Hexic HD Cheats

Hexic HD cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox 360.


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Survivalist - Beat Survival mode
Cluster Buster - Create 25 combos
Oyster-meister - Create a black perl
Big Cheese of the South Seas - Create a black perl cluster
Grand Pearl Pooh-Bah - Create a black perl flower
Star Gazer - Create a cluster of bonus stars
Flower Child - Create a flower
Millionaire Extraordinaire - Earn 1,000,000 points across all games
Marathon Mogul - Earn 150,000 points in Marathon mode
Collapse Master - Earn 5,000 combos across all games
Tick-Tock Doc - Earn 75,000 points in timed mode
Hexic Addict - Play 100 games of Hexic
Get 2 starflower pieces next to each other. Then use the higher flower to spin the tiles around it(including the other flower) until the other starflower is at the top. Keep repeating this to hoist up your starflowers.