History Channel: Civil War (PS2) Cheats

History Channel: Civil War cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Tips & Challenges
Grenade Tossing: Tilting the reticule upwards lets you throw grenades farther and higher.

Easy Kill: When you have any gun at all, (even the revolver) aim at the enemy until the reticule turns red. Then, press l1 to go into gun sight. The gun should automatically point at their head, giving you a perfect head shot. Head shots are a one-hit kill.

Knife or Saber Tip: Notice that when you use a Bowie Knife or Saber, the swipes and stabs have a certain time in between. For fast kills, use this:
Knife: Swing, stab
Saber: Swing, thrust
The kill should always take two swings, so using this faster technique will get you a quicker kill.

Use the Right Gun: If you're in a hurry to escape a group of enemies, don't use a gun that requires more than one kill. Use a musket while shooting in one place. Run a bit, then stop briefly to shoot. Switch to a henry rifle or pistol at that point. If you have a 5-shot rifle, it is used for both one shot (not moving or up close) and two shot (far away and un-aimed) kills.

Conserve What You Might Need: If you are a lousy shot or not, this will help when you are running low an ammo. Even if you have quite a bit of ammo, try hiding behind a wall or cover until the enemy has to reload. The reloads in this game are long, so take that time to your advantage. Run up to themn and hit the enemy with a melee attack. Press r2 if you don't know already. Don't use your gun all the time.


For all of you experts out there who want a little more of the game, try these challenges to occupy yourself.

Assasin: Go to Shiloh and kill everyone with ONLY the revolver and bowie knife.

Boom! for the Rebels: In Petersburg, go to the last wave of enemies right before the point where they retreat. Kill all of the enemies waiting in the back with grenades. Kill the rest with ONLY the revolver.

Stealth Survivalist: In Fort Fisher, complete all of the parts in the grassy areas while hiding in the tall grasses.

Bloody Knuckles: Complete Bull Run on any difficulty using only the melee attack while holding the revolver.

Dead Eye: Kill all of the rebels at the beginning of Gettysburg (the rocky area) with the sniper rifle. Do not leave the rock to go to the commanding officer until all of the enemies are dead.

Old- Fashioned Killer: In Chatanooga, kill every rebel without the cannon- only your guns and grenades.

One- Star Soldier: Complete the entire game on Easy.

Three- Star Soldier: Complete the game on Normal.

Five- Star Soldier: Complete the game on Hard.

Civil War's Best Veteran: Complete all of these challenges.

Civil War's Best Veteran and Student: Complete the game AND get all of the hidden documents.