Hitman: Blood Money (PC) Cheats

Hitman: Blood Money cheats, and Codes for PC.


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Cheat Menu
Edit hitmanbloodmoney.ini
add "EnableCheats" (without the quotes) at the end
Ingame press "C" to access the ingame cheat menu.
Compleate level with SA instantly
After enabling the in-game cheat menu, press Shift-C at any time during the level to complete the mission with your current stats; using this code at the beginning of a level will net you a Silent Assassin rating.
God Mode
God mode

Press 0 and 1 to activate and deactivate
Invisible Mode
Invisible Mode

makes you invisible
Never Ending Clip

Gives you never ending Clips
Unlimted Ammo

Gives you unlimited ammo for your guns