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Hidden and Dangerous, its better of staying hidden.

The good:

relistic, challenging missions.

The bad:

hard to control much easier on the PC.


If you don't like complicated games I would not buy this one it is so hard just to do the simplest of things.
Its can become very frustrating and you keep needing to look in the instruction manual.

thanx for readin


JuSt 2 xTrEme ...


At last! A World War II game with British soldiers!!!

The good:

British soldiers as well as Americans, realistic gun noises and everything else (almost)

The bad:

Sometimes you get stuck...alot....thats it


You choose eight soldiers for each military campaign. The soldiers are not your regular soldiers but SAS soldiers. There are British soldiers (both English and Scottish), American, Austrailian, New Zealanders and European (but not the Germans or the Austrians or any other enemy country).
There are more British soldiers as the SAS are British.

The enemy are the Nazis and Romanian Gendarmes. They have excellent AI and will call you "Englander".
You have plenty of weapons and can steal them from your enemies and your fallen comrades. You enemies die with a burst from your gun (or a few bullets if...


Well hidden... but is it dangerous?

The good:

Engrossing gameplay
Large, detailed environments
Variety of missions
Killing Fritz

The bad:

Frustrating control system
Complex interface
Slowdown in places


'War! Huh! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!' That's right, kids. War is officially a Bad Thing that accomplishes absolutely nothing. Except for two things. The first, obviously, is to provide a hilarious scene in the Jackie Chan film, Rush Hour. The second, and slightly more relevant, use for war is to create awesome gaming experiences, and it is with much enthusiasm that Illusion Software has thrown themselves into the latter with their latest title, Hidden and Dangerous.
Send yourself back in time. The Second World War is the familiar canvas, the SAS the tools for you to leave your...

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