Harvest Moon for Girls (Import) Cheats

Harvest Moon for Girls (Import) cheats, Tips, and Codes for PSX.


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Your character's charm can be plus if you :

1. Look the mirror in your room everyday.
2. Collecting jewelry (beauty items)likes : earring, neklace, flower dress (given by Gotz the woodcutter), parfume, sunscreen, Gray's accessorry and etc. likes that.
3. Read the "Beauty Magazine" in library. Talk to Mary (girl who wearing the glasses). Than, Mary will show it.
Stop the Seller sell the ball again
Some times the strange seller came to my house and want to sell an item. Now came to me to sell a ball for 100G it bit me a crazy if i have one ball, in the next day he came to me to sell his ball now i got 2 ball.

And the other day he came to sell his ball again, this gonna make my money lose if i refuse he still give me the ball so when i read book i saw an explain of this here it is:when i have a ball put this in post beside your house or in bin, you must wait until the next day if the ball still in there it's work it he dont came again.

hope this helpful
In Harvest moon for Girls you can see who is your lover by give a goodess (im not sure who is she is) a fruits, honey, an egg and a milk, you must throw it to the waterfall then you found her. You can find her in a waterfall where you find a cave.

here you saw an event:

throw 5x = you be give a superfruit.
throw10x = the goodess will tell you if you have a boy friend, then you go down and your boy friend came to you and give you a flower.
throw20x = the goddess give you a rare wood and you don't know what to do with this rare wood, then the carpenter(I don't know his name) came and see the rare wood and he want it then you give the rare wood to him(this will make you friend with carpenter).

hope this will helpful \<~*~>/


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game shark cheat (4 GIRLS!)
max level for axe:
80071a44 ffff
max level for hammer
80071a46 ffff