Haunting Ground Tips

Reaching the fight with Debilitas
Look at box that holds the game (it has Fiona Belli, and Hewie and Fiona has her blue eyes on the front). On the back of the box is a background of a black and white door. That is the door where you need to get through in one of the first chapters to get to the Boss fight with Debilitas. Behind the door is a chapel; the room you are in is the room of darkness, To get to the door and to the Boss fight, you will need Hewie. Send him to "go" and he will lead the way through the room. If you do not send Hewie to "go" and you walk anywhere in the room, you will probably die in there. As soon as you get to the other side of the room, the scene on back of the box that holds the game appears, with the exact same door.