Harvest Moon 3 Guide v3.0
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Harvest Moon 3 Guide

by HMking   Updated to v3.0 on
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                              Boy Meets Girl
                                (HM: GBC3)
                                VERSION 3.0
                           By: Jeremy D.(HMKing)


I. Intros
    A. Guide
        1. Updates (Constantly Updated!)
        2. Notes to Reader (Constantly Updated!)
        3. Other Info
    B. Game
        1. Game Info
        2. Controls 
	  3. HM Game Scale
II. HM World
    A. Characters (Newly Updated!)
    B. Places (Newly Updated!)
    C. Items (Newly Updated!)
         1. Tools
         2. Selling Items 
    D. A Day In HM (One Day Walkthrough) 
    E. The Best Place For...
 	 1. Wood
	 2. Making money
       3. Fishing
    F. Maps 
    G. Animals 
	 1. Horses 
	 2. Cows
	 3. Sheep
	 4. Chickens
    H. Special Events
III. Extras! 
    A. GameShark Codes
    B. Secrets, Cheats, And Other Goodies 
    C. FAQ 
IV. Closing
    A. Closing Statement
    B. Contact Me!
    C. What I Need! 

I. Intros 

The intros are a part of all of my guides. I use them to give you a quick and 
simple explanation of what to do with the game and guide.
Just to let you know, I dont have a walkthrough in this guide. The reason is that 
they take forever to write. atleast... the way I do them.

    A. Guide

Here I list the updates and stuff. Not many people read them, but sometimes they 
can be helpful.

        1. Updates

12-30-03= *Started Version 1.0*Finished Version 1.0 *Sent to www.cghm.8k.com/hmworld
*Guide posted at www.cghm.8k.com/hmworld*
12-31-03= *Added "Best place for..." section* Added "FAQ" section* Added "A Day In
HM" Section* Added "Maps" section*
01-01-04= *Did a quick proof read of the guide * Updated the following sections: 
Characters, Places, Items * 
02-07-04= *Declared guide retired * 
02-08-04= *Started and finished the retirement finishing touches * 
02-11-04= *Declared end of E.C. *

        2. Notes to Reader
*Well, the "A Day In HM" section is as close to a walkthrough as I'm going to get!

*In order for this guide to be a FAQ, I need to add a FAQ section... SO I DID!!! 
Check it out. It needs more questions, so email me any you have at Duenos14@aol.com

*Normally I use Microsoft Word to write my guides (since it has a Spell Check 
feature), but since the computer I've decided to use to write them from now on no 
longer has Word, I am forced to use Note Pad. So I gotta do my own spell check! It
took me a while to do it, but I did a quick check for errors. I know I probably 
missed a few mistakes, so email me any that you spot at Duenos14@aol.com. 
I found a total of 40 errors in this guide. I fixed 'em all!

        3. Other Info

Name: Harvest Moon 3- Boy Meets Girl
Author: HMKing
Current Version: 3.0
Available at: 
Guide Number: 5

    B. Game

        1. Game Info

Name: Harvest Moon 3- Boy Meets Girl
Natsume Inc.
Victor Interactive Software
Year Made: 2001
Saved Game slots: 2
Linking Capabilities: Yes
My Rating: 

Replay Value: *****
Controls:     **
Graphics:     ***
Game Play:    ****
Story    :    *****

Overall Rating : 19 out of a possible 25 stars

        2. Controls

A-  Uses tool. Talk to someone. Make text scroll faster.

B- Take item out of bag. Hold it to run faster.

Select- Opens menu.

Start- Shows the date, time, and current tool.

Up- Move character up.

Down- Move character down.

Left- Move character left.

Right- Move character right.

II. HM World 

In every RPG (This game is an RPG) there is always a world. Here I introduce you to
this game's world. I have this section in all of my Harvest Moon guides... Except 
for FOMT.... I think.. Oh well!

    A. Characters

Unlike most of the Harvest Moon games, this one has very few characters. Lucky for 
me! Next to the walkthrough, the character sections take the most time for me to 

I got as many as I could find on my saved game.  Email me at Duenos14@aol.com to 
send me any ones I've missed or info I missed.

You- The Character you play. You choose the name.
 	Boy: Your partner will be a girl. She will  help you out with the animals
	Girl: Your partner will be a boy. He will help you with the actual farming.

Elder- A wise old man that tends to sleep all day.

Kate- A young girl. Daughter of Kirk. She loves milk. Asks you to go watch the fire
works with her. See "Special Events" section for more info. Out on Mondays, 
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

Big Bee- Owns Inn. Out on Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays

Kirk- Captain of the ferry. Talk to him on Mondays and Thursdays and he will take 
you to the main land.

Joe- Works at the morning market.

Farmer Union Workers- These people work at the Farmer union. They have no real 
names. How bout I make up names? Nah.

Old Man- An older man that hangs out (How many times do you hear "hangs out" and 
"older man" in the same sentence?) at the Shopping Mall.

Daisy- <Info coming soon!>

Lukia- Sells seeds at the Shopping Mall.

Chloe- Sells food at the Shopping Mall. Billy's Mom.

Mary- <Info coming soon!>

Lyla- Sells book at the Shopping Mall.

Gen- <Info coming soon!>

Lucus- Sells the carpets, bed, and T.V. on the second floor of the Shoppin Mall.

Ticket Lady- Sells tickets at the Movie Theater.

Cozy- Works at the aquarium (is that spelt right?).

Choco- <Info coming soon!>

Chet- <Info coming soon!>

Billy- About the most important guy ever! If you can become friends with him, you 
will get the fishing pole and the boat. Son of Chloe. Giving him a gift and talking 
to him everyday will do it. Out on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays.

Elza- Almost as important as Billy. She helps you get the boat, so be nice to her! 
Out on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

    B. Places

Just like characters, this game lacks places...  : (   its so sad! 


	Secret Garden- Where flowers grow. how ever many flowers there are, you have 
that many power berries.

	House- Your house. Phone, Bed, and kitchen are inside.

	Lumber Box- Storage place for lumber. Hit "A" in front of it to see how many 
pieces you 	have.
	Stable- Where Horse Lives.
	Barn- Where Cows live.

	Coop- Where Chickens live.

	Pen- where sheep live.

	Hot Springs- I forget what it's called before you make the hot springs in it.
Dig in it to make the hotspring.

	Storage- Where all of your collected items go when you use the Miracle Gloves.

	Field- Where you can plant all of your stuff.

Cliff- Not much here. Just a little cliff you can walk around on.

Mountains- In the second summer, there is an earthquake. This opens up the big rock
wall you see.

Grassland- Where you can gather lumber, find various  items that can be sold, and 
break rocks.

Forest- Basically just a maze that leads to the lake.


	The Beach- A beach!

	Houses- A bunch of homes that you can't enter.

	Light House- A light house that you can't enter.

	Dock- You can find Kirk here on Mondays and Thursdays and have him take you 
to the mainland.


	Shopping Mall- you can buy various items here. Opens at 9 A.M.

	Farmer's union- You can get a "job" here, buy some items, and you can also 
call this place from your house. Opens at 8 A.M.

	Movie theater- Watch movies here for 1,500g to boost your happiness rating. 
Theater opens at 11 A.M.

	Aquarium- Recieve fishing challenge here. Opens at 10 A.M.

	Morning Market- You can sell items here. You can only get here once you get 
your own boat, since it's on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

    C. Items

All of these items are based on what I have or have seen in my saved game. I know 
there are more. Please Email me at  Duenos14@aol.com if you know the rest. I also 
dont have any of the prices for selling items. I'll get those on my own. You can 
send what you know... if you want to.

        1. Tools & Store Bought Goods

Hand- use to pick up stuff.

Miracle glove- use to automatically store stuff in the storage shed.

Axe- use to chop wood.

Hammer- use to break up bolders.

Sickle- use to cut grass.

Hoe- use to prepare the ground for planting.

Shovel- use to make the Hot Spring.

	-Cow Medicine
Heals sick cows. Costs 1,000g at the Farmer's Union.
	-Chicken Medicine
Heals sick chickens. Costs 800g at the Farmer's Union.
	-Sheep Medicine 
Heals sick sheep. Costs 1,500g at the Farmer's Union.
	-Horse Medicine
Heals sick horses. Costs 2,000g at the Farmer's Union.

Milker- Milks adult female cows. Girl gets it at start of game.

Brush- Use this to brush your animals. Girl gets it at start of game.
Shampoo- Use this to make sheep happier. Costs 800g at the Farmer's Union.

Shears- Use this to cut sheep's wool. Costs 2,000g at the Farmer's Union.

Sprinkler- install this near water to have a 9x9 square watered automatically at 6 
A.M. Costs 50,000g at the Farmer's Union.

Scare Crow- Keeps birds from eating your plants. Costs 3,200g at the Farmer's Union.

Saddle- Allows you to ride adult horses. Costs 1,000g at the Farmer's Union.

Mysterious Egg- Get it by catching the King Of The Lake. Takes three seasons to 
hatch. Once it does, it's a small monster that makes your animals happier.

Fodder Set- The equivalent of 32 meals of fodder. Costs 500g at the Farmer's Union.

Snow Board- Allows you to snow board in the grass land during the winter.

Fishing Rod- Give Billy gifts alot and he'll ask you if he can borrow your hammer. 
If you say yes, when he returns it he will give you the Fishing Rod.

Fertilizer- You need a T.V. to get this one. While watching T.V. your partner will
notice an ad for fertilizer. They will ask you if you want it. If you say yes, they
will order it. It costs YOU not them 49,999g. It makes your crops grow twice as 
fast.  So basically, since you need the T.V. you pay 50,000g (I think) plus the 
almost 50,000g on the fertilizer itself. So you basically you pay almost 100,000g 
on the fertilizer. WOW! You could say that It's not worth it, but yeah it really is.
Since you spend half the time growing crops, you get more money a year. SO! The 
49,999g will pay itself off in no time at all. Of course, I'd wait until after the 
three years are up. That way you have more money when you get judged or so you can
buy animals, so you can boost your farm rating.

        2. Selling Items

Name:		Cost: 		Selling Price:	 Growing Time:     Regrowing Time:

Turnip	120g		   40g		    5 Days		N/A	

Potato	200g		   50g		    7 days		N/A

Asparagus	320g 		   60g		    9 days		N/A

Tomato	200g		   60g		    10 days		3 days

Corn		300g		   70g		    13 days		4 days

Water Melon	500g		   80g		    15 days		4 days

Egg Plant	120g		   40g		     5 days		N/A

Peanut	160g		   50g		     7 days		N/A

    D. A Day In HM

Since I no longer do full walkthroughs (I think they are really pointless. This is 
a farming game folks! Ya don't need me to tell you what to do every day!), I have 
decided to do a typical day in HM! Its basically a walkthrough of what I do in a 
game day of playing.
For those who read my HM64 guide way back when I had a nearly completed walkthrough,
this format will be easy for you to understand.
For those who didn't read it way back then: I like to write these in the view of 
your character. not you controlling him, but the character. For example: "In the 
morning I had a ltitle breakfast and then it was time for work. I said good bye to 
Sara (My partner) and Cliff (My pet hawk) and was on my way to work on my farm 
land!"  I really like writting this way, so you can see my real writting style. So 
in other words, this way has absolutely no stupid commentary from me! ;)

	"In the morning I had a ltitle breakfast and then it was time for work. I 
said good bye to Sara (My partner) and Cliff (My pet hawk) and was on my way to 
work on my farm land!  When I got to the field, I noticed that some of my plants 
were gone.  "Must be them pesty crows!" I thought to myself. So after I watered my 
potatos, I ran over to the village. After talking to a couple of people, I went to 
the dock. Since it was Monday, Kirk gladly took me to the mainland on his ferry.
Kirk sure is nice! When I reached the mainland, I went to the Farmer's union. There 
I was asked to plant some things for them. They said I would be well payed, so I 
said I would help. Then I bought a chicken! I named it Bucky.  Then I headed to the 
Shopping Mall. There I bought a scare crow to scare off those terrible crows. I 
also bought some more potato seeds, since the ones I had now were almost ready to 
harvest. By now it was about mid day, so I ate a little lunch. Then I decided to 
watch a movie at the movie theater. When I was done with that, I went back to the 
farm. I set up my scare crow. Then I planted and watered the seeds I bought. Then 
I worked on getting rid of any weeds that had popped up over night. When I was 
done with that, I rushed to the grassland and collected some berries and chopped 
When I was done with that, I went back to my farm and made a call to the Farmer's 
Union. I had them pick up the berries I had got from the grassland.  Then I decided
to build a fire! But I couldn't! I did however find 1,000g under a log! Looks like 
Sara has been holding out on me! I knew she was trouble! Well, I was really tired 
from that long day of work, so I ate dinner and then went to bed. I sure need a 
good night's sleep!"

Well that's all! hope it helped you. Basically, if you continue to do what I did 
(of course the vegetables will be different during different seasons) for the time 
you have, you should do really good! 

Here's some tips to help you out:

*Check out your fire place for a free 1,000g
*When entering your birthday, make it the first of Spring. That way you'll get a 
gift from Sara!
*Buy a scare crow ASAP!!!! You can loose hundreds of dollars a day with out it!
*Give gifts to Billy.... ALOT! According to my sorces, he is a very good person to 
become friends with!
*If you need some quick cash, check out the grass land!
*If you chop all of the wood in your field, don't worry! You can chop more in the 
grass land and behind the animal houses!
*Check out the following sections in this guide for some additional help:
	-The Best Place For...

    E. The Best Place For...

	Just like in some of my other HM guides, I list the best places to do some of
the game's essential activities.

        1. Chopping Wood

Once you clear out your field, check out the fields behind the animal houses. Once 
those are empty, go to the grass land.

	2. Making Money

Outside of your farm, there are two places that are really good for making some 

	-Grass Land

Here you can find berries, mushrooms, and all of that stuff that you can find in 
the other HM games.

	-Check out the next part of this section for the second place.

        3. Fishing 

This place is also a good place for making money. When you go into the forest 
place, walking around with take you to the lake. There you can catch a lot of fish.

You also may want to try fishing by the shore in the village.

    F. Maps

Your Farm:


H- House
A- Animal homes
S- Secret Garden
H20- Water
St- Storage
HS- Hot Springs
W- Wall

W	   W		      H20
W	   W		      H20
WHH STHS W      	      H20	
WHH STHS     Field	H20
W 	   W      	      H20
WS	   W		      H20
WS	   W	       	H20

<More Maps Coming Soon!>

    G. Animals
Here I introduce all of the animals that I will talk about later on in the guide.

	1. Horses
Unlike the other Harvest Moons, this one allows you to have up to eight horses! 
That's really cool. You can either buy or breed those. The only problem is that you 
dont make any money off of them. BUT! You can ride the adult ones (only if they 
have the saddle) and ride them in the horse race, which will raise the farm rating.

	 2. Cows
The most expencive animal in the game. BUT! The price is well worth it.
Here's some tips on how to get the most out of your cow:

*Only let them outside overnight if your dog is out there with them. 
*Brush them everyday
*Let them outside during all the clear days.

	 3. Sheep
Not nearly as good as cows (or as chickens the way I see it). They dont produce 
wool everyday (atleast the game is realistic). So you can't build up you farming 
empire on sheep alone.
Here's some tips on how to get the most out of your sheep:

*Only let them outside overnight if your dog is out there with them. 
*Brush them everyday
*Let them outside during all the clear days.

	 4. Chickens
Believe it or not, these things are real money makers. If you have all eight of 'em
that is. I made a ton of money on just raising these things. They lay eggs everyday
so you can rake in the dough a lot quicker than you can with the sheep.

	 5. Your Pet
Your loyal animal! There a quite a few choices to choose from and they all have a 
different feature:

Big dog         >
Medium Sized Dog>  The dog will protect your animals that you keep outside.
Small Dog	>
Big Cat		)
Medium Sized Cat)  The cat will bring you veggie seeds occasionally.
Small Cat	)
Pig		}  The pig will occassionally bring you money.
Hawk		]  The hawk will occassionally bring you flower seeds.

    H. Special Events

Here I list the special events in the game. Most are festival-like events, but some 
are just cool looking things.

Name: Fireworks 
Date: Summer, 20
Description: Kate will ask you to watch the fireworks with you on the cliff. Go 
there at 8 P.M.

Name: Date
Date: ???
Description: Your partner will ask you to go on a date with them. They take you to 
the cliff and you enjoy your first date.

Name: No real name given
Date: Fall, 24
Description: Go to the lake at the end of the forest before 12 P.M. , and you'll 
see that the water is red. I don't know why, but it is. I'll find out and post it 

III. Extra Stuff

Here I have all of the cool cheat-like stuff.

    A. GameShark Codes

    B. Secrets, Cheat, And Other Goodies 	
Here I have secrets, cheats, hints, and other stuff!

-Free Movies-
Go to the theater with your money to pay. Save the game right before you talk to 
the ticket lady. Pay and watch the movie. Then turn off the GBC, GBA, or GBSP 
(Whichever you're using) and load up your game. You have seen the movie for free!

-Pass The Time-
Watching a movie takes up two hours of your day.

-Water Path-
While watering plants, it's annoying when you have to navigate through weeds and 
stuff to refill your water can. SO! You can dig a path of water from the shore to 
the area you are working in. This is helpful since you can walk on the small stream
of water and weeds never grow on qit. NOTE: YOU CAN NOT FILL UP THE WATERING CAN 

-Scare Crow Hint-
You can only place a scare crow on land that has not been prepared to plant on.

-Multi Pick Up-
We all know that you can get berries and stuff in the grass land, BUT, did you know
that you can go there an unlimited amount of time a day? This is helpful if you 
want some quick cash.
    C. FAQ

Q. Can I get married in this game?
A. Yes. But only during a certain time of the year.

Q. Can I have kids?
A. Yes. But you have to be married first.

Q. What's up with the mountain?
A. In the second summer, a earthquake will clear up the whole area.

-Since I made up most of the questions on my own, I dont got all that many. Email 
me @ Duenos14@aol.com

IV. Closing 

    A. Closing Statement

The end is here. If you didnt find what you were looking for, email me at 
Duenos14@aol.com or check out Gamewinners.com for other guides!

    B. Contact Me!

AIM: Duenos14
Email: Duenos14@aol.com

Reasons to contact me:

*Submitting information
*Asking a question
*Make a suggestion for the guide
*Report any guide related error
*If why you want to contact me isn't here, don't worry. Just contact me 

    C. What I Need!

I need the following:

more info on the following: