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Cryptic Armor/Boots Tips
Cryptic Armor and Boots is given to you in the 2nd Cryptic Quest. If you complete the quest you get the boots, if you choose not to complete it towards the end you can keep the armor given to you. These equips give you 5% more exp per battle. However, you can trade or buy the armor if you only have the boots and wear both giving you 10% more exp. The catch is these effects last for 7,200 minutes before it runs out.

Here are some tips to getting the most exp for your equips for the time you have them. First get both the boots and armor by either buying them or trading (you get a pair of male and female, since you only need the one for your gender you can trade or sell the other). This gives you 10% more exp, but don't use them yet. It's best to start using them after lvl 40, as that is one of the hardest times to lvl (40-50 is tough). Now go to a area you get good exp and fast kills (you could fight in Southern Plains but the enemies there are tougher and take longer to kill which may not be what you want). My favorite place to fight is the Beach area in Spirit Spire (from about 40-43). Now make sure you have all area of effect skills and a Hawk pet with you. Set up your hot keys for heals, chi recovery and pet food, as well as your skills. Reason you have a Hawk is because it not only attacks but it attracts more enemies near you (in Spirit Spire you get 3 enemies on you max, then your hawk gives an additional 3 as well). Now before you put your stuff on, get 50 quick kills and get a Lot. Hopefully your Lot gives you bonus Exp which then adds even more exp with your Cryptic items (if it gives you something else just get another 50 kills and you should get Exp bonus). Now your a Exp bonus machine, put your items on, run around and gather enemies then use your Area of Effect (AOE) skills and waste them 5-6 at a time and watch the loads of exp you get.

Now if your really cheap, have a spare set of armor and boots with you. Equip that and gather enemies around you, then quickly equip your Cryptic stuff and kill the enemies then switch back to your other equips so you don't waste too much time on the items. You can switch fast by keeping your inventory open, then right click on the item and it equips to you right away, replacing the other.

With this method you will be lvl 50 in no time. At lvl 50 you get your second job, you'll have more money and then can buy a new set of Cryptic items from a Player shop (many sell them) and do this all over again in Southern Plains or wherever.

Pigeon me in game if you have any further questions, I use the name MitsunariGunZ mostly, if not that I use GunzMitsunari or Mitsunari4Gunz.
Make money without killing or selling
If you're a bit stuck on money and you have hordes of arrows in your inventory/bank, get a bow and the arrows. Then use them to kill enemies - until the arrow count decreases to 1. Stop there. Keep doing that with all your arrows.

Then go to a tavern and sell the 1 arrows. Note that a bundle of 250 arrows sells for 140 gold, but it remains the same at 1. So you can kill enemies with your arrows and make a huge amount of money at the same time!
The 1st Cryptic Tale Quest Help
In The 1st Cryptic Tale quest you will be asked three questions. Here are the answers. Those are just keywords that will help you answer correctly.

Question 1: Sacrifice
Question 2: Accomplishment
Question 3: Public Welfare