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Heretic cheats, and Codes for PC.


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-Code- : -What it does-
Quicken: Invincibility(A.K.A god mode)
Rambo: All weapons+full ammo+200 armor
Iddqd: Instant death
Idkfa: Lose all weapons(except staff)
Skell: All keys
Massacre: Kills all enemies
Ravmap: (type it in once)Shows full map,(twice)Shows full map+Items and enemies,(three times)Normal.
Engage(And then the episode number and level number):Level warp(example type in Engage 29 leads to episode two level nine(glacier))
Type these during the game:

cockadoodledoo: Chicken mode.
kitty: No clip.
ponce: Health recovery.
skel: Gives you all the skeleton keys.
shazam: Your weapon becomes stronger.
ticker: Displays Frames per second.
Super secret levels
If you have all of the episodes(City of the damned,hells maw,Dome of D'spairl,Ossary,I forgot the 5th one),then type in engage 6-1,6-2 or 6-3(6-3 does not have an exit because it does not have any level after it). But these ones are hard. Be careful.