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Great game, lacking in a few areas, though


Homeworld 2, a worthy successor to the original Homeworld game. Much like the first game, I happily played through this game multiple times, and was always left wanting more.

Homeworld 2 bears many similarities to the first game - Always a plus for those who like to play all the games in a series. The familiarity allows the player to quickly grasp the basics of the game, and get right in to it. The interface has been updated, allowing you to use your build, research, and launch managers while still being able to view your surroundings and keep an eye out for danger. This interface did have s...


homeworld 2

The good:

Graphics, music, interface. The visuals are out of this world

The bad:

much too difficult for the average gamer


I got this game about 1 month ago and I am hooked on it. The graphics are great, the best I have seen in a RTS game. The details of the ships close up, the way they move, the explosions the sounds are all fantastic. The background and environment are also quite good. However there is one major problem, the game to far too difficult. After the first 4 missions I got stuck for over a week and had to read several walkthroughs. There is no difficulty settings so its hard, harder and hardest all the way. I would like to award the game 5 as the visuals are out of this world, however it only...


Homeworld: Cheezeaclysm

The good:

-Beautiful graphics
-Intruiging (good) ship designs
-Well done, hand drawn cutscenes.
-Good voicing
-Good multiplayer

The bad:

-Campaign's Dynamic Difficulty very bad, too hard during some plays, far too easy during others.
-Simple repetition of missions required for SP campaign, no strategy.
-Lack of anti-aliasing, choppy framerate with system above reccs
-Voicing good, but bland when it comes to selecting units.
-Interface clunky
-Campaign missions v. contrived.


What can I say about this game? It's a worthy successor to Homeworld, but definitely needs some patching, a difficulty slider, and some more (neutral, primarily) units to flesh out the game's editing potential.

The story is good, but the campaign itself will have you tearing out your hair on several occasions just because the computer "cheats" so badly. Instead of relying on scripted strategy and combat AI the devs kind of just put a pretty much constant odd of 4 to 1 against you units-wise. Sometimes this margin is far larger. There is only ONE real way to beat each mission, and it's simple...


Homeworld 2 demo

The good:

graphics are excellent and as usual so is ambience,new ships look stylish

The bad:

Cluttered interface and lack of micromanagement, just seems like a return to cataclysm


I only hope that dan irish's statement that the old homeworlds interface will be available in homeworld 2 are correct. The majority of people on WON want to be able to micromanage say groups of fighters and formations, don't seem to be able to in hw2. Seems to me the new interface is more cluttered then hw. Oh why didn't they just give us some more hot keys instead of the currently available 1 thru to 10 and new ships, new graphics and new missions. I am just praying that the actual game has a lot more going for it than the demo. If it aint broke, don't try to fix it.


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