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: : : : Haunted Halls: Revenge of Doctor Blackmore FAQ/Walkthrough

Haunted Halls: Revenge of Doctor Blackmore FAQ/Walkthrough

by The Lost Gamer   Updated to v1.2 on
Version 1.2 11/1/13

Haunted Halls: Revenge of Doctor Blackmore
A Walkthrough by Michael Gray
AKA The Lost Gamer (ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com)
Copyright 2013

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Table of Contents:
001.  General information
002.  Video Walkthrough
003.  Walkthrough
  003a. Chapter 1
  003b. Chapter 2
  003c. Chapter 3
  003d. Chapter 4
  003e. Chapter 5
004.  Credits

001.  General Information

This is a walkthrough for the game called "Haunted Halls: 
Revenge of Doctor Blackmore". This is the third game in the 
Haunted Halls series, following after Green Hills 
Sanitarium and Fears from Childhood. To contact me about 
this guide, use my email address, 

002.  Video Walkthrough

Do you want to see a video of how to beat the game, rather 
than read how to do it? You're in luck! I made a video 
walkthrough for this game, which can be found here:


The videos come complete with my live commentary.

003.  Walkthrough

To start the game, click on "play". There are three 
difficulty modes in this game.

003a.  Chapter 1

The game begins with our heroine, waking up inside Dr. 
Blackmore's newest lair. In the two previous games, 
Blackmore was trying to get fear energy from asylum 
patients and children. In this game, he wants revenge on 
six people who hurt him in the past. Sadly, our heroine and 
Tim are on the top of Blackmore's revenge list.

First Room

This first room serves as a tutorial, and in fact, there is 
an optional tutorial you can go through. When the cursor 
turns into an eyeball, you can click to zoom in on that 
area. For example, click on the table on the left to zoom 
in on it.

When your cursor turns into a hand, you can pick something 
up. Here by the table, take the sugar cube, the target and 
the scissors. Examine the plants near the table. Give the 
sugar cube to the lemur, and you can get a briefcase which 
serves as a portable laboratory. Since you have no 
ingredients right now, you can't use the lab.

Also in the plants, you can get a lighter. Now, look at the 
wooden Indian on the right. You can get a feather and a 
cigar from it.

Examine the pirate on the left pillar. Put the cigar on the 
pirate's mouth, then use the scissors to cut it. Light the 
cigar, and the pirate's eyepatch lifts up. You can take the 
pirate's eye.

There is a nail below the pirate's head. Put the target 
here, and the wooden Indian throws a tomahawk at it. Take 
the tomahawk.

Now, examine the right pillar. Dr. Blackmore appears on the 
screen and speaks with you. Below the monitor is a red 
button, contained in glass. Use the tomahawk to break the 
glass. You can take the button here.

When you back away, one of Dr. Blackmore's tentacles is 
visible. Click on it to get rid of it. Now, examine the 
door in the middle of the room. Put the button (from the 
right pillar) in the slot and press the button. Place the 
eyeball (from the left pillar) in the circular slot on the 
top to start a puzzle.

As you can see, there are ten tiles and ten fingers. Each 
tile is connected to a finger. Swap tiles, so each tile is 
connected to a finger with a similar symbol on it. When 
you've made a correct match, a finger will move.

The left column, from top to bottom, is silverware, heart, 
stars, clouds and a branch. The right column, from top to 
bottom, is a fly, headphones, coins, a roulette wheel and a 
rocket. Solving the puzzle causes the hands to pull the 
lever and open the door.

Getting to Tim

Tim is on the other side of the right doorway, but it's 
locked. Here in this room, all you can do is put a feather 
on the pheasant to get an egg. You can also put the vending 
machine's wires in the tank, in hopes of charging the 
machine. Sadly, the electrical ray is too far away to 
charge the wires.

Go through the left door. The kangaroo here needs reading 
glasses. That's something you don't see every day. In the 
lower/left corner is a table. Zoom in on it. Take the 
liquid nitrogen and read up on the other four people that 
Dr. Blackmore has kidnapped.

On the right wall is a puzzle. Click on it to start it. 
Your goal is connect all the lines. Press the button on the 
top of the screen to switch to layout 2. Then press the six 
buttons below to move the lines. Connect them all, and you 
receive fertilizer, as well as an empty bottle.

Now for a hidden objects challenge, a staple of the Haunted 
Halls series. Click on the wooden case to start it. In this 
game, the hidden objects screens require you to use items 
on each other, much more than the other games did.

A tutorial guides you here. Start by finding the 
screwdriver. Use it on the screw in the lower/left to get a 
screw. On the lid of the box is a scissors blade. Pick it 
up, then use it on the scissors blade in the lower/right. 
Use the screw, then the screwdriver on the scissors to get 
scissors. Use the scissors on the netting to get a 
pesticide can.

The lid to the pesticide is on the right edge, above the 
place where the scissors were formed. Left of the scorpion 
jar are the three bottles. Zoom in on the bottle display in 
the upper/left. Place the three bottles on the right and 
place the pesticide can on the left.

You want to put the bottles in the pesticide can in the 
proper order. The note says the order is green, yellow, 
blue and red. When you're done, put the pesticide lid on 
the pesticide can for pesticide. Use it on the scorpion in 
the scorpion jar to get wires. Use the wires on the batter 
to get the code 539. Insert that code on the lockbox on the 
right to get a coin.

Phew, that hidden objects screen was a lot of work! Before 
leaving this room, use the fertilizer on the plants on the 
left. They grow into wheat. Click on the wheat to get 

Go back a screen. Use the liquid nitrogen on the lock of 
the door to the right. You can now go through the door and 
find Tim.

Blackmore's Machines

Blackmore appears and says that you CAN save Tim, but it 
will be difficult. Talk to Tim. He says that you must save 
all the other victims before you can save him.

Look in the vent system on the left. Put the egg in the 
nest here, and a baby ostrich hatches. Give the wheat grain 
to the ostrich. It will grow quickly and open the doorway 
to the next room. When you go into the next room, you see 
that it is blocked by a hallucination, so you can't do 
anything there.

In the room with Tim, grab a slice of bread. Look at the 
sink on the right. Take the glasses, then turn on the 
faucet. Machine oil comes out. Use the empty bottle on the 
machine oil to collect it.

Go back a screen. You can now use the vending machine here! 
Simply click the wires on the ground, in order to put them 
in the water tank. Use the slice of bread on the tank to 
get the electric ray close enough to the wires to charge 

On the side of the vending machine is a puzzle. Use the 
machine oil to clean the gears. Move the gears around, 
until they all are lined up. Move the upper green gear left 
and up, then move the red gear right, up and right. Move 
the lower green gear left and down, then move the blue gear 
right. Finish by moving the red gear left.

Solving the puzzle fixes the vending machine. Use the coin 
on the machine to get latex gloves.

Go into the kangaroo room (to the left) and give the 
reading glasses to the kangaroo. The kangaroo gives you a 
container for eyedrops. Take it, and you can finally use 
the portable lab! A sheet of instructions is on the left. 
Put the flowers in the mortar. Use the pestle to grind it. 
Put it in the black machine, then put it in the blender and 
press the button. Put it in the upper/right machine and 
press the button. Finally, put it in the three containers 
to get eyedrops.

If you make a mistake, the light above the instructions 
flashes red. You can use the undo button in the lower/left 
to undo your mistake. You can also use the reset button in 
the lower/right to restart the puzzle.

Solving the puzzle gets you eyedrops for the hallucination! 
That's good.

You may have noticed the hidden objects container is 
sparkling again. Click on it for another challenge. Here, 
take the blunt knife (on top) and use it on the stone (left 
of the box) for a sharp knife. Clip the net aside to get 
clippers and look at the piece of paper to find a recipe 
for acid. You can also get tweezers here.

Let's follow the recipe! Use the sharp knife on the lemon 
to get an lemon slice. Use that on the acid container. Look 
at the scorpion jar, and use the tweezers here to get 
scorpion poison. Use the clippers to free the vial attached 
to the scorpion jar, then use the vial on the acid 
container. You can now pick up the acid and use it on the 
gold lock to find a can opener.

We're almost done with this room. Zoom in on the helium 
canister in the corner. Put the latex glove here, then turn 
the handle to fill the glove with helium. Use the glove on 
the crack in the ceiling, above the kangaroo. This causes a 
can to drop on the floor. Use the can opener on the can to 
get a Chicago disc.

Go backwards, then through the right door to Tim's room. Go 
forward to the room with the hallucination. Use the eye 
drops on the hallucination to get rid of it. A computer 
device is in the center of the room. Use the Chicago disc 
on the device. You can now go through the Chicago portal on 
the left, where one of Dr. Blackmore's victims is being 
held captive.

003b.  Chapter 2

Getting Inside

The victim is being held hostage in the basement of the 
building to the left. The door is on fire, so we need to 
figure out some way to use the water tower on the right to 
extinguish the flames.

Pick up the shovel from the ground here. Also on the ground 
is a newspaper about Blackmore's victim, which you can read 
if you want. Go forward and use the shovel on the sand. 
This extinguishes a small fire, letting you pick up a 
poker, a stone and a metal comb. 

Notice the sparkles over the area on the right. It's a 
hidden objects challenge! Unlike the hidden objects screens 
in the previous chapter, all you have to do in this screen 
is find all the items on the bottom of the screen, based on 
their outlines. Hover the mouse over an item on the bottom 
of the screen to see its name and a small picture. Solving 
this challenge gets you some dynamite.

Go back a screen. Use the shovel on the base of the water 
tower to find a worm. Put the dynamite here. Hmmm...we need 
a long fuse.

Look at the top of the tree. Click on the saw, and it 
breaks. Put the metal comb here, and the tree branch 
breaks. You can get the twine from the kite here. Go 
forward, then use the twine in the glue, then in the 
gunpowder. Hey, it will work as a fuse now! Go back and 
attach the fuse to the dynamite. You can now use the 
tomahawk on the door to the left to enter the building.

The First Floor

Dr. Blackmore shows up on his TV screen, and he uses his 
tentacles to prevent you from reaching the second floor. 
There are two doors here. The right door leads to the 
basement, where the hostage is. Go through the left door, 
to the kitchen.

We've got plenty of items here to collect. Get the vinegar 
on the left, and open the cabinet left of the oven for 
smelling salts. Take the oven mitt by the oven, then open 
up the oven. Use the poker on the coals, to reveal an iron 
tooth that can be picked up with the oven mitt.

Examine the clock above the mantle for the puzzle. When the 
pendulum is on the right side, click on the rightmost 
weight multiple times, until the device is stuck. Then flip 
the pendulum to the left and click the middle weight 
multiple times, until the device is stuck. Flip the 
pendulum back to the right, and continue the process until 
the clock shows 12:00. Solving the puzzle gets you a 
fishing line.

Open the window to see a beaver by a tree. Use the tomahawk 
to clear the poison ivy away from the tree. The beaver 
starts gnawing at the tree, but its tooth breaks. Give the 
metal tooth to the beaver. It finishes gnawing the tree to 
get you a wooden ladder.

There is a gas mask that you can see through the window. 
Click it, and you can do a puzzle in the portable lab. 
Blend salt and coal together, then put the mixture in the 
upper/right machine. Blend that with seeds, and put the 
result in the mortar and pestle. Grind that up and put it 
in the gas mask to make it work.

Leave the kitchen and examine the fish tank near the 
staircase. Move the spear, then attach the fishing line to 
it. Put the worm on the hook, then click the spear again to 
catch a fish. Return to the kitchen. Use the oven mitt to 
pull out the tray, then put the fish on it. Push the tray 
in with the oven mitt, and you get a nice cooked fish.

Leave the building at this point, and go forward. See the 
cat? Use the cooked fish on the cat, and you can pick up 
the cat. You can also go through another hidden objects 
challenge here for a belt.

Go back into the house. Take the umbrella from the umbrella 
stand, then go through the right door. It's filled with 
smoke! Use the stone on the window to clear away some of 
the smoke. You can see a fan here. Put the belt on the fan, 
then put the cat in the wheel. The cat powers the fan, 
clearing the room.

Dr. Armstrong is unconscious. Use the smelling salts (from 
the kitchen) on him. He wakes up and provides you with a 
code. Use the umbrella on the baking soda (on the high 
shelf) to knock it down into a bucket. Use the vinegar here 
to get a second code.

Take the pliers from the wall in the basement before 


Put the ladder from the beaver on the staircase here. You 
can now look at the large painting. Zoom in on the 
painting, and specifically look at the man's cane. The cane 
is in the umbrella stand. You have a puzzle to make the 
cane look just like it does in the painting.

There are four sets of arrows. When you click on one of the 
bottom three sets of arrows, it is highlighted. This means 
you can press the two arrows on that set AND the two arrows 
on the top set. Solving the puzzle gets you a sword.

Go upstairs. Dr. Blackmore appears and sets a hallucination 
on you. Use the gas mask to get rid of it. Use the pliers 
on the right door for a hidden objects challenge. In this 
type of hidden objects challenge, you have a list of items 
to get. Find them all to get salt.

Return to the kitchen downstairs and look at the table. Put 
the salt down for a cooking challenge. Cook all four 
recipes to get a pumpkin. The fire symbol is at the bottom 
of the metal cooking device on top.

Go back upstairs and go through the left door. You have two 
suits of armor here, and they want to stop you. Use the 
tomahawk on the right suit of armor. Use the pumpkin on the 
exhaust pipe of the left suit of armor, then use the sword 
on it.

With both suits of armor destroyed, you can look at the 
cage in the back. Unlock it with the two passcodes you got 
in the basement: X27Z and 4ZHK. You can now look at the 
items in the cage for a puzzle. The puzzle is to set red to 
four and green to five. Click the red button twice and the 
green button five times.

Hooray! Dr. Armstrong is safe! Go to the basement to talk 
to him, before he leaves with the cat. He drops part of the 
Chernobyl disc, and he leaves an energy ball behind. Take 
both of those things and go back upstairs.

The hidden objects challenge on the right has reopened. 
Solve it to get some glue. Then, go through the left door 
of the hallway. Examine the desk with scientific equipment 
to find three pieces of the Chernobyl disc. Put your disc 
piece there, then use the glue to fix it.

You can now go all the way back to Blackmore's lair. Use 
the Chernobyl disc on the computer on the floor to open the 
portal to Chernobyl.

003c.  Chapter 3

Getting Inside

Dr. Blackmore's tentacles block the entrance to the 
building here. We need to fix that situation! Use the 
tomahawk on the base of the statue (on the right) for a 
puzzle. With this puzzle, press the red buttons and the two 
arrows, until all eight spokes have three matching symbols 
on them. The innermost circle of the wheel cannot be moved.

The statue then zaps the tentacles away. Go inside the 
building. Look in the mirror on the left, and you can get 
drumsticks from the pocket of the jacket. The right door is 
locked, so go through the left door to the gymnasium.

In the upper/right here, you find a crowbar. That's useful! 
Use it on the lockers on the left to get some ammo. Use it 
on the chains on the vents (on the right) to get a soccer 

Go back outside the building. There is a piece of paper on 
the ground, which reads 26847. Use the crowbar on the 
telephone booth three times, then input that number on the 
phone. You get a coin.

Do you see the silhouette of a boy playing soccer? Use the 
soccer ball on him to unlock a hidden objects screen. This 
type of hidden objects screen is called a fragmented hidden 
objects screen. The four items you're looking for have each 
been split into four parts. Find all four parts of each 
item to reform it. Solving the challenge gets you a pill 
for the portable laboratory.

Go forward, to the side of the building. Look in the 
doorway to get matches and a glass. Use the crowbar on the 
front of the tank to get a funnel and a drum. Finally, use 
the ammo on the gun on the tank to open up a puzzle.

Put the funnel here to start the puzzle. You want to click 
on a piece to rotate it. Rotate the pieces in the top two 
rows, so they all connect. Ignore the bottom row. Solving 
the puzzle gets you a bugle.

You can go forward one more time, to the playground. Here, 
you can get an octopus frame.

Go back inside the school. Now that you have a coin and a 
glass, you can use the vending machine on the far left for 
fizzy water!

See the statues by the right door? Put the bugle on the 
left statue. Put the drum on the right statue, then put the 
drumsticks on the statue. This unlocks the door, letting 
you go inside the school.

The School

There is a hallucination here. To destroy it, you have to 
make the pills in your portable laboratory. Then use the 
pills on the hallucination to destroy it.

When the hallucination is gone, pull open the window and 
take the bubble blower. Go through the left door. In this 
classroom, use the fizzy water on the silhouette to get a 
bobby pin. Open the backpack on the desk for gold spray. 
Examine the calculator for a battery. Open up the 
chalkboard to get a sponge, under a picture of a door.

Leave the room. Use the bobby pin on the keyhole of the 
right door to enter. There is a chalkboard on the ground 
here. Take the chalk. Then examine the portable gaming 
device on the desk. Put the battery in the device to start 

In this puzzle, there are four chickens. Click on the 
chicken whose egg is about to fall next. Do this 
successfully, eight times in a row, to solve the challenge. 
You get a basket as a reward. Leave the room and use the 
basket on the silhouette for a mushroom.

Leave the school and go forward to the tank. Use the sponge 
on the pool of water here, then go forward to the 
playground area. Take the octopus mold, if you haven't 
already, then give the mushroom to the mushroom. As a 
reward, you get a bubble.

Go back a screen. The fragmented hidden objects challenge 
is back! Go through it again to get a star.

Go back inside the school. In the left classroom, use the 
wet sponge and the chalk on the chalkboard to make a 
friendly door. In the right classroom, examine the chest. 
Click on the star to break it, then put your star in its 
place. Use the gold spray on it for a puzzle.

With this puzzle, you can click a piece, then click where 
you want to move it. Move all the pieces around to form a 
totem pole. When you solve the challenge, you can pick up 
seven suction cups.

Leave this room, then go downstairs. The door in the back 
resembles the door on the chalk board in the classroom, 
meaning it is now open. Before we go through it, you should 
use the bubble container on the silhouette to get a second 
bubble. Use both bubbles on the left door for a hidden 
objects challenge.

Solving the hidden objects challenge gets you nippers. Now 
go through the door. Billy Bully is trapped behind an 
electric fence, and he cannot reach his sandwich. THE 
HORROR! We must save this hungry man!

Examine the electrical machine in the upper/left. In this 
puzzle, you can move pieces around. You want to have 
matching pieces touch each other. The catch is that you 
only have five moves.

There are multiple solutions. With the first level, move 
the bottom green piece left and up, then move the bottom 
blue piece up.

With the second level, move the blue piece down and right. 
Move the yellow piece left, then move the upper green piece 

With the third level, move the yellow piece all the way 
right. Move the left blue piece right and up. Move the 
bottom green piece up and right.

Solving the puzzle shuts off the electricity on the fence. 
Use the nippers on the fence to cut it away. Billy Bully is 
still trapped by dynamite, sadly.

Leave the room and do the hidden objects challenge on the 
left for a candle. Return to Billy Bully. Zoom in on the 
plate that held his sandwich. Put the octopus mold here, 
then place the candle inside the mold. Use the matches to 
melt the candle, giving you a wax octopus.

The bomb deactivation device is in the lower/left. Use the 
seven suction cups here, then use the wax octopus. This 
opens the gate.

This time, you have four things to line up, in order to 
deactivate the bomb. Press the green button three times; 
push the other three buttons once. This saves Billy Bully, 
who thanks you and leaves.

Take the energy orb and the screen that Billy left behind. 
Go upstairs and go into the right classroom. Zoom in on the 
robot and use the screen here for a puzzle.

With this puzzle, move pieces around. You want to put the 
triangle in the upper/left spot, the square in the 
upper/middle spot and the x in the upper/right spot. Put 
these pieces into place separately, instead of getting all 
three into place at the same time. Solving the challenge 
gets you the Pompeii disc.

Go all the way back to Blackmore's lair. Use the Pompeii 
disc on the machine, and you can go there.

003d.  Chapter 4

The Street

There's a bull here! It's blocking most of the screen, so 
all you can do is enter the building to the left. Examine 
the window to get a corkscrew and a trident. Examine the 
left post to find some herbs.

There is a hidden objects challenge in the corner. Go 
through it to get a feather duster. Go outside and give the 
herbs to the bull to make it stand aside. Look at the dirty 
ground here; clean it with the feather duster. You get a 
feather. Use the feather on the bull to get its ring. Use 
the ring on the ground to get oil and a sword.

You want to go up the stairs, but two statues block your 
way. Take the shield on the right, then go through the 
doors on the right. In this room, you can take a helmet 
from the top of the cross, and you can take some flint from 
the top of a bed.

Leave this area, then go to the left building. Go down to 
the basement. In the upper/right, you have a lantern. Put 
the oil here, then use the flint to light the oil. Now this 
room is well-lit.

You can take a torch from the wall. Use the torch on the 
oil lantern for a lit torch. See the meat wrapped in a net? 
Use your tomahawk on it to get cooking fat and a net. 
Finally, there is a bust of Caesar that you can pick up 

Go back upstairs and solve the hidden objects challenge for 
some laurel leaves. Go downstairs and use the leaves on the 
leaves. This starts a puzzle. You want to put the leaves to 
form a full laurel wreath. You start with the lower side, 
then you do the upper side.

Go back to the road, and go through the right doors. There 
are some more puzzles you can solve here. See the rope on 
the left? Use the tomahawk there to get rope. Use the rope 
on the beam in the upper/left. Look at the bed and click 
the rope to tie it to the bed. Use the bust of Caesar on 
the other side of the rope for ointment.

The ointment is added to the portable laboratory. Follow 
the instructions in order to make it.

Look at the display on the right side of the room. Put the 
trident, sword, helmet and net on the display. This starts 
a puzzle. Move things around so the spider warrior has all 
the spider gear, the lion warrior has all the lion gear, 
and the eagle warrior has all the eagle gear. Solving this 
puzzle gets you a rose.

Go back to the road. Go into the left building and go 
downstairs. Use the corkscrew on the jar in the 
lower/right. Put the rose here to get a red rose. Then, 
return to the road. Examine the statues on the stairs. Use 
the laurel wreath on Caesar and use the red rose on his 
wife. They give you a thumbs-up, and they step aside.

The Temple

Caroline is being held hostage here, and there's a lioness 
nearby! Oh dear. Grab the bucket and use it on the coals, 
then go up the stairs.

A lion cub is here, but it can't leave the tub because it 
has weak paws. Look at the curtain on the left. Use the 
tomahawk on the curtain holder to get it. Look at the 
statue to find a signet ring, then use the signet ring on 
the jewelry box at the far side of the room. This gives you 
a gem.

Exit through the doors. Dr. Blackmore appears, along with a 
hallucination. Use the ointment on the hallucination to get 
rid of it. You can now solve a hidden objects challenge 
here, in order to get a bellows.

Use the bellows on the dirt in the corner to get a board. 
Take the soap dish from the wall, then go backwards. Zoom 
in on the bathtub and use the board here. The dirty lion 
cub leaves the room. Go forward and pick up the lion cub. 
Solve the hidden objects challenge to get a hook.

Leave the temple, and go to the left building. If you 
haven't done so already, light the oven on the right. Put 
the cooking fat and the soap dish here to start a two-part 
puzzle. The first part of the puzzle is putting all of the 
pipes into place. You can't place pipes into wrong spots.

With the second half of the puzzle, there are three jars 
and three levers. The left lever is the bar, the middle 
lever is the triangle, and the right lever is the water 
symbol. Mix three ingredients, then pull the fire lever at 
the bottom. Do this successfully five times in a row to get 
some soap.

You can now take the Aquila above the fireplace.

Go downstairs. Zoom in on the jars in the lower/left. Use 
the hook here to get a key. Go back to the streets and go 
to the right building. Pull back the covers on the right 
bed to reveal a box. Open the lock, put the key in the 
lock, then click on the key to get a gem.

Go back to the pool area of the temple. Use the soap on the 
fountain, then use the lion cub here to clean it. Go back a 
screen and use the clean lion cub on the lioness. The lions 
will leave.

You can now see a mural on the wall. Put the gems and the 
curtain holder here, then pull the curtain holder. This 
lowers the bull containing the bombs. This time, the puzzle 
is very simple. Click the blue button once, then click the 
red button twice to solve it.

Caroline is saved! She leaves. You can now use the Aquila 
on the window above her chair. This shines light in the 
room. Look where the light has landed, and click on the 
blocks to move them aside. This results in you getting the 
Alaska disc. Take the glowing orb and return to Blackmore's 
lair. Use the disc on the machine to open the doorway to 

003e.  Chapter 5

Examine the car here. Under the hood, you can get a 
screwdriver. Inside the car door, you can get insulating 
tape and a knife. Go back under the hood of the car and use 
the insulating tape on the wires. Go inside the car again. 
You can now take the lighter.

Leave the car and go forward. Talk to Jack if you want. Use 
the tomahawk on the branches in the lower/left to get 
branches. Zoom in on the lawn mower to get straw. Use the 
screwdriver on the fence to get a ladder, and take the 
funnel from the top of the scarecrow.

Go backwards. Use the ladder on the lamppost to get the 
light bowl. Do you see the metal barrel by the building? 
Zoom in on it. Put the branches inside, then put the straw 
on top. Use the lighter here to get the snow to fall off 
the roof. A shovel falls along with it.

Go forward again. Use the shovel on the snow on the right. 
You can use the knife on the hose here to get a hose. Use 
the tomahawk on the ice here for the car keys. Now, look at 
the lawn mower. Put the light cover down, then take off the 
cover to the lawn mower. Put the hose here. Gas goes from 
the mower to the bowl.

Go back to the car. Use the funnel on the engine, then use 
the gasoline. Go in the car and use the keys in the 
ignition to start it. The car comes to life and destroys 
the side of the building. This reveals a hidden objects 
screen. Find all the items here to get a chainsaw.

Use the chainsaw on the hedge to the left to make a 
passageway to a new area. In this area, there is a bear 
attached to a pole. On the right side of the area is a 
shed, which contains a jack and a repair kit. Also on the 
right side of this area is a viewing device. Use the 
screwdriver on the screws to remove the plate. Click the 
plate to take it off, then click again to get a lens 

Go to the boat. Pick up the bone, then go back a screen and 
give it to the bear so you can get the leash. Return to the 
boat. Open the first aid cabinet for some twine, then use 
the jack on the left door to trigger a hidden objects 
challenge. In this scene, a clock is hidden in the box in 
the lower/left. Solving the challenge gets you a lens.

Look at the right door for a puzzle. With this puzzle, you 
can pull the levers to move the topmost lead piece up or 
down. Press the red button to rotate the ring. You want to 
move all the lead pieces, so they are in between two wire 
connections. Do this, and the puzzle is solved.

Go through the door. On the table is a broken telescope. 
Put the lens segment down, then put the lens down. Click 
the pieces to put them together and get a finished 
telescope. Leave the room and do the newly-recharged hidden 
objects challenge for ammunition.

Go into the door on the right again. Put the ammunition on 
the table. Use all three bullets on the device, then click 
the paper some times to fold it up. Use twine to get an 
explosive package.

Leave the room, then go upstairs. The machine on the left 
will drain the room below. Zoom in on it. Use the belt on 
the device and use the repair kit on the hose. Back away 
from the machine and click the hose to lower it to the room 
below. This drains all the water from the room.

Click on the crane to lower it. Go downstairs and click the 
crane again to lower it. Click on the netting by the 
cannon, and the cannon is hooked to the crane. Take the 
statue head, then go back upstairs. Click the crane, then 
the net to set the cannon.

Put the telescope on the viewing stand to the left. It 
looks like the cannon should fire at three and five. Zoom 
in on the cannon. Open the end, and put the statue head 
inside. Put the explosive packet in next, then close the 
cannon. Set the left device to three, then set the right 
device at five. Fire the cannon!

Go all the way back to the first screen, which had a car. 
Solve the hidden objects challenge here for a map. Go all 
the way back to the boat and go through the right door to 
the navigation room. Look at the screen in the left/middle. 
Put the map here to get the code 871 243. Look at the 
locked area (on the right, below the fish). Use the code 
871 243 to open it and get a syringe.

This syringe creates anti-freeze tonic, but you have to go 
through the portable laboratory again in order to make it. 
Go to the screen where John is being held hostage. Go 
forward, and Dr. Blackmore reveals another hallucination. 
Use the anti-freeze tonic on the hallucination to get rid 
of it.

Examine the machine on the right for another bomb 
challenge. To solve this one, press the orange button five 
times, the red button once, the green button once and the 
blue button once. This frees John, giving you another orb.

You should have four orbs, one from each person you saved. 
Go back to Blackmore's lair, and to the screen with Tim. 
Put all four orbs in the case. You can now examine the 
bombs to the right of Tim.

To solve this challenge, get the yellow piece in the place, 
the green piece in place, the blue piece in the place, then 
the red piece in place. Solving them in that order will 
free Tim, bringing an end to the game.

004.  Credits

This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2013.  If you want 
to use any part of this FAQ, ask me first (instructions 
under general information).