Hitman 2: Silent Assassin Weapons Guide
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Hitman 2: Silent Assassin Weapons Guide

by Seung   Updated on
This walkthrough was originally written for Hitman 2: Silent Assassin on the PS2, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the Xbox version of the game.
Hitman 2: Silent Assassin
Weapons Guide - Hitman Portal
Created by seung2 ゥ 2006

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Table of Contents

1. Melee
 1a. Knives
 1b. Other

2. Firearms
 2a. Handguns
 2b. Automatics
 2c. Shotguns
 2d. Range Weapons (Snipers)

3. Legal

1. Melee
These types of weapons do not require for you to use ammo and can be used
multiple times. An example of this would be the kitchen knife which does not
require any ammo to be used and can be repeatedly used after time.

1a. --Knives--
With all knives you can slit the throat of the enemy if you are
standing right behind your enemy. While in front of the enemy you
will just slash your enemy. The knives aren't very strong for slashing
but can still be very useful.

Kitchen Knife -

The kitchen knife can found mostly in kitchens such as in Anathema' kitchen.
It is a knife you see in kitchens of course used for cutting meats or 
vegetables with a very wide blade.

Combat Knife -

This knife can be found in Tubeway Torpedo. The knife has sharp edges on both 
of it's sides and is extremely sharp which help it cause more damage than the 
other types of knives.

Scalpel -

The scalpel can be found in many areas where you would see surgery going on 
such as in the basement of Terminal Hospitality. The scalpel can easily cut
through the skin of a person which help it cause much more damage than usual

1b. --Other--
These types are longer than the knives and don't have much sharp edges but they
have blunt ends which can cause more damage than the knives can. You can 
usually hold down the fire button to make a harder swing which will do more 
damage, but don't rely on it to often as it can be slow at times.

Golf Club -

You can find this weapon around in Anathema. Not the strongest of the melee but
it can have some good range to it so you don't have to get to close to the 
enemy. The golf club is a long pole with a hard round object in the middle 
which does most of the damage.

Fire Axe -

You can find the axe in the Basement Killing level in the Fire Department area.
Has mostky the highest damage of the melee weapons and can be good to use with
the firefighter outfit. The fire axe looks like a wooden stick with a red knife
on the front.

Katana Blade -

The Katana can be found in Hidden Valley, At The Gates, or at
Shogun Showdown. The Katana I would say is the second strongest of the melee
weapons since it can cut up your opponents quickly.

Anesthetic -

You start with the anesthetic in every level. When you need to knock someone
out very quickly you can use this. It will usually knock out the person for
about a minute or so. Beware though that after the person wakes up he is
bound to tell another person that someone knocked him out.

Fiber Wire -

You start out every mission with the Fiber Wire. It is a small rope that is can
be used to strangle your enemies with. Just walk up to the person and press the
action button from behind to begin the strangulation.

2. Firearms
Here you will find a list of all of the firearms in the game. Firearms are 
weapons that need to be reloaded and they have a set number of shots with them,
and example of this would be the Shotgun. After firing a few shots it must be
reloaded to be used again.

2a. --Handguns--
Pistols are the smallest of the of the firearms and can always be concelled.
Some of the pistols have the ability for their bullets to pass through doors
which can be very useful. Most if not all of the pistols are very accurate and
do moderate to high damage.

9MM Pistol - 

The pistol can be found on every stage in the game. Contains 15 bullets per
clip and does about moderate damage. It usually takes about 4 shots to kill an
enemy. The 9MM pistol has a high accuracy rate. This weapon can't pass through

9mm Pistol SD -

Basiclly the same as the 9MM Pistol except with a silencer for when you want
to complete the level with stealth. The clip size is 15 as well. You start with
this weapon on Normal and on Expert levels but you can also find it in various
other levels. This on can't pass through doors either.

Ballers -

These are two dual weapons that are given to you at the start of every level
and skill. The clip size of each of them is 7 making a grand total of 14 for
both of them. The damage it has is a high one which is great. Not recommended
for stealth levels since it makes to much noise. The Ballers however, can pass
through doors and attacks enemies like that.

Ballers SD -

Same as the Ballers only with a silencer. I think it does less damage than the
ones without the Ballers but it is still very high. The Ballers SD can pass
through doors and still contains 7 bullets per clip per gun. Like the original
Ballers the accuracy is high.

Revolver -

Has six bullets per reload and a moderate accuracy level. It's damage is a high
level one since it deals great damage most of the time. You can find the 
Revolver in most levels of the game. It can pass through wooden doors so it is
useful but if you want a weapon that reloads quicker this isn't the one to use.

Deagle -

The Dea has 8 bullets per clip to it. It has a high damage rate and usually it
only takes about 3 shots to kill an enemy. The accuaracy the Deagle has is 
moderate. This weapon's bullets can pass through doors. The Deagle is not 
recommended for use in stealth missions.

5.45 -

This weapon is only found in the mission Invitation to a Party. The .54 Pistol
has bullets per clip. The .54 Pistol isn't very strong but it's accuracy being
at high makes it good. The reload time is moderate and is not recommended for
stealth mission. Sadly this weapon's ammo can not pass through doors.

.22 -

The .22 Supressed can be found in the mission Shogun Showdown. Contains 12
bullets per clip. Recommended for stealth mission since the noise amount is low
and can be helpful. It has a moderate damage rate to it and because of this it
can not pass through doors.

2b. --Automatics--
Automatics are weapons that have more bullets per clip and can fire them at a
much faster rate than the handguns. An example is the AK, it has 30 bullets per
clip and fires very quickly. Some of them are concelable but some are not so be
careful when using these types of weapons.

AK -
The AK can be found at most levels so you don't have to worry about running out
of ammo for this one. It contains 30 bullets per clip and fires very quickly.
Unluckily this weapon is not concelable but since the police are seen often
with these, it you are in an officer suit then you can have this out.

M4 -

To obatin this weapon you must get 5 Silent Assassin rankings in a row. This
weapon is not concelable. The M4 contains 30 bullets per clip and has about a
moderate accuaracy.

M60 -

The best automatic in the game is this one since it has 100 bullets per reload.
The accuaracy is surprisingly high for a fast firing weapon. You can find the
M60 in the level Tunnel Rat. It is not concelable, but it doesn't matter much
if you are going to just kill everybody in the stage. If you are going the
stealth way, I advise for you to drop this weapon. I would say the damage it
does is very high being the best.


The SMG has 30 bullets per clip and has a moderate accuaracy. It is luckly
concelable so you don't have to worry about being caught with this weapon.
You can find this weapon in most levels that you play in. It reloads at about
a moderate rate.


Same as the SMG except it has a silencer on it. You can find it at Hidden 
Valley or At the Gates being carried around by ninjas both of the white and the
black clothing ones. Does the same damage as the regular SMG and basically the
same accuracy. And yes this one  is concealable as well.


You can find the UZI in the level Terminal Hospility and with it comes 30 shots
per clip. It's damage is a moderate to high depending on how many shots hit the
enemy since it isn't that much accurate. As with all other rifles it isn't very
recommended to do a stealth mission with these. It is concelable so you can
still have it though.

2c. --Shotguns--
Shotguns are the most powerful weapons of the game. They usually have about 2
through 8 bullets per clip but they have a low range and a low accuracy if you
shoot them from far away. If you shoot them from close range their accuracy is

Shotgun -

This shotgun has two bullets per reload and can be found at Anathema. The power
it can do is very high. Only bad thing is that it reloads slowly and doesn't
have the best accuracy. It is not concealable but if you have the right suit
you can avoid being shot at when using the gun.

SP12 -

This Shotgun has an ammo capacity of 8 per reload. It can be found at most
levels. It's damage is very high but again it's accuracy is low from far away.
If you want to knock down enemies very quickly this is the weapon for you. It
is a semi-automatic so it fires quicker than the regualar shotgun and reloads
quicker as well.

Sawn-Off -

This is a shorter version of the shotgun. Because barrel of the shotgun is much
smaller the shells travel less without being scraped on the barrel as much
which makes for more damage. It holds two shells as with the normal shotgun.
This shotgun can be conceled unlike the other shotguns. It damage is very high
as well. To get this weapon you have to beat any two missions with a Silent
Assassin ranking.

2d. --Range Weapons (Snipers)--
These weapons have scopes and are the best accuracy weapons on the whole game.
Most of them have about 10 bullets per reload. Some of them have to be
constructed from out
of a briefcase.

R93 Sniper -

You can find this Sniper rifle at Anathema in the garage area. It has 6 bullets
per reload and has a very high accuracy rate. I would say the damage rate is 
high since it has big bullets in it's clip. The R93 is one of the faster of the
sniper rifles. It can be stored in a briefcase which can be carried around
without it being seen.

SVD Sniper -

Has more ammo than most of the other sniper rifles, 10. It is in many levels in
the game but they are pretty conceled so it might take a while to find some of
them. It like the other sniper rifles with scopes has very high accuracy and has
a high damage rate.  This rifle does not have a briefcase in which it can be
stored in.

Crossbow -

The Crossbow has one bolt per reload but it is completly silent which make up
for it. You can find it at Hidden Valley behind the tunnel entrance. Unlike the
other sniper rifles this one does not have a scope and can not zoom in so it
does not have a very high rate of accuracy, more like a moderate.

M195 -

This rifle has 6 bullets and can be found at Motorcade Interception after you
have found your contact. This is the most powerful of the sniper rifles with a
damage rate of very high and a scope that gives it a very high rate of accuracy
and it fires at I would say a moderate rate. The M195 does not have briefcase
in which to be stored.

W2000 Rifle -

The W2000 Rifle can be found  at Invitation to a Party on the second floor
balcony and on St. Petersburg revisited. The W2000 holds only 1 bullet at a
time but the accuracy is very high. At one shot per time you better be far away
when you use it or you are bound to be shot since it fires slowly and reloads
slowly as well.

Custom Rifle -

The Custom Rifle can be found at Redemption at Gontranno easily since various
guys can be found carring them. I would say that this weapon is a better
version of the W2000 Rifle since the accuracy and the damage are the same but
this one has 9 more bullets than the other one and it has a silencer equiped on

3. Legal
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