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I'm the hitman, I want your life


Developer: IO Interactive
Publisher: Eidos Interactive

With a hit on their hands, IO Interactive decided to make a sequel that would hopefully expand on the concepts laid out in Codename 47, as well as iron out the flaws like sudden difficulty bumps and a poor camera. What came as a result in Hitman: Silent Assassin is just that – a game that takes Codename 47 and expands on it whilst ironing out the flaws. Isn't this what every sequel should be? Not lobotomizing the formula in an effort to make the one size that fits all? But that much is for another day, because Silent Assassin is a truly b...


Silent Assasin


Graphics: Markedly better than Hitman: Contracts. There are still some strangulation issues, but the massive graphical glitches are gone. Still not quite as Half-Life, though. The game is much much easier on slower systems that Contracts is so even if you have a 5 year old computer you should be able to run it at the lowest settings.

Sound: Same great sound effects as before.

Gameplay: Now the story gets more involved. The before mission sequences before each level is enough to get you through the level and tell you a little bit more about the story. Still hard as hell, though.

Controls: If y...


Big guns, bald men......it can only be Hitman 2

The good:

The sheer freedom the game gives you, there're just too many ways to kill...

The bad:

Short, fairly easy and often frustrating


Its the game wich has caused so much controversy and quite rightly so. When you think about it, the mere idea of the game, using all your brains, wit and cunning to murder a person ,to kill them in cold blood and then be REWARDED for it, is slightly dodgy. The game is divided into 20 missions including a training level spanning 6 countries (Sicily, Russia, Japan, Malasia, Nuristan and India) each with thier own distinct, superbly detailed terrains and features, once you complete all the missions in a certain country, you can muck about for ...


Dressed to kill

The good:

Wickedly cunning assasinations

The bad:

Bunk mission briefings


I can see how Hitman's smartly dressed assasin-for-hire grabbed me alumni when he put a hit on the PS2 last fall. This hairless antihero's contract kills are ingenious. Need to knock off a Yakuza kingpin but can't find him? Poison his son's sushi and trace the corpse back to papa-san. If arsenic isn't your bag, you can just put a bullet in his back. The way you complete each mission is limited only by your sick creativity.
Unfortunately, getting close enough to deliver your sordid calling card can be more frustarating than fun. Your mission briefings are so obscure that vexing trial and ...


Silent but very deadly

The good:

Detailed graphics
More than one way to do a level
Lots of guns
Plenty of gore
Highly exciting and atmospheric levels
Requires you to think
Envolving storyline
You don't have to be steathy

The bad:

Guards see though your uniforms
Small replay value
Can get annoying if your looking for steathly way though.


This game is a highly enjoyable steath romp. The game starts off Agent 47 confesses to his priest that he has done bad things in his life. When the priest leaves his church and a gang throw him into their car. Now Agent 47 has to forget about turning over a new leaf and has save him. I found this storyline highly envolving and it certainly feels like you got a mission. There are around twenty levels wwhich can be done in different ways. For example you can do things like choke the man, take his uniform, walk into the mansion and doing the level steathly. You will get awarded if you complete...


Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

The good:

All the intricate features of the wonderful gameplay, solid graphics, interesting plot and the brilliantly mastered stealth engine.

The bad:

The two final levels.


Rather nicely, "Hitman 2: Silent Assassin" managed to rear it's balaclava-clad head and surprise me from behind a bush recently. I had been aware of the game for a while, and never really got hugely excited by the prospect of playing it. How wrong I was.

Controlling relentless hitman 47 is no easy task, but it is made enjoyable by the easy control system that utilises drop-down menus and is adapted well for the PlayStation2 controller. After choosing your favourite weapons from a long list, you are thrown into the sprawling levels that take hours to explore. Wonderfully created and presented...

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