Harvest Moon 3 Cheats

Harvest Moon 3 cheats, Tips, and Codes for GBC.


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After you get the fishing rod from Billy, give both Elza and Billy gifts. Eventually, they will give you the boat.
Double produce
In the boy game, get animals. Before you tell the girl what to do every day, collect the produce yourself. After you do this, tell the girl to collect the produce. If she does her job well, she will collect the same produce you collected, and you will have up to 2X as much produce. This may also work for building up an animal's hearts, so talk to the animals when you collect the produce.
Free Cow (For Girl Character only)
You Star On First Day Of Spring Go To Your Cow Barn and you will see a cow named bess(it have been named by harry's daughter)
Lots of Berries
Note: will only work on the boy in the game not girl.

Go to the grassland, and use the miracle gloves. Try picking a berrie up and instead of putting it in your bag, throw it. No splash, it goes right to your shipment storage place. Repeat as nessecary for this is not a cheat just a very helpful hint
Mega eggs!
Ok get all the chickens you can (8,000$ needed for this) and in the morning, send them outside on a good day. Do this before you tell your wife to take care of the animals. Go into the chicken pasture and collect all the eggs ONLY FROM OUTSIDE! Next, go back inside your house and tell your wife to either M-E-W (Milk, eggs, wool) or Anything. After doing this, anytime during the day, go into the chicken barn ad your wifey will tell you "oh, i collected produce from (?) animals." this will include 4 extra eggs! But, since the pasture only holds 4 chickens, there are only 4 extra and no more....poo..
Mermaid island
If you have a boat sail and go down the 3 baloon thing and go 2left 3ups then right you will see a mermaid inside the cave
Miracle Gloves
The miracle gloves are great for people who don't like to walk back to get some more items. The only way to do this' pick up an item then thorw it on the ground it goes right to the storehouse.(Only the boy can have the miracle gloves and i haven't tested it on some things.)
More Wild Berries
When you go to Grassland you can find Wild Berries. When you Collect them exit the place and go back into the Grassland and there will be the berries there again. You can repeat this as many times as you like
Secret 1000$
It doesn't matter if you picked a boy or girl just go to the fireplace in your house and hit A.
You'll find 1000$ in it.
Talk with animals
to talk with animals ;

first get pak spring always go to the forest at spring and you will see an egg and if it hatch it you can use it as a tool to talk with animals
Unlimited Crops
Get 3 of one crop (i.e. turnip), and 1 of another (i.e. asparagus). Put all the crops in the shipping storage shed. Go inside your house, and call the Farmer's Union on the phone. When they ask to choose what to sell, select the 3 turnips with button A. Push the down button to roll the count to three, then hit the B button. Then move the cursor to the 1 asparagus, then hit the down button again. The number will change from 1 to 2!

Ship those 2 asparagus, then call the Farmer's Union again. This time, select the asparagus, then hit the down button. It will show 54 items, but it's 254, not 54. Make sure that when you sell off the asparagus (or whatever other crop), that you always keep 1 left over to do the cheat again.

You'll be able to get 99,999G in no time, and plus, you can use the cheat over and over to achieve that 300 crop quota for shipping to beat the game!
Where to put your scarcrow
leave 1 square of feild untilled,stand beside it choose scarecrow and...hey presto!!!!!!


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Lots o money Cheat! Really Works!
It might take 2 times to get used to but here it is

Say you have 3 cherrys and 1egg. You call farmers union and select which one you want to sell. Say the one you select is the cherrys. When it asks you how many you want to sell press DOWN, B the .Select the egg and when it asks you how much you want to sell press DOWN. Now you will have two eggs( note: this will ony work if you have atleast one more of the first item than the second). Sell those eggs. Call farmers union again and look at you eggs and it will say you have 53( about 50 more)Press DOWN untill zero and press DOWN again. You will have 99 eggs now. Once sell those you will have 50 something. Sell all of them except one and then you can do it again and again....