The Haunted Mansion (GC) Cheats

The Haunted Mansion cheats, and Codes for GC.


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Get Invisible Zeke
To obtain invisible Zeke, you must hold down ABLR as soon as the GC logo dissapears. Hold this down until the Title screen and open your game file like you normally would. Make Zeke face you and you will only see his clothes!!
Get Skeleton Zeke
To play as Skeleton Zeke, You need to hold down ABXY as soon as the GC logo dissapears until the title screen and you can now play as Skeleton Zeke (Just start playing like you normally would and observe Zeke as you play.)
pause the game hold down-right on the d-pad and hit BXXX BXYA and then unpause........thats it you won't lose anymore health nor gain any.......
Level Select
To get Level Select, hold down right on the D-pad and press XXBYYBXA to obtain Level select on the pause menu.
Weapon Upgrade
Hold down right and press BBYYXXXA to upgrade your weapon