of every type would have been nice; there seems to be a select few of a some of the types
- No tournament mode (which should be included in every tennis game)
- Cannot chose whether players or left handed or right handed; players are one or the other
- You basically use the same shot (topspin) throughout the entire match, every match, with the occasional slice or lob
- You cannot power up shots, which is a huge disappointment
- Sometimes winning is too easy
- Balls to not land in the indicated landing zones that appear most of the time, just near them
- Every shot has a color and sparkle, which is nice to watch for awhile, but gets a little distracting the more you play; it would have been nice to just have a colored ball trail like most games do, instead of flashy stuff for every shot
- Female players where little clothing and have body parts that are nearly popping out of their little amount of clothes; great example for girls everywhere


To sum up this game in a sentence, it is a really fun tennis simulation game with not a lot involved. To me, it's a great tennis game, but I look forward to future installments of Hot Shots Tennis (which I'm sure will be so much better than this already great game).

The game possesses a lot of great aspects that other tennis games do not have. Some of these include that: you need to use strategy to beat your opponents (throw in a slow shot if they start to hit too many good fast shots to throw off their rhythm); if they start to make you run around too much, which slows you down eventually, ...

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