Hit the Ice (GENESIS)
Hit the Ice FAQ/Walkthrough v1.0
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Hit the Ice FAQ/Walkthrough

by Da Hui   Updated to v1.0 on
This walkthrough was originally written for Hit the Ice on the NES, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the GENESIS version of the game.
                 _   _ _ _     _____ _            ___         
                | | | (_) |_  |_   _| |__   ___  |_ _|___ ___ 
                | |_| | | __|   | | | '_ \ / _ \  | |/ __/ _ \
                |  _  | | |_    | | | | | |  __/  | | (_|  __/
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T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S
1. - Controls.............................................................HTI01
2. - Game Modes...........................................................HTI02
3. - Strategies...........................................................HTI03
4. - World Map............................................................HTI04
5. - Items................................................................HTI05
6. - Shops................................................................HTI06
7. - Rosters..............................................................HTI07
8. - Disclaimer...........................................................HTI08
*NOTE - If you would like to reach a certain section quicker, you may use the 
quick find feature I included in this FAQ. To find a section quickly, just 
press ctrl+f and a search window will appear. Type in the code to the right of 
the section (HTI##) and press enter until you reach the desired section. 
1. - C O N T R O L S                                                      HTI01
World Map Controls:                                                            
  D-Pad  - Move                                                                
  A      - Change Players/Search                                               
  B      - No Use                                                              
  Start  - Pause                                                               
  Select - No Use                                                              
In-Game Player With Puck:                                                      
  D-Pad  - Move                                                                
  A      - Pass                                                                
  B      - Shoot                                                               
  Start  - Pause                                                               
  Select - No Use                                                              
In-Game Player Without Puck:                                                   
  D-Pad  - Move
  A      - No Use
  B      - Check
  Start  - Pause
  Select - No Use
In-Game Goalie:
  D-Pad  - Move
  A      - Slide
  B      - Slide
  Start  - Pause
  Select - No Use
2. - G A M E   M O D E S                                                  HTI02
This section will describe the game modes you can choose from. You have to 
select one to start playing the game.
1P Quest
This is the fun part of the game. It's the quest mode where you must venture 
through the lands and defeat every team in the land to become the Virtual 
Hockey League Championship.
1P VS Comp
This is just playing against the computer in a regular game of hockey.
1P VS 2P
This is playing against a friend in a regular game of hockey.
1P2P VS Comp
This mode allows you to play with a friend versus the computer.
1P2P VS 3P4P
This mode allows you and three friends to all enjoy a game of hockey.
Game Options
This will allow you to change the difficulty and time in a game. Team1 Level is 
your team's skill, basically your computer controlled teammate. Team2 Level is 
the skill of the computer, or computer controlled player in a two player game. 
Time is just how many periods you play. This only applies in single games 
excluding 1P Quest mode.
3. - S T R A T E G I E S                                                  HTI03
This game is actually pretty fun, especially once you learn the tricks of the
trade. It has the aspects of a role playing game but the excitement of a hockey 
game! How awesome is that?! Trust me though, it can be frustrating if you don't 
know what you're doing. You will end every game in a 0-0 draw except for when 
you face real teams, then you'll just lose. However, in this section I will 
teach you a guarenteed and proven way to win every hockey game.
First Goal : Scoring!!
I can't emphasize this enough, a good offense will win for you. Without a good 
offense, you'll never score, and without scoring, you'll never win. I know it 
can be very frustrating to score, however you just have to learn the trick. It 
took me a few games to figure this one out but it works a lot of the time. I 
now find myself scoring at least three goals a game with ease, over ten in the 
real big games in the other arenas. 
The best thing to do is get a breakaway. For this, I generally keep the player 
I control on the right side of the arena. Once you get the puck, pass it 
straight to him. Now that you're behind the opposing team, you have a clear 
shot at the net. This is what you have to do to score. Skate high, around the 
lower part of the faceoff circle. Cut down in front of the net and the goalie 
will dive at you trying to grab the puck. While he dives, his feet lift into 
the air. That's your prime opportunity to just tap the shoot button and slip it 
under the goalie's legs. You can also shoot a little early to the bottom post 
and it might slip past him.
Second Goal : Hold the Lead!!
Holding the lead can be a bit difficult if you don't have a big lead and they 
drank the power booster item. I find it fairly difficult to steal the puck from 
the opposing team so I usually leave my player on the right side of the arena. 
The player on your team controlled by the computer usually has a few good 
defensive plays and you can quickly get the puck to your other player down the 
ice from there.
However, I think the most successful way of holding the lead is to just simply 
control the goalie. You are always in control of the goalie, you may not 
realize it, but you are. Learn how to control him and some tricks. For example, 
if you're high in the crease and the player with the puck is down low, slide 
down instead of slowly moving down manually. Just try your best to stay in 
between the puck and the net at all times.
Third Goal : The Breakout!!
This is where the defense leads to the offense. This is also exactly why I 
leave the player I control all the way to the right of the arena. It is not 
hard to play goalie after you realize you need to focus on controlling the 
goalie instead of your other players. Once the goalie gets the puck, the 
opposing players usually stay near your goalie. That leaves the other player 
wide open towards the opposite end. Just pass it to him and you have yourself a 
Misc : Fighting!!
This category, I'm not too certain about. I know it's not just button mashing 
that wins, because I never win that way. The problem is when you lose, your 
player because weak and slow for a limited amount of time and there's nothing 
you can really do about it. The only fight I have ever won, I tried this 
method: When I punched, I leaned towards the player and pressed A. When s/he 
punched, I leaned away from the player and pressed B. This isn't necessarily 
the best method for fighting but it is what I am most successful with. 
Main Goal : Winning the VHL Championship!!
To win the Virtual Hockey League Championship, all you have to do is defeat all 
five other teams. Travel to their respective arenas and then defeat them one by 
one until you defeat them all. Once you defeat them all, you will be shown the 
victory screen stating that you won the championship!
4. - W O R L D   M A P                                                    HTI04
Every house will always do the same thing. Some will give you some random 
advice, others will give you money, and others will take money. Here in this 
section, I will make a large map and describe what is in each house. I will 
just post a number or letter for each house, please refer to the list below the 
text map for a guide to what they do. I also included trees and mountains as a 
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~     _____________________     
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~    ~~ ~~~    |                     |    
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  ~~~~         ~~    | L E G E N D         |    
~~~~~~~    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ E ~~~~~~    O  ~~    | RA - Red Arena      |    
~~~~~        ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   ~~~~~~~~    ~~~    | BA - Blue Arena     |    
~~~~            ~~~  ~~~~~~~~~~   ~  ~~~~    ~~~    | YA - Yellow Arena   |    
~~~    I    *** ~~     ~~***~~******  ~~~~~  *~~    | GA - Green Arena    |    
~~~  H    *******~**G   *    **WA***~~~~~~~~**~~    | WA - White Arena    |    
~~~~**      $ ***~~****  J   ******~~~~~~~~~*~~~    | BK - Black Arena    |    
~~~***  **        ~~~****  ***  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~    | $  - Shop           |    
~~~* GA ****     ///~~~~~^       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~    | ^  - Mountain       |    
~~~~    ~~~**** ///////^^^^^    ~~~~~~~**~~~~~~~    | /  - Hills          |    
~~~~~~   ~~~~***  //   //^^**C  ~~~~~~****~~ ~~~    | *  - Trees          |    
~~~~*** ~~~~~~*       F  ***   *~~~~~~**$*~  ~~~    | ~  - Water          |    
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~          **D    **~~~~~~****   ~~    |_____________________|    
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  E  ^        *F**~~~~~~**   B ~~                               
~~~~~~~~G~~~~~~     ^^       ****  ~~~    L    ~                               
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *    ^     RA*****     **    ~~~                               
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~       ^^   ****~~**~~  *****~~~~~              ^ N              
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A      ^    **~~~~~~~~~~*~~~~~~~~              |                
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~       C^ D        ~*~~*~~~** ~~~~              |                
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ B     ^^     K  ~~*~~****    ~~~        W     |     E          
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~       ^^///    L~~**~~*** BA  ~~        <-----+----->          
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~       ^^/////    ***** H     ~~~              |                
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BK  ^^///      ***      **  ~~~              |                
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~     ^^$      F *~*         ~~~~              |                
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   ~^^   **   **~* ////  I ~~~~              V S              
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   ~~^   ~~~~ **~  /$///   ~~~~                               
~~K~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  ~~~^**    ~  ~~ ///     ~~~~~                               
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  ~~~~**    ~~~~^^^       ~~~~~                               
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~*   J  ~** ^^*    ~~~~~~~                               
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  ~~~*      ~   ^     ~~~~~~~~                               
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ M~~~***   *~ F ** ~~~~~~~~~~~                               
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  ~~~~*  ***~     ~~~~~~~~~~~~                               
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  ~~~   ~~~~~~~* ~~~~~~~~~~~~                               
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  ~~~~~~~~  ~~~~~~~~~~~~                               
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  ~~~~~~~~~  ~~~~~~~~~~~                               
~~~~~~D~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~** ~~~~~~~~~*E~~~~~~~~~~~                               
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                               
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~    ~~~  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                               
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ YA ~~  A ~~~   ~~  ~~~~~                               
~~~N~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~      D  ~~~ *  **$  ~~~                               
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ **  **~~  **O      ~~~                               
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~** ~~~~~~      ~~~~~~                               
|       |        |                                                            |
| HOUSE |  TYPE  | CONVERSATION                                               |
|       |        |                                                            |
|       |        |                                                            |
|   A   | +120g  | I'm one of your biggest fans.                              |
|   B   | Advice | As the level increases you can start to make use of various|
|       |        |  special actions.                                          |
|   C   | Advice | As power increases, more and more special actions appear.  |
|   D   | -20g   | You can't just barge in here whenever you feel like it!    |
|       |        |  You're going to have to pay a fine.                       |
|   E   | Advice | If only you had a life-saving inner-tube you could go into |
|       |        |  the sea...                                                |
|   F   | None   | Nobody was there.                                          |
|   G   | +80g   | I'm one of your biggest fans.                              |
|   H   | Advice | While the level is low you'd better battle it out on the   |
|       |        |  plains.                                                   |
|   I   | Advice | Be careful not to slip where it's iced over.               |
|   J   | Advice | They say the old man, who loves to eat apples, has a life- |
|       |        |  saving inner-tube.                                        |
|   K   | Advice | Try using "SEARCH" here and there. I'm sure you'll find    |
|       |        |  something.                                                |
|   L   | +80g   | I'm one of your biggest fans.                              |
|   M   | Advice | I love to eat apples.                                      |
|   N   | +300g  | I'm one of your biggest fans.                              |
|   O   | +200g  | I'm one of your biggest fans.                              |
5. - I T E M S                                                            HTI05
These items can all be purchased at the shops, only the life-saving inner-tube 
cannot be purchased at any shop. A trick is required for that item, it is 
listed below. The prices change in between each shop. They aren't any major 
price changes except for the shop in the southeast corner of the map. For all 
prices for each specific shop, check out the Shops section of this guide, it's 
in the next section.
Special Beef
You will eat the special beef right away. What it will do for you is rebuild 
your team's stamina. It will also gain some quick experience points. I 
personally do not believe this item is worth purchasing since it costs so much 
and doesn't give you enough experience.
You will eat the hamburger right away. What it will do for you is rebuild your 
team's stamina. It will also gain some quick experience points. I personally do 
not believe this item is worth purchasing since it costs so much and doesn't 
give you enough experience.
These don't do much but except for allowing you to get the life-saving inner-
tube. You need to bring a total of ten apples to the old man who loves apples. 
He lives to the south of the Black team's arena. You can only carry five at a 
time so you will have to make two trips to his house before you can attain the 
life-saving inner-tube.
This item will give you an edge in a game. You can purchase up to five at a 
time. When you play in any game, you will see the bottle of the P-Drink in 
front of your bench. Just skate up to it at any time and press up to drink it. 
This will boost all of your stats. I suggest using this early in a game or 
period so it will last you the longest time. 
Life-Saving Inner-Tube
This is the best item in the game. It allows you to go in the water and live. 
While in the water, you will never run into any random teams you have to face 
to save you time, unless you want to level up. To get it, you just need to 
bring ten apples to the old man to the south of the black arena. You can only 
carry five at a time so you need to make two trips. 
6. - S H O P S                                                            HTI06
In this section, I will list all of the items that could be purchased at each 
shop and how much they cost at those shops.
Shop to the southwest of the Blue Arena
Hamburger    - 80g
P-Drink      - 40g
Apple        - 30g
Shop in the southeast corner of the map
Special Beef - 100g
P-Drink      - 20g
Shop on the northeastern peninsula
Special Beef - 200g
Hamburger    - 80g
Shop to the southwest of the Red Arena
P-Drink      - 30g
Apple        - 20g
Shop in the northwest corner of the map
Hamburger    - 80g
P-Drink      - 40g
Apple        - 30g
7. - R O S T E R S                                                        HTI07
Please note, the seperate players themselves do not have a special edge over 
the other players on the teams. They all have the same stats. The only way one 
can get better than another is in the Quest Mode if you play with one or two 
players a lot more than the others. 
Phil Bunker
Anthony Propp
Stephane Leetch
Joe Housley
Ned Corson
"Bo" Cleveland
Johnny Novak
Eric Vernon
Al Gigliano
Mike Wilson
Tom Burns
"Iron" Bob
Ivan Yakashev
Reggie Marsh
Terry Smail
Pat Francis
"Battleship" Boyd
"Dicky" Fontaine
Rick Muller
Dave Gartner
"Great" Nakada
"Shocker" Ed
George Itoh
Kevin Nicholls
8. - D I S C L A I M E R                                                  HTI08
This FAQ/Walkthrough is copyrighted ゥ 2007 to Frank Grochowski. International  
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