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Hidden & Dangerous 2

The good:

This game is really realistic, has great graphics and makes you feel like you are there. Even the training made me feel like I was in the English countryside.

The bad:

sometimes there are sporning enemies that appear in places that you have already check which is annoying.
Another bad thing is not having the option of playing a previous mission from a previous save.


This game is superb, the graphics are great and the sounds amazing. This is the best WW2 game I've played and it's heaps realistic. Even the guns behavior is heaps realistic and every gun has it's own uniqe recole etc. I love it how you use stealth to sneak into good shooting positions and then just blast nazis away. I also like it how the game changes different locations. This game rox. I love this game


hidden and dangerous 2


Once you get used to the controls and managed to run your squad this can be a great game, but beware you need a powerful computer to play it as otherwise it lags, stutters and falls flat when there is to much happening on the screen. Graphics are detailed, but enemy lack commonsense when in the line of fire as do your own team when you utter the phrase 'Fire at Will'. As a game it is well worth the money if a little short. (Took seven days from start to finish)Gameplay good and fluid. Internet game isn't a patch on Return to Castle Wolfenstein, and lacks finishing touches.
Did find myself a...

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