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Unique game


Heavy Rain is the story of four people. First, there’s Ethan Mars, an unlucky architect. His son is kidnapped by the Origami killer. He receives from the killer, a box full of clues leading to his son, but he has only a few days to find him alive. There’s Madison Paige, a journalist who suffers from insomnia. She finds herself caught in the middle of this crazy story. There’s Scott Shelby, a private investigator working on the case and finally, there’s Norman Jayden an FBI agent.

You control those four characters. They each have their own chapters and sometimes they meet each other. It can b...


Heavy storytelling; light replay value


Holy shit, what is this!? A game fueled by quick time events and story!? Makes you think of a non hack and slash version of Ninja Blade on the 360, doesn't it? It doesn't? Probably because while Ninja Blade was an okay clone of Ninja Gaiden at best, Heavy Rain is its own game with no influences (well, except from Quantic Dream's previous game, which I haven't played) and all that jazz.

The story is that Ethan Mars's son, Shaun, has been kidnapped by the Origami Killer. Stricken with grief by the death of his other son, Jason, Ethan has to go to extreme lengths to rescue him while keeping his...


October Tide


Heavier than metal.
Heavy Rain is that game that everybody and their mothers are hailing as a unique game; the one that bends all the rules. Does it? Absolutely! True, it’s not 100% unique. It takes a concept founded by Dragon’s Lair back in the 80’s, and expands the hell out of it with more button prompts and excellent storytelling that can bend and change depending on your decision... oh, wait, that’s Indigo Prophecy. Whoops.

Yeah, you all remember that game, right? You don’t? Go check it out! All you need to know is that it set up the perfect blueprint for Heavy Rain... I mean, the same co...


The Origami Killer: A Gaming Masterpiece (No Spoilers)



Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain is one of 2010’s most anticipated Playstation 3 exclusive titles of the year. To say it is nothing more than a quick-time-event game is gross understatement, as the game delivers so much more, in terms of gameplay, graphics, soundtrack and story.

The premise of the game revolves around solving the case of the “Origami Killer”, a serial killer who kidnaps and drowns young children before leaving their bodies in wastelands with an orchid on their chest, and an origami figure in their hand.

The theme, “How far are you prepared to go to save someone you love?”...

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