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Haunting Ground review
Haunting Ground

The good:

Great variety of music
Great in depth storyline
Serveral different unlockables
Multiple endings

The bad:

Dog is hard to handle
Too easy


If Survival Horror fans are into games that involve guns shooting at zombies, and strange creatures, then this is not the game for you. If you like games like Clock Tower, then your in the right place. In this game there are no guns or weapons involve. You are mainly running from your enemies and hide. Haunting Ground holds a suspenseful with somewhat mystery storyline then a thrilling, action, gory, and horror game like Resident Evil.

The game begins by, Fiona waking up in a cage with only a blanket on her. The only memory she has is a car accident killing her two parents with only her surviving. Later on, she wanders about the castle meeting a stray dog who is the only key to survive from the evil villains running amok. The storyline is very confusing since you don't learn much about what's going on, until very later in the game. Even still, the storyline is well written and very suspenseful, making you want to know more.

The dog can help Fiona escape by attacking the pursuers distracting them, in time for Fiona to hide. Although he won't trust you and listen to you when you first meet him. You must bond a friendship with him in order for him to help you. The bad thing about the dog is sometimes he will ignore you, making it harder to go through the game.

There's a huge variety of music to enjoy while playing. Including each song for the characters, which I think matches with their personality. The music really catches what is happening in the game.

There is tons of backtracking in the game. This is caused when a pursuers is after you, you must escape, go back and find a hiding spot. Once the pursuer leaves you, you have to run back to where you started.

Run,Hide,Run,Hide, is mostly all you do in the game. (Besides solving puzzles.) But, people who love Clock Tower wouldn't mind this.

The game lasts only 8 hours, but has several unlockables including several endings to make up for it. If your a fan of Clock Tower, then you'll enjoy the game and be familier with the gameplay. But if your not, you'll find the game boring or just something you should kill time.

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