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Lucky Number 47

The good:

Firstly, this game is really fun! A really great game with stupid techniques, and hilarious consequences! It seems simple, but Contracts delivers the solid fun required by any game.

One of the best aspects of the game is that you have multiple choices for completing missions; there are loads of ways of getting the job done, from shooting your way through a hotel to putting laxative in a guy's soup!

Some levels contain some truly lovely scenery. Hitman is filled with great levels, with marvelous weather effects, the best of which has to be the snow in "The Bjarkhov Bomb". It's absolutely stunning.

The main appeal of the game is its Sandbox levels- No straight lined, stuck on tracks gaming here. You have the whole level to explore, and usually 3 or 4 ways to get access to the places you want to be!

Although we have better these days, the game had some good AI, for the time. It's decent enough; at least guards care if you run into them. For 2004, IO Interactive accomplished a lot.

There are some clever techniques when it comes to getting the job done. While playing, you will see some truly quality moments, from pouring weedkiller into the water supply to putting a bomb down the chimney!

What give a good bit of fun are the ragdoll physics. They are hilarious, and hours can be spent blasting people across rooms, over furniture, down stairs, and the like (Especially with Dual Sawn-Off Shotguns!).

There is an interesting Storyline, at least it goes somewhere, but the fact that nearly the whole game is a series of flashbacks is a bit too much.

What I liked in particular was the equal blend of stealth and combat. Even though you may not manage to get the stealthy kill, you can always fall back on simple shoot-em-up gameplay! It's a nice addition to the game.

Then there's the HUGE arsenal of Weapons in the game! Loads to choose from, which you get by either picking them up and finishing a level with them, or getting an elusive Silent Assassin rating and taking home one of the rare, lethal guns of doom! Brilliant!

There is some good replay value. Not great, but at least you won't trade it in as soon as you've finished it.

The bad:

Unfortunately, there is some bad animation, in places; Agent 47 slides around the place, with movements that make it seem like he has rickets.

I was a bit annoyed by the tricky controls- Not only are they hard to use, but there are no headers in the Tutorial! It's either figure them out yourself, or, *shudders* read the manual.
It's a bit stupid how much useless exploration there is in places. There are a lot of dead ends, pointless rooms, and misplaced Points of Interest- What's so interesting about a random car?

A real let-down is the pretty bad dialogue- There is a pause between each characters speech, meaning 47 interrupts someone three seconds after they finish speaking.

Not the worst aspect, but the fact that it takes a bit to get into the game is a little bit annoying. Thankfully, you won't be annoyed for long, as it only takes about two or three levels to get the hang of the system. Then, the fun begins…


Okay, when I got this game, I wasn't optimistic. I was hoping for Blood Money, just so I could say I've played/ completed it. I just decided to give it a shot, since I had nothing better to do. As soon as I started, I was disappointed. The game seemed bland and boring, not to mention confusing. I was just spinning in circles.
I kept going through the game, however, and my dismay subsided. I started getting the hang of the controls, and an idea of how to do things right. I was having fun, and that was what counted. Aside from the dodgy controls, useless animation and daft conversations, Contr...


The Bald And The Beautiful


He's back... the man who could kill you using a rubber band and a piece of scotch tape... the MacGyver of assassins....That's right, I'm talking about the bald beauty himself, Agent 47. Hitman: Contracts is a somewhat bipolar game...on the one hand, newcomers and old-timers alike will love it's complete freedom, fabulous graphics, and excellent controls...while some might be disappointed by the lack of serious plot and the reuse of some missions from the first Hitman, not to mention the longevity of the game. (12 missions.) But, those aside, the game truly is enjoyable. Let's hop right to i...


Hitman Contracts

The good:

Pretty good gameplay
Wide arsenal of weapons
Good sound effects
Graphics are good, but not great

The bad:

Arsenal is considerabally less than that of Hitman 2: Silent Assassin


So, here we are, the 3rd installment in the Hitman series. Like all games, it has its ups and downs, but it remains a pretty good game. Some of the positives, it has a pretty wide arsenal of weapons to use, but considerably smaller than if you compared the game with Codename 47, or Silent Assassin. It has pretty good gameplay in all, but if you play on a PC/ Laptop, it's quite a workout figuring out all the controlls, and then even more so, configuring them to suit you needs. The sound effects are pretty good, they have very realistic strangling noises, and the blast sounds from a gun are a...


A Great Game

The good:

fantastic Graphics
great gameplay
A good lifespan
Lots of ways to complete each mission

The bad:

Can be a bit repetitive


An overall compelling and good game with excellent graphics alongside good gameplay and challenging missions. There are so many ways to complete each mission you will be at them for hours on end. It can however get a bit repetetive the same old killing people with all guns blazing usually working better than the main aim of the game wich is stealth.Some good music give it a nice atmosphere and it can be freaky and scary with lots of blood and gore.The difficulty modes vary from Easy to silent assassin, affecting the map and AI intelligence etc. At the end of each level you get a rating i.e ...




Graphics: Not Doom 3 or Half-Life, but certainly good enough. There are a few graphical problems that keep this game from being great. On a system that meets the minimum requirements often times the level dissapears entireley at certain angles and it is possible to see straight through to the end of the level. This combined with the difficulty in aiming in general really bog the game down.

Sound: Good ambient sound and effects. Really great constipation sounds and strangling noises, if you can strangle someone, that is.

Gameplay: On some of the indoor levels you may get lost since many of the...


hitman contracts

The good:

The actual objectives are better it think, you have to actually assasinate more people, also the story line is better. one of the best things is the map and wepons are vastly improved. overall a great game and if you liked hitman 2 this is a must have!!

The bad:

not enogh levels and too easy in places in the option "normal". at the same time the level "seafood massicare" takes the piss! took me 3 days to do and that was only witht he wakthrough, really couldnt get it!


its a very good game, improved from hitman 2 and at the same time keeps all the good aspects and gameplay from it! i like the way you can shoot cars and the alarms go off wich distract the guards. and how the trianing level is much better than that stupid church! you can practice your shooting sneaking and sniper shooting! its all good! but also you get a good idea of the weapons! its also more free roming than the last ones i belive so that you can improve your stats by sneaking up on people and roaming around!

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