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There goes the neighbourhood...


Developer: IO Interactive
Publisher: Eidos Interactive

After Blood Money, I wasn't sure where the Hitman series could go from there. I guess it could explain the six year gap between it and the game up for review right now, which is Hitman: Absolution. I mean really, all you have to do is improve the AI and write a better story, and then there you go, the perfect Hitman game. However, IO Interactive made a bunch of silly decisions that wound up holding the game back significantly. Because they've invested a shitload of their money into their brand new game engine dubbed the Glacier 2 Engine, ...


Death by Hula girl.


Do you ever get that being stalked feeling? Maybe by a man in a samurai outfit? Or even a chipmunk outfit? Well, that is because our favourite serial garroting, sharply dressed and extremely bald antihero Agent 47 has returned for the fifth instalment in the popular action-adventure/stealth (or all out shoot'em up - depending on your latest psychiatric report and lust for spilling all kinds of pixel bloodshed) game from the Hitman series. I'm ashamed to admit that I haven't played a Hitman game in a number of years even though I consider it to be one of my (if not the one) favourite game se...


Apparently, running is noisy...


When I reviewed Dishonored, I opened it up by saying that the stealth genre is practically dead and that the old guard have degenerated into action games with the odd stealth segment. A big part of me was very disappointed when it turned out that Hitman: Absolution would follow in the footsteps stamped out by Splinter Cell: Conviction. Of course, IO Interactive would be quick to say that it's designed in a way to be easier for newcomers to play while retaining some design elements for old fogeys to still enjoy. However, what I ended up getting after a while is that it appeals to nobody, sav...


Re-Seeking Perfection


He's Baaaack!

Still Seeking Perfection
For 6 years IO never strayed too far from what they had established in the original Codename 47, instead they opted to simply tweak a few things here and there while continuing to innovate with their always brilliant level design by constantly coming up with more fun and sadistic ways for players to take out their targets. Blood Money is one of the best examples of how what I refer to as the “building off a good foundation” model of game development can pay off. If players were able to overlook a few control issues and a few awkward animations that ha...


A Task For the Absolute


It's hard to believe that May 26, 2006 is over 6 years ago now. No, this is no random date; this is the release date for Hitman: Blood Money, Absolution's predecessor which quickly became a classic to the majority of stealth fans across the world. While Metal Gear Solid was the cement that solidified the stealth genre for gamers, Hitman most definitely made sure the pavement was smooth for you to sneak across. Even the games prior to Blood Money (Silent Assassin and Contracts) were thoroughly enjoyable as a whole, giving IO Interactive a tiresome weight to carry after a 6 year staring cont...

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