Hitman 2: Silent Assassin FAQ v9.9
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Hitman 2: Silent Assassin FAQ

by PIHKAL   Updated to v9.9 on
This walkthrough was originally written for Hitman 2: Silent Assassin on the GC, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the Xbox version of the game.
Hitman 2: Silent Assassin FAQ
Copyright 2003
Email: ummagumma@sbcglobal.net
Version: 9.9

Table of Contents:

1. Version History
2. Introduction
3. Walkthroughs
4. Thanks

1. Version History:

This is the first and most likely the last version of this FAQ. If anyone has
anything they want to add please email it to me and I will add it if I get off
my butt to do it. The only thing I will be adding is a weapons guide. I would
also like to add some extra walkthroughs for any of the levels so if anyone
would like to contribute one please email me.

2. This FAQ will hopefully guide you through getting a SA ranking on every
level of the game. Redemption is the only one where you will not get an ending
screen telling you your rank but inthedarkness has given us a great walkthrough
for it.

If I were to say that this FAQ was all mine I would be a lying bastard. Sure I
have typed it up and checked for errors and all that good stuff but this is
really a collaboration between a bunch of us on the GC Hitman message board. I
have listed all of the contributors to this FAQ before the walkthroughs. If
something is wrong you will know who the person is that deserves your hate mail.

3. Walkthroughs

1.  Anathema

(a) joselegarza68 says:

All you have to do is bring the anesthetic and the silenced 9mm gun.
When the guard that takes a piss comes out, drug him with the anesthetic, get
his clothes, and his gun (equip it), then drag him inside the mansion and hide
him in the porch after that go to the kitchen (never run) and in there go
Next, go to the balcony that is next to the don's office, when he comes in
enter the office in stealth mode and choke him with the fiber wire, the get the
key and go to the basement and then exit the mansion.

(b) MooKow says:

First, if you already have the sniper rife, move to the left so that you are
still on the hill but closer to the road. Wait until the don is swinging away
from you, then snipe him in the back of the head. If you did it right, he'll
fall off the balcony. Now use the anesthetic on the urinating guard and take
his clothes. Drag him under the trees, not inside the wall. To your left there
is a wall that is not connected to the barrier wall, walk in-between the two to
go unnoticed. The don's body should be in the shadows on the ground. Take the
key and do what you did to get there in reverse. Now walk to the outside stairs
that lead to the cellar and go in the room. Leave, still walking, until you get
to the door you got in with. Once outside, run to the exit.

(c) man down under says:

Run to the guy that delivered the groceries. Choked him, since I didn’t know
how to use the drugs then. Take his clothes, planted my guns in the groceries.
Walk through the door, past the two guards, but instead of heading to the
kitchen. Go straight for the wall behind the house that has the door leading to
the backyard. Wait until the two guards walked past the door and around the
backyard. Then entered and climb the ladder to the left of the door, walked
along the roof and entered the dons room and walk across to the left door and
stood in the doorway until the don came in. Then snuck up behind him, choked
him, stole his cell key. Drag his body across the balcony and over the roof out
of the view of the guard that later comes onto the balcony. Climbed down the
ladder and picked up my groceries again and walked towards the kitchen. Instead
of going into the kitchen I went down the stairs near the door to the kitchen
and checked the cell out and then dropped the groceries, along with my guns.
(Not sure if they guards notice your loaded though, never tried it) walked back
out the side door, went and changed my clothes again and left via the exit.

2.  St Petersburg Stake Out

(a) mhlandry says:>

From the Metro Station, if you don't already have your equipment (its easier if
you beat it first and equip your sniper rifle from the beginning), get your

Go into the room where the one guy walks back and forth -- eventually he will
walk behind a set of lockers. When he does, hurry and run down the steps and
through the door. Pick the lock in the next room and enter the sewer.

Where you will want to come up out of the sewer will be next to a narrow
alleyway on your left, a wall directly in front of you, and a building to your
right. There will be a path leading to a street behind you. There will be a
guard at the end of the alleyway. Sneak up on him and chloroform him.

As quickly as you can, make your way into the apartment building (it has a
point of interest symbol on it in map view) and go to the third floor. There
will be three generals sitting at the table, two will be on one side and one
will be on the side nearest you. Shoot the one sitting on the side nearest you.
Hurry up and get out of the apartment and head back to the sewer you came out
of. Retrace your steps and get back to the train. Hopefully you got the silent
assassin award.

Note: I had to do this twice in order to get the award. Apparently, you have to
go pretty fast. I made it in around 7 minutes, with one kill, one shot, one
shot to the head, and one warning.

(b) jeff2sayshi says:

I think this one is different than the one's given for St. Petersburg and is a
bit better because you don't have to take out a guard.

At the beginning anaesthetize one of the civilians quietly in a corner if you
can and take his clothes. Then get the sniper rifle. Check where the second
civilian is and if you can safely get to the stair do so. Watch for the guards
now, one will roam the hall above the escalator. When he goes into the little
hall with the second guard run to the entrance to the streets. There will an
alley to your left, but don't go straight there. Check first that no guard is
coming. If one is coming you can turn around and wait for him to pass and he
won't notice your gun. Once he's far enough away go into the alley to the left
of where you came up to street level. Then make a right into another alley.
There will then be a path through a garden. Make sure no guard is walking it.
Then make a right. When you get to the exit, walk across the street to a dead
end, there is an entrance to a sewer. Go in there are no guards down there.
Here I saved. (I played on normal)

Run down the sewers making a left and then another left. You should come out
near a truck, but make sure no guard is walking nearby. Right by the truck
there is guards clothes! Change into those. Then you should be able to walk
fairly safely to the apartment building. Only place to be careful is the middle
of the square. Guards will cross on the left side. If you walk slightly on the
grass you should be far enough away from both. Once you get into the apartment
check where the guard is. Enter in the single door, not the double and run up
the back stairs to the third floor. Go to the window. (I saved here again).

Once you take out the general DROP THE SNIPER RIFLE! This is important. The
guards won't suspect you then. You should be able to walk back all the way to
the exit. Chang back into civilian's clothes but I don't think you have to do
this and it almost cost me. So it might be better to stay in soldier’s clothes.
Also it might be possible to get to the sewers while still in 47's original
clothing, but I was never able to.

3.  Kirov Park Meeting

(a) Friend of Mojo says:

Take anesthetic and grab the sniper rifle, you will have to wait a little bit
for a guy to leave, otherwise he will see you. Go in the sewers and come out be
the radio tower. If you wait long enough, the guy standing there will take a
piss. If you are quick and silent enough you can get him with the anesthetic.
Climb the tower; kill both guys with a single shot. Go back through the sewers
and run to you boat.

(b) curiouscouple says:

Before entering the level make sure you grab the Anesthetic. Skip the cut scene
and immediately run to the dumpsters. Crouch by the agency pickup and grab the
car bombs only. Now go into the sewers and go straight to the end of the tunnel
and make 2 lefts to another ladder. On the way the targets will arrive. Climb
up and put the car bomb on the first car. Then hurry back down the ladder and
go back the way you came. Once at the main tunnel check your map on the north
side there are 3 sewers on the eastern side climb up the third one from the
east and wait at the top. The chauffer will come to take a piss. If you miss
him don't worry he has the bladder of an eighty year old woman on a beer
drinking binge. As soon as his back is turned sneak up and put him to sleep.
Steal his clothes and walk out to the car and place the second bomb. Hop back
into the sewers and run back to the original drain you came in. Wait at the top
there may be a guard by the dumpsters again. When he leaves make a mad dash for
the boat and kiss one more general goodbye.

4.  Tubeway Torpedo

(a) curiouscouple says:

To get SA you must chloroform the first guard right out of the sewers. Drag him
into the room near an AK 47. Take his clothes and make your way to the drop. At
the drop get the bomb and remote, pager and cell phone. Stay by the drop and
wait for the phone to ring in the guard station. Walk to where the guard came
from and go into the second set of sewers. Make your way north to the sewer
entrance there. There are no guards where you come up but there are on the
other side of the wall. Quickly drop down without being seen then calmly walk
to the back door of the building. Enter through the door and head straight for
the elevator and go to the first basement. While going down check you map and
see where the guard on patrol is. If he is facing the elevator do not exit and
stay to the side of the elevator. Follow him down the corridor and check your
map to see where he stops. He will stick to one side or the other; make sure
you hide in an alcove on the opposite side whenever he passes by you. I usually
push my face in the wall and say a Hail Mary or two. On your map you will see a
second drop area near a control room. Enter the control room from the south and
head directly north, do not try to enter the server room from here, on your map
you'll see and entrance on the east side of the room, go around and use that
one. Now move towards the bomb placement spot mean while avoiding another
guard. Stand next to the wall and drop the bomb. Now go back out and there is a
guard that patrols the area between the bomb and the elevator check you map and
find him. There is also a point of interest room near here, go in there and get
the new uniform, I believe it is a Generals outfit, it will get you a little
more respect. There is a guard that patrols the area between the room with the
bomb and the room with the elevator to the second basement just avoids him the
way you did the other two. Now there is a guy near the elevator just walk right
past him and down the elevator. While he checks out your hind side push the
button and head down to the second basement. Once here check your map, you'll
see where Agent Smith is being interrogated. Go to the back door and drop the
pager on the right side of the door but just enough outside that it is still in
the little alcove. Now step behind the left side of the door so that when it
opens you will be out if site. Use the phone to call the pager and quickly
change to your silent pistol and shoot him in the head when he comes out to
pick up the pager. You have to shoot him. There is a glitch that if you try to
strangle him he will still shoot Agent Smith. I even tried shutting the door
first and he still killed him. Now talk to the agent and run for the elevator.
Go to the first basement, there should be a cut scene here of a guard trying to
warn the others on the first floor. Thank heavens for lazy men; he won't even
answer the call. Walk by him and the other guard on the level then run for the
room with the bomb. Get in the room blow up the bomb and run like hell for the
exit. Just stay by the door and wait for Smith to catch up.

5.  Invitation to a party

(a) joselegarza68 says:
First run to where your equipment is (check the map and make sure you have the
poison) the sneak behind the waiter that was where you started the mission,
drug him and take his clothes.
Then go inside the mansion trough the side wall and then trough the porch, walk
until you get to the kitchen and grab a champagne glass and add some poison to
it and equip it.
Then get in front of the captain and he will drink the champagne and vomit to
death, then follow the ambassador and drug him so you can take the combination
to the safe, then take the briefcase and get the hell out of there.

(b) Dman206 says:
Task 1:Get In

First off we need some clothes to get in. Head to the west and ambush the guest
heading towards the party. Kill him using the fibre wire or if you want to do
it with less aggression use the anaesthetic. Grab the clothes and invitation
and hide the body. Now head towards the gate and show your invitation then
enter the party.

Task 2: Kill the general

Enter the party and then wait around until the general makes his fatal decision
to leave. Wait till the doors behind you is shut so as not to startle anyone
then strangle him. Hide his body in one of the rooms off to the side although
check there is no maids in beforehand.

Task 3: Get the briefcase

Wait till the agent begins to hold up the ambassador and follow them. Strange
the agent either on the way or once he enters the safe room. You might also be
able to get to the room first then hide and sneak up on him but you might as
well do it on the way. If the ambassadors has opened the safe already then
anaesthesia him and grab the suitcase and leave. If not then anaesthesia him,
grab the combinations, open the safe, grab the case and leave.

Task 4: Get back to your boat

An easy exit just walk calmly back to the boat safe in knowing you have another
easy silent assassin in the bag.

(c)Dman206 says:
Task 1: Entry

The hardest bit of the last method was probably the bit at the end with the
agent. If we are quick we can get rid of this problem altogether. Rush to the
side door of the embassy and pick lock your way in. Now you have two choices:

Enter by the front door
Sneak through the garages. Using the car and rooms on the side as cover. Quite
Task 2:Get the briefcase

If you’ve been quick enough we just need to follow the ambassador then knock
him out without any of this agent business. We can then grab the briefcase and
dump it somewhere. If not then you’ll have to use the method in method one.

Task 3: Kill the general

Follow him out of the party, strangle him and dump his body somewhere. Just
like method one although you might like to place the briefcase somewhere for
safe keeping during this. Collect it before you leave!

Task 4: Leave

The Agent may be hanging around outside by now so sneak out the side door and
head to your boat. Quick and simple

6.  Tracking Hyamoto

(a) inthedarkness says:

Make sure you bring the anesthetic with you - it's all you need. Start by
waiting behind the rock, shifting so the two guards don't ever see you. Wait
until they stop, turn around, and walk away so that you can't see them, and run
to the right, up to the guard who at the SE (on the map) corner of the
building. As you get close to him sneak, take out the anesthetic, and give him
a full shot. DO NOTHING TO HIM. You don't want to take his clothes because
there's not enough time for you to exit without him waking up again and raising
an alert. Now run to the left along the outside of the building. Wait for the
guard here to walk away from you and when he makes a clear angle to the NW,
then run to the door to your left. Once inside, go to the first door on your
right. Cut the fish. Wait for everyone to leave the first larger area to the
left on the map, then run in there to a plate sitting on the table. Place
transmitter and fugu fish and run back into the room you were just in. When the
guy who went outside (where you had to get through earlier) comes back in and
goes the lower area of the room (look at the map), make your way outside. If
you are behind the guard as you walk out, walk at a distance along the right
wall. If not, wait for him to make the same turn you waited for earlier. You
should be able to run all the way to the nearest large rock (but if a guard is
standing outside, stop before you get there and wait). As soon as that guard
isn't there, sprint all the way to the first rock you were behind (if you hug
the left fence, the guards won't see you) and wait for two alerts of "objective
changed." Then wait for the two guards to stop, facing away from the gate. As
soon as they stop, walk toward the gate. Congratulations on a job well done.

(b)Dman206 says:
Task 1: Get Inside

Wait behind those first two guards behind the boulder have turned and then make
a dash for the garage open the door and get inside. This is quite hard to get
right but when you do its good. Now honk the car horn and hide behind the bin.
When the guard comes sneak inside.

Task 2: Get your robes

We need to make our way to the central point of interest. Only one way to do
this and that’s to know the guard patterns exactly just watch them for a bit
from a safe place, maybe after killing some in an initial run. Once you know
the patterns use the breaks in them and get to the central point of interest.

You need to leave via a curtained door and head across the corridor when the
guard isn’t looking ot the point of interest. Change into the robes. Then walk
calmly to the kitchen.

Task 3: Fugu Fish

Cut the fish and place the transmitter and it in the kitchen. Then leave via
the nearest door into the gardens. Walk back to your boulder and hide. Wait
until Hiyamato is dead then leave via the door

7.   Hidden Valley

(a) inthedarkness says:
Start off by running to the left, being careful to stay behind trees as much as
possible (to avoid being targeted by the sniper to the right) Run all the way
to the truck at the far side of the concrete structure, where your pickup is.
Now run toward the small wooden structure where the ladder is, avoiding the
guard and staying behind trees. Go down the ladder a little bit, and then check
your map to make sure the guard isn't in the room below you. Go down and make
your way out onto the main "street" when the guard is somewhere else. Continue
until you get to the bend that the three patrolling guards come up to. Find a
way to sneak past, using opposite sides of the middle pillars, hugging the
wall, and plenty of distance. I can't really be that specific because the
guards' position is somewhat random. After you make your way past them, get to
the next single-occupied room set. Sneak your way to the ladder room by
waiting, crouching behind crates, and pushing yourself as far out of vision as
possible until your way is clear. Once up the ladder, run around to the left
outside of the wooden structure surrounding the ladder. Now you have to get all
the way to the end of this path, by keeping trees between you and the
patrolling guard at all times and walking when you get close. When you're free,
just run all the way to the next ladder station. Again, check before dropping
into the room, the sneak onto the main road again in the same fashion you did
earlier. Now go the next set of three guards - here there is one who walks one
way while the two others walk the other way. To get past them, pay attention to
the way the groups do slalom between each pillar, switching sides each time.
Make sure they don't hear or see you as you make your way past them (it is
difficult), and after you do, get to the next single-occupied room set. In this
one, the guard stays in the larger room, walking around a truck. So enter when
he's on the opposite side of the truck, and slowly walk around to the ladder
room when the guard moves to a spot where he can't see you. Now go up the
ladder, run to the left, and get to red-lit tunnel. Success is yours!

8.   At the Gates

(a) inthedarkness says:
Run to the right and up to the higher area. Get somewhat close to the guard,
hiding in the trees while you run and adjusting your position when the guard
eventually walks past you. Now sneak behind him, take out anesthetic, and give
him a full dosage once you reach him. Now take his clothes and his gun and walk
toward the "fortress" Keep a distance between you and any other guards, or
they'll raise alert, and walk at all times, or the snipers will shoot you. Get
to the right wall of the fortress, where you can see a lone guard walking by a
gated generator. As you get close, aim your SMG SD at the rounded end of the
generator (it's the far end). Fire one shot and it will blow up, getting rid of
the guard without aggression and disabling the generator. Now run to the
backside of the fortress, and run along the wall to the second door on the left
(it's a ways past the first). Go in and enter the wooden door on the right
wall. Walk up the stairs, through the door, and out of the far door in this
room. Now move along the wall that overlooks the lower area, and walk in the
direction of the lasered-off area. You can see a large divot in the
wall/railing, walk onto it, then walk along the wall to the left. When you get
to the building, hug its wall and drop down (the snow will pad your fall). Once
your way is clear, walk to the generator and disable it. Then turn around and
walk up that ramp close by, opening the door at the top. Once inside, walk left
through the room, ignoring the two ninjas on the beams, all the way to the end
to this generator and disable it. Now just wait for a clear path and safe
distance from guards, and make your way to the exit.

9.   Shogun Showdown

(a) Jam Dark says:
For Shogun showdown you'll need just the chloroform and either the kitchen
knife, combat knife or the scalpel (I find the scalpel best because it's
smaller. From the start walk to the bottom of the steps and turn right, the
wooden wall there is actually a door, open it and climb the stairs. When you
get to the top stand by the door and use your map to look at the first floor.
When you see the guard patrolling turn away from the door, open the door and
ONLY WALK ON THE LARGE WOODEN BOARDS not on the smaller ones because they creak
and the guards hear you (the large boards are the boards you see around the
pillars). Walk behind the guard and hid behind the first pillar. Wait for the
guard to turn around again so he's facing the door and he walk right up to the
pillar you’re hiding behind. He turns yet again and walks back to the top of
the room. Go into sneak mode, get out the chloroform and walk behind him on the
large boards, walk right up to the top pillar. He stop and turn around and walk
pass the pillar, at this moment you give him a full dose of the chloroform and
take his clothes and gun, don't worry about his body no one will see it. Walk
to the laser grid door, stay on the large boards, and go down the steps on the
side your on. When at the bottom do a 180 turn and go through the door that's
to the left of the stairs. Run down the corridor and open the door at the end
of it. You should be walking into a nice open room with some things Japanese
people pray to, if you see someone praying in here just leave them alone. On
the shelf that's next to the door you used there's a key card pick it up. Go
back up to the laser grid door and deactivate the lasers with your card, now go
up the stairs and only walk. On the second floor there is a katana person on
top of one of the beam's just as long as you walk and hold your fire he stay up
there and let you climb the stairs to the 3rd floor. On this floor is nothing
important so just climb up the stairs next to you.
On the 4th floor open the wooden door and go through it. Now open the paper
door, in this room there might be a women in a long dress she's harmless so
just leave her, turn right to open a door, in this room is a girl in a very
small dressing down that gives you a special keycard during a cut scene. Walk
back out through the paper doors and climb the stairs that are above the wooden
door. Deactivate the laser grid and go into sneak mode. The guards in this room
fire the second they see you climb the stairs, so sneak behind their backs; it
helps if you drop the SMG at this point. The first guard is easy to pass just
walk through the deactivated grid and sneak to your right. The guard in the
middle might be facing the stairs, if so hid behind the pillar the first
guard's next to until be faces away from the stairs. When he's facing away from
the stairs sneak pass him and climb the stairs. Now leave sneak mode at the top
of the stairs, you should be in a room with the guy you have to kill, if he's
facing the window sneak up behind him and slash his throat with what ever knife
you have on you climb out the window. If he's sitting down get out your knife
and walk up behind him, he will start talking and asking you questions, he
might even stand up. But as long as you run behind him and cut his throat
quickly he will not attack you. Quickly climb out the window now. When outside
walk down the roof of the tower on the wooden boards until you get to the
ground floor at the top of stairs you started at. Go through the wooden/wall
door that you went through at the start. Again climb the stairs and deactivate
the door while keeping to the large floorboards. But this time when you go
through the laser door go down the steps you'll be in a room with three doors
one door you just came through because it leads to the steps. The other two go
to the basement. Go through one of them and deactivate the lasers and the
bottom of the stairs to get into a room full of nice looking things. One of
them being the missile guide system that you need, Steal it and go back up to
the first floor. Go through the laser door and then to the wooden door on the
far side of the room that you used at the very start. Go through it down the
steps and through the door at the bottom. Go up the small flight of stairs to
your right and walk to the helipad. And to the door of the helicopter and press
A to finish the level

(b) inthedarkness says:
I have another one for Shogun Showdown too, that's a lot easier than the one
mentioned earlier:
You don't have to bring anything. Walk through the wooden door at the foot of
the first stairs (emphasis on walk!), run up the stairs, and stop at the next
wooden door. Wait for the guard to start walking away from you, then open the
door and walk to the left, staying on the brighter beams. Make your way to the
crates; once there, run straight to the left to drop onto the staircase. At the
bottom of the steps make a 180 and go through that wooden door. Run through the
hall to the next, wait for the next room to be void of guards, run in and grab
the key. Now follow the patrolling guard as he walks around the corner at the
far end of the room (walking past the intersection so the other doesn't hear
you). Keep at a distance and at a favorable angle from the guard. Walk through
the door that he passes as soon as he is walking through the hall parallel to
yours. Run through the door and the next hall (walking at the intersection) As
you get to the corner, check to make sure the guard here is not in the hallway
you want. Walk to the next door and run through this hall, turning left at the
first intersection. Position yourself by the door so when it opens, you walk
through at the far right side of the doorway. Get in sneak mode, open it, get
to the clothes and put them on. The guards shouldn't notice you. Now go back
through the door you just entered and backtrack to the hallway, going into the
last door on the right. Use the key on the door, grab everything in here (bomb,
remote, gun, ammo) and get all the way back to the room with the crates and
dangerous floorboards. Deactivate the laser here and walk to the right to go
downstairs. Go straight across the room and down all the way to the museum.
Deactivate the laser and run to the middle museum piece on the right (guidance
system). Take the gun on the right corner pedestal if you haven't gotten it
before. Grab it/them and get all the way back upstairs. Now continue going
upstairs. Walk across the room and go up the stairs. Now walk straight through
this ninja hangout, going straight through all the doors (you don't want the
first staircase) to get to the staircase at the far end of the room. Continue
going all the way upstairs until you reach the door where you need the special
key to continue. Drop the bomb here (with X). Now get all the way back to where
you started the level. Face the exit, get out the remote, use it, and leave.

10.   Basement Killing

(a) inthedarkness says:
Obviously, you cannot bring with you any unconcealed weapon, because even if
you don't leave the cubicle where you start, someone will see when you take it
out. Be sure to equip the anesthetic and a silenced pistol, preferably a .22 SD
because for some reason metal detectors don't detect it (although I'm not sure
if it really matters if you are detected or not - you'll see why.)
Start off by walking calmly to the right, and enter the men's bathroom (the
middle right door). Go into the middle bathroom stall and close the door.
You'll have to wait a while now. Two receptionists (the guys in red coats) will
enter just ignore them. Wait some more, and a lonely receptionist will enter.
As he walks in, take out the anesthetic. When he stops to wash his hands he
will back turned directly too you so (in stealth mode) open the door of the
stall and anaesthetize the guy (hold down for full dose, also obviously). Drag
him into one of the stalls so his feet aren't' sticking out into the rest of
the bathroom to avoid a possible alert. Take his clothes. Now leave the
bathroom and walk directly to the left, the door to the security hangout. Check
your map before entering. A guard should be in the room with the pickup. As
soon as he leaves and enters another room, sneak through the hallway and into
the pickup room. Once inside, walk quickly to locker #137, get only the smoke
bomb (you have a pistol already), quickly close the locker and leave the room.
The guard might be out and suspicious, but no alert should be raised (just make
sure he doesn't see you grabbing weapons.) Now walk out of the first door and
walk straight across to the next door, the door to the laundry area. Check your
map to wait for the guard to get out of laundry room, then enter and walk down
the short hall to the laundry room. Walk to one of the chutes, and you'll get
the "place bomb" option. Do it, then immediately start walking out of here and
towards the other side of the lobby, towards the firemen's area which the
furthest right door on the left side of the lobby. It's helpful if you have the
.22 here because you can get to the firemen's area a bit quicker if you go
straight through the metal detectors - but the difference in time might be so
small that it doesn't matter - I'm not sure. As you get about a few feet out of
the door, the fire alarm will be triggered, and at about 3/4 of the way to the
firemen area you should see the firemen running through the detectors and
downstairs. Walking calmly the whole way, get to the door, and once it's
opened, run into the actual fireman locker place. Change your clothes to the
fireman outfit, quickly grab a fire axe and run out, through the detectors
(getting away with running because there's a crisis going down) and all the way
to the elevator (you even get a nice salute from the guard - what a hero you
are). Get to the basement and run diagonally right through the generator
thingies to get to the security room. The fire alarm may have been stopped
already, but nobody should be in there to see you yet. Get out that silenced
pistol and shoot the far-left computer, which disables elevator surveillance.
No one should see you or hear you, and you can now go through the door in the
room to get downstairs. Run down a couple flights, and pick the lock on the
door to your target's room. Once inside, you can drop the fire axe. Get out
your fiber wire, and avoiding potato chips on the floor, sneak up behind him
and strangle him. Now you'll get a cut scene, and once it's over, just run back
upstairs (don't drag him at all, cameras could see you and there's no point
anyway) without forgetting your fire axe (it helps the disguise a bit). Once
you get back to the security room, the guards may start shouting at you for
sneaking around downstairs and perhaps breaking their computer, so just run
into the elevator before they raise an alert. Congratulations

(b) Dman206 says:
Task 1: Get Clothes

We want to be able to get into the basement without any trouble so for this
method we shall use the good old pizza delivery boy. He is one of those
characters in the game "blessed" with a weak bladder. For this mission we shall
just require the fibre wire and the smoke bomb so you will still need to get to
the agency pick up. Go to the toilets on the other side from your starting
point and wait in the male restroom. When the pizza boy comes sneak up behind
him in his cubicle and fibre wire him. Make sure his body is fully hidden in
the cubicle and then take his clothes. We now need to head to the pizza pick up
room and collect Mr Sidjans order. Go through the security check point carrying
the pizza and then head down to the basement in the lift.

Task 2: Get to Charlie

Now were in the basement were going to need to cause a diversion if we are ever
going to get to Charlie. So sneak to the laundry room on the map without being
seen by those nasty guards. I use the machines as cover and hide in the room on
the way. Once there we just let off the smoke bomb and get out quickly. Wait
for a bit and the smoke bomb goes off and everyone goes mental.

Task 3: Kill Charlie

Get into the security room and quickly shoot the monitor now run down those
stairs! Pick lock the door to his area and get close to him avoiding the crisps
etc before sneaking. Strangle him with the fibre wire and run back. If you were
quick enough the fire alarm should still be going so you can quickly enter the

11. Graveyard Shift

(a) inthedarkness say:
Walk out of the elevator and to the right, to go down the hallway leading to
the south of the building. Open your map and wait for the guard to walk to the
left of the hallway on the map, then open the door, and walk calmly to the
point of interest to your left (or right, on the map). Hug the left wall, and
pick the lock on the first door to the left. Inside just grab the room key
(it's for air-conditioning) and walk back the same way you started from, this
time waiting for a guard to walk all the way to the south of the building to
walk calmly through the door. Now, run through the hall and straight out the
door that leads to the north of the building (if you've timed it right, there
shouldn't be a guard there for a while). Run through the right door, and shoot
the server's air conditioner with your silenced pistol, and wait for the server
to overheat and the systems administrator to run into the door directly across
from you. There shouldn't be a guard in the north yet, (if there is, he'll see
you) so sneak into the unlocked server room and give the administrator a full
dose of anesthetic. Grab his clothes and plant the hacking device. The guards
won't notice you're not the administrator, but the other workers will, so get
to the sky bridge without any of them seeing you (one of the office rooms
should have one guy who won't see you because he's in a cubicle) and shoot the
sky bridge window with your silenced pistol. Now just walk calmly past the
guards and navigate your way through the things on the bridge and onto the
elevator-type deal. Good job, again!

12.   The Jacuzzi Job

(a) inthedarkness says:
Skip the opening cut scene and run as fast as you can along the right balcony,
being careful not to fall. Run past two windows on the right without stopping,
and you'll get to an unseen area by people in the building (it's the second
balcony that has a chair on it). Using your map or keyhole, watch the room
directly in front of you until the woman at the computer turns around - then
sneak through the room and walk out its door to the room with the fuses, right
in front of you. Wait until the patrolling guard walks in and out of the room
you just snuck through. After he's a little bit down the hallway, walking away,
destroy the fuses. Now run into the now-darkened room you snuck through, open
the painting, open the safe, and grab the money. Then run out to the balcony
you were waiting earlier, run through the door to your right, grab the statue,
do a 180, and run back out to the balcony. Now, using your map, wait for the
guard who walks to the far left of the building on his patrol to walk through
the large room where you just got the statue. As soon as he has his back to you
on the map, open the same doors you just went through and run across the room
to the two doors at the top - take the left one and walk down the left hallway.
Make sure no one is in the bathroom opposite Charlie's room and get yourself in
there. Now you get to relax a bit and wait. Wait until the called technician
leaves the building again, and when the hallway is clear, run out to the
elevator, call it, and run back into the bathroom. This will save a little bit
of time after you make the hit. Now wait for the left patrolling guard to walk
to the bathroom again. When he starts walking away again, sneak after him until
you have turned the corner and no one in Charlie's room can see you if they
walk to the bathroom. Wait until they do so, using the map, and as soon as they
are all inside, sneak into Charlie's room. Once inside, walk forward a bit so
you can see him, take out your 9mm SD (has to be used instead of the .22
because the .22 isn't accurate at all) and shoot him in the back of head. Now
wait for the same patrolling guard to walk away from the bathroom again, and
sneak after him the same way you did last time, stopping at the same place.
Once he is out of the hallway (and the door he walks through is closed!), run
to the elevator and leave. This is much harder than it looks. Good luck.

13.   Murder at the bazaar

(a) joselegarza68 says:
This one is the easiest of them all.

1st run from where you start to the left until you get to the building where
the 1st guy is, quickly picklock the back door and go inside in stealth mode
get your knife and go to the second floor the cut the throat of the guy and
pick the coordinates.
Wait for the guards to come in and walk without them seeing you.
Once you are outside run to the bazaar and enter, the colonel will be walking
with a guard but later they will split up, cut his throat pick the key and RUN
to the exit (if you don’t run the civilians will alert the guards)

curiouscouple adds: When picking the lock do it from the right side of the
door. When you get up stairs he will be facing to the back of the house.

14.   Motorcade Interception

(a) dman206 says:
First off you needn't worry about the guards whilst doing the level, as long as
you are in civilian gear you can do pretty much anything apart from having a
weapon on show or climbing a ladder.

First Task: Get a Uniform

You need a uniform as soon as you enter the level so go to the northern end of
the map and find a lone guard patrolling. Follow him as close as you like and
once he's around the corner use your anesthetic on him. Now you need to quickly
drag him into a corner where the guards don't patrol and also away from pesky
civilians. Now get their clothes.

Second Task: Get the M195

Now your in soldiers uniform you can't run and also don't get too close to
guards as they can see right through your disguise now. Make your way to the
agency pick up point whilst staying well clear of the guards and get the M195.
Now keep it holstered and make your way to the closest steps that lead to a
plank and a ladder.

Third Task: Eliminate the local Khan

You now have two choices in how to eliminate your local Khan.

1) Stay on the rooftop and shoot the khan as he sits in the back of the truck
with your M195. This is quite a tricky shot and if you miss the guards will be
on to you very soon.

2) Go down on to the streets. Keep your M195 holstered and wait near the gate
till the Jeep and then the car with the Kahn in go around the corner. Stand to
the left and aim your gun over the UN Jeep soldiers shoulder. You have a pretty
good shot at the khan. You can kill him quite easily from here and if you
quickly move to the exit then your sorted.
Final Task: Get to the exit
A gun battle begins with the UN soldiers but unless you’re waiting for a UN
soldier to die and drop his M4 rifle your best off leaving quickly. Depending
on your previous method you need to get to the ground as quickly as possible
and then make your way to the exit. As long as you still keep away from
soldiers, keep your gun holstered and don't attract any attention, you'll be

15.   Tunnel Rat

(a) mhlandry says:
I really like this mission, even though it can be terribly frustrating. In my
opinion, this mission shows just how much detail this game has. For instance,
you really have to watch which way the guards’ heads are facing, not just the
body in order to get their correct path of vision. Great stuff.

We're looking to get underground, and we will take the westernmost entrance.
Take a left (north) immediately from the beginning. Once you are out in the
open, take another left (west). Go to the far wall and take a right (north).
When you reach a break on the wall that is to your left, turn left (east) and
run behind the circular rock entrance to the underground. The guard should be
looking slightly to the south and west. Go around the other side in sneak mode
and pick the lock and you're in the underground.

You are going to come down in the south west side of the compound. Here, there
are three guards that can give you trouble. One walks down the east-west
corridor, one walks around in the room, and the other stays put in the room.
When you get a chance, get into the moat and go into sneak mode. Sneak out of
that room to the north, into another room with three guards. (This trick I read
off of the PS2 FAQ by Absence) Sneak to the easternmost guard and go behind the
crates. Make a little noise so that *only* that guard looks at you (to the
east). Sneak back to the guard in the south west of that room. Sneak up on the
ladder right behind him (he will never even know you are there!) and walk to
your south. There will be a passageway to the east with one guard watching a
generator, sneak behind him, anesthetize him, and toggle the generator. (I
never bother to get the night vision goggles because I do better without them.)

There will be a room with some guards, a gun, and an officers uniform. Get the
uniform. Now walk east and south till you get to an access room, which brings
you to a circular room, which brings you to another narrow room. The target is
in this room; kill him. Backtrack to the generator, and head into the room with
the elevator in it. Take it to the surface (ignore the alarm).

Once at the surface, you can drug the two guards up there and you are all done.

Many of these tasks take some perfecting, so I would suggest saving after you
achieve a major task.

(b) inthedarkness says:
Using your map, wait until the closest ladder icon area is clear of guards, run
to the door there, pick the lock, and get inside. At the bottom of the stairs,
stop, face in the direction of the hallway, and peek in the room ahead. As soon
as the moving guard starts walking to the left and out of your field of vision,
run behind the near crates, then drop into the sewer to your right, without
using the slow ladder. Now crouch-walk (hold L) around to the back of the room
until you get to the base of the small stairs leading out of the sewer. Get up
and wait for a guard who recently walked into the room to turn around and walk
back out (when he walks to the left). Now walk up the steps, hugging the sewer,
and once you reach the pole, run up the hallway, keeping the pole between you
and the guard. Take the first right, and once inside (wait a second to make
sure no one sees you and sounded the alarm), sneak up behind the guard standing
by the generator and anaesthetize him fully. Take his gun and run straight
through the tunnel hallway, but stop running as you get to the next room. Sneak
through to the right and pick up the clothes on the bed - the sleeping guards
won't notice you. Now turn around, walk to the wall and walk to the right,
stopping at the intersection a little ways back from the next hallway. You want
to get to the room that's NE of you on the map. Check your map, and as soon as
the way is clear (no guards standing in front, both must be walking away) run
to the door you want, open it, and quickly close it again behind you. Walk
through the room, and start sneaking as you approach the door on the right.
Open the door, and slit your target's throat with the scalpel, then quickly run
out the room, grab the anesthetics off the crate to the right, and go back to
the first door. Now you want to get back to the same place you came from, the
same way you came from. If you're lucky, the way will be clear, and you can
quickly get there, but if not, just wait with your map, until the way is clear
again. Now go back to the guard you anaesthetized by the generator. If you were
waiting a long time for a clear path to reach the target, you should get behind
his head, take out the anesthetic, and use it on him again as soon as he wakes
up. If you got through the hall very quickly without much waiting, then drag
the guard out to the sewer, and fall in there with him. Drop him there (he
should drown) and sneak down the sewer to the right until you get the ladder.
Climb up still in sneak mode, and then walk behind the guard a little bit. Now
walk past him, ignoring your stealth bar's redness, and walk into the room to
the left with the elevator. Call it, get in, and go to ground level, ignoring
the guards running to the elevator as it rises. Now go out the doors, and
anaesthetize the two guards (Get the one who walks behind the circular stone
structure first; then get the other one who stands by the door - just make sure
he doesn't notice you looking at him for too long as you wait for his
susceptible position). Now the mission will end automatically. Good job!

16.   Temple City Ambush

(a) inthedarkness says:
Bring anesthetic - you may need it. This level is pretty darned easy. Go to the
to "pick-up" points as instructed, then use your map to find the targets (the
two yellow ones). Make your way to the stationary target without him or his
partner seeing you. Walk along the walls of the open area that he's in and get
to the wall that he is right next to. Go inside the "shop" there and walk up
some stairs. Get into sneak mode at the top, and strangle the sitting assassin.
Take his picture, then grab his rifle and wait for the other target to walk by
the window. Shoot him, with your gun then your camera (HA HA HA HA HA). Don't
pick up the rifle again. Make your way back to Agent Smith (that drunk bastard
- with an appropriately horrible voice actor) - he'll give you a key. Now get
to the exit on the map, staying away from the new yellow circles. Walk in the
building and look at the left side of the room to complete the mission.
IMPORTANT NOTE: If, at any point during this level, you find yourself being
followed by some bearded policeman-type who won't leave you alone (you probably
will), get into a position so that he'll shift around in front of you without
actually looking at you at any time. Get into sneak mode and anaesthetize him.
Don't worry about civilians - they don't seem to care.

17.   Death of Hannelore

(a) inthedarkness says:
Walk out from behind the boats and look at the guard in front of you (at a
distance). If he's walking toward you, wait until he turns toward the building
and gets out of sight. If he's not moving, you're lucky. Walk along the beach
until you get to the helipad. There's a sewer entrance here that you need to
take. Inside, take the first two lefts, then turn anyway you want and make the
next turn, go straight for a while then turn right, and you'll come into a room
with a ladder. Don't go up the ladder that you see. Instead, go into the
nearest alcove to your right. It's a secret passage that goes to a
better-hidden ladder. Go up, but stop when you get near the grate. This is the
hard part. Looking at your map (temple 1st floor), you can see the point
interest there. You need to get there without anyone seeing you. You'll have to
wait for the right moments to sneak past patients, you may have to hide in a
bathroom and wait some more, but eventually, the top few rooms should be empty,
so run to the top one, and quickly put on the patient clothes (you certainly
deserve "patient" clothes... HAHAHAHAHA). Now walk out of this room to the
courtyard, go diagonally across (don't go in the water though) and go into the
last door on the right side of the courtyard (the NE corner, from your
perspective, not the maps). Looking at the map again, you can see a guard
standing in front of the pickup room. Wait for him to walk into the bathroom
(it's that room he walks into), and quickly get into the pickup room, get to
the far side, grab the poison on the left, run back, grab the key, run into the
first room again - before the guard sees you. Now walk out of the door you
entered, turn left, and walk straight to the other end of the courtyard. Walk
inside and up to Dr. von Kamprad's floor. Wait for a patient to come upstairs
and walk into her room and leave again before entering yourself. Once in, she
will tell you to have a seat and then she'll get up and look out the window.
Poison the water by her computer, then wait for her to finish blabbering in her
annoying voice, and she'll sit back down and kill herself right before she
realizes you're not who she thinks you are. Drag her through the door right
behind her desk, and through to the next door. Wait for the patient to "patrol"
through again and leave. If a guard followed you upstairs, sneak up behind him,
anaesthetize him, and hide him (not in the hiding place!) Now put the doctor's
body in the hiding place and walk all the way to the exit with no worries.

18.   Terminal Hospitality

(a) curiouscouple says:
When you first start off wait for the guard to move into the courtyard area and
sneak past him. Move along the ridge and wait for the guards by the little
shrine thing o move out of the way sneak past them and grab the cult member
outfit. Take the path straight ahead and move down toward the house. Climb in
through the open window and pick the lock. Go through the door and walk past
the nurse and a couple of guards to get to the elevator. Walk to the pick up
point and get the room key and go to the next room and get the doctors jacket.
Now head to the basement and in the basement there are three points of interest
(!). The southern most of the generators is the generator for the building so
don't worry about this one. Go to one of the others, they are both scalpels.
Save here
Now go to the operating room and go in the one where the guard says "good
morning," if the guard says something else it is the wrong room. There will be
2 cult members in the room no nurses. Walk to the leader and take out the
scalpel. Now it will give you the option of killing the cult leader so press A
and get to work. As soon as you are done and can move 47 again run for the
door. The cult member in the room will tell you to stop what you’re doing and
alert the guards if you stick around. Outside the room run to the nearest
staircase and go to the first floor. Make a run for the front door and don't
stop or look back for anyone. Run around the pool and down the stirs where you
came up. 17 will take a couple of shots at you; just keep running to the boat.
If you return fire you can kiss your SA goodbye. Timing and speed on the way
out are very important. It may take a try or two to get it but it is pretty
easy once you have the level down.

19.   St. Petersburg Revisited

(a) curiouscouple says:
This one is actually really easy. Just try not to get too close to any guards
before you get to the building where 17 is. Walk in the front door an up the
stairs, take a right open the door go into stealth mode and strangle that silly
look alike. Take his clothes and leave the gun. (Most likely you got it earlier
when you blasted your way through) Walk out of the house and past the guards
they won't think you are the good clone they think you are their boss 17. As
soon as you can book the hell out of there and make for the sewer just south of
here behind the building. Once in the Metro walk, there may be guards around
but as soon as you are around the corner run to the train.

20.Redemption at Gontranno

(a) inthedarkness says:
Run straight to the pillar and position yourself so the guards to your right
don't see you. Now make your way to the large doors where the guards are, being
careful to run so you're never within their field of vision. Stop at the pillar
that's next to the door, because the guard there probably will have heard
something and turned around (no alert or warning though). One guard will be
walking faster away from you; don't worry about him. When the guard by the door
starts walking away again, sneak behind him to the door, wait for the guard on
the other side to walk past the door, then open the door, and run right once on
the balcony and drop off the far side. On the ground here, get back into sneak,
and walk as close to the corner of the balcony base as you can without the
patrolling guard on the ground seeing you. Once he walks to the corner and
turns around, immediately start sneaking behind him. Get out the fiber wire,
and as soon as you're close enough, use it on him. Staying in sneak mode, drag
his body back a little bit and right up against the balcony base. Take his
clothes. Now wait for the guard on top of the balcony to start walking away
from the end you initially you fell off. Now run along the outside of the
pigsty wall and get behind the weapons shed. Walk around until you reach the
door, go in, get the crossbow, silenced ballers, as well as max .45 ACP ammo
and max crossbow bolts. Be careful not to linger in front of the windows. Now,
open the door of the shed, and walk out just a bit, facing diagonally to your
left. Point the crossbow up at the church to where you can see the reticule
turn red, then zoom in and get the guy. Now wait for the guard on the balcony
to be walking TOWARD the end you fell off of initially, walk to where you can
see him, and quickly snipe him in the head with the crossbow (if you use any
other weapon, guards will hear you). Now get toward the laptop computer storage
shed, and walk right past it through the church door. Walk to the right and
wait for the patrolling guard to be walking away, then sneak into the next
hallway and get him with your silenced ballers (in the head, obviously). Now go
through the far door on the right and get the church key. Now go back out the
first door you entered, and once outside, immediately turn right and go through
the next door (partially covered by vines). Sneak up the stairs, and look
through the keyhole of the left door. The guard will have his back turned if he
didn't hear you, so sneak up behind him, use the fiber wire, and, still
sneaking, drag him all the way back outside. Now go all the way back up onto
that first balcony where the two large doors are, and wait, using your map, for
those first two guards to separate again. Once the slow guard walks past the
door, and the other is at some distance, sneak through the door, take out your
ballers SD, and get him in the head, dragging him outside to the balcony
immediately afterward. Now go back through the doors, and run to the near left
inside corner of the pillars (so you're on the grass), and keeping out of
sight, wait for the other guard to walk all the way back to the hallway with
those doors. As soon as he turns the corner, sneak to position yourself facing
the door, but back a little. I recommend first person mode here, but whatever,
just get the guy in the head with the ballers. Now walk to the left, to the
other double doors that you got the key for. Sneak, open the door, and fiber
wire the guard from behind. Now if you have a save available, use it.
This is a part where it could prevent you from getting an SA, although no alert
is raised. You have to open the door through the left with the ballers drawn
and get the guy in the head before he reacts. This is the only way to get
through anywhere else unseen, but it could prevent the SA. Anyway, now walk up
the stairs, open the left door, take out the crossbow, and get this guy in the
back of the head. Now sneak up the first step, stop, and snipe the top of the
guy's head at the end of this balcony. Now go back down the stairs, out the
right door, straight across the room through the next door to the other stairs
room, make a 180, and open the other door. Without entering the room, get the
nearest guy with the crossbow, then go in a bit, and get the guy further away
with it too. Now keep getting the rest of the guards down here by sneaking to
the right and getting them with the crossbow, and getting some more at the
right end of the church. It's fairly easy to do with no one seeing you. Once
done down here, go back through the door you entered in, and go all the way
back to the other side, up the stairs and onto the balcony. Sneak down the
balcony with your crossbow pointed at the balcony across from you. Once the
reticule is red, zoom in and move until you have a clear shot on the guard's
head and fire. Now crouch-walk to the end of the balcony, to the other door.
Get the other guy on the other balcony, and then make about a 90-degree turn
and get the two guys on the balcony there. That should be everyone. Now go down
to the confessional booth and wait for Sergei to notice you. Watch the cheesy
cut scene, then stay where you are, waiting for him to run into one of the
adjacent rooms to the left or right. If he goes to the left room, go around
through to the door in the room that his back is turned to and get him in the
head from there. If he goes to the right room, just open the nearest door from
the left side. He won't see you for some reason, so get him in the head. I
really don't think you get an SA for this level. There's no way to avoid
getting countless "Body found" warnings, which must bring down your stealth,
and Sergei "sees" you anyway near the end. I don't think the nature of this
level allows for a silent assassin award because you have to kill everyone. The
biggest hint is that you don't get a statistics screen like you do for the
other levels. But if there is an SA for this level, I can't think of or find
any other way to do it. Good Luck.

4.  Thanks

I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this for they are the true
Silent Assassins here. I would especially like to thank inthedarkness for
without his contributions this may have never been finished.

Here is a list of everyone that has contributed:

MooKow says
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Thanks again guys.