Home Alone (GENESIS) Cheats

Home Alone cheats, Tips, and Codes for GENESIS.


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Earn Extra Points
To earn some extra points, run into a fire hydrant at full speed.


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Weapon Ingredients
Here's how to make all those great weapons:

Weapon - Ingredients

Electrical Gernade - Can, Wire, Magnet
Flashbulb Shotgun - Camera, Wire, Flashbulb
Glue Bazooka - Hairdryer, Balloons, Glue
Glue Launcher - Scoop, Balloons, Glue
Glue Mortar - Can, Balloons, Glue
Hot Coal Rifle - Crossbow, Wire, Coals
Hot Coal Mortar - Can, Wire, Coals
Pepper Rifle - Crossbow, Balloon, pepper
Pepper Bazooka - Hairdryer, Balloons, Pepper
Pepper Mortar - Can Balloons, Pepper
Pepper Launcher - Scoop, Balloons, Pepper
Rope Rifle - Crossbow, Balloons, Rope
Rope Launcher - Scoop, Rubberband, Rope
Rope Mortar - Can, Rubberband, Rope
Sonic Wave Gun - CD player, Wire, Battery
Snowball Launcher - Scoop, rubberband, Snow
Snowball Mortar - Can, Rubberband, Snow
Superball Launcher - Scoop, Rubberband, Ball
Superball Mortar - Can, Rubberband, Ball