Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town review
As the Harvest Grows

The good:

1. Heartwarming storyline.
2. Small town, but various dramatic events to unlock!
3. Plenty of neat tricks for each tool, including a hidden one!
4. Trashed farm, but plenty of time to fix 'er up. Maybe plant a crop or two.
5. A numerous amount of ways to make money!
6. Can buy chickens, cows, and sheep to populate the farm, may even find a few other animals along the adventure..
7. Meet the townspeople!
8. Farm life gets lonely, why not get married?

The bad:

1. Time clock's turned on turbo speed! Not enough time in each day.
2. Farm life can get pretty repetitive. Is there anything else to do in a day?
3. Music can be annoying. Do they play any other songs!!?
4. Some goals may never be accomplished. Are some features too difficult to complete?
5. This year someone else is racing, but it used to be Barely. What's with all the spelling errors!?


Start off the adventure after visiting the farm of a close friend whom you find has passed on to another life. No wonder he hasn’t been writing back any of your letters.

You met this jolly fellow when you were just a kid having gotten yourself lost on his farm when your parent’s brought you to the town on a vacation. Young and never having been lost and alone before, you’re scared. But when the owner of the farm finds you wondering his crop fields he asks you where your parent’s are but you shake your head, not able to answer. So the old man shows you around the farm, lets you pet his dog, brush the cows and sheep, ride the horse, and feed the chickens until your parent’s finally arrive looking for you. You reunite with them only to have almost forgotten that you were alone, scared, and lost. The day you had at the farm just couldn’t have been any better. Your parent’s have no idea how to thank this man for keeping an eye on you. The old man, living on the farm alone, has an idea. Why not stay on the farm for a few days to keep him company? The family agrees allowing you to truly have the time of your life on your family vacation. The last day arrives and you spend that day on top of the biggest hill you could find in the whole town, it even has a mountain a few fields from it! Laying on the ground looking up at the sky, you find yourself falling asleep. Your awaken to a girl’s voice. She almost thought you were dead. You look at her and she looks at you. She smiles and then seeing that there is clearly nothing wrong walks off the hill and down the path towards the town. For a second their, having no idea what this means to you, you feel a warmth deep inside your chest, just a little closer on the left than on the right.

The mayor of the town reads the will left from the deceased farmer. You come to find out that he has given you the entire farm to keep! Your excited to finally own your own house along with a chicken coop, cow barn, stable, silo, field, and wood shed. But, reality hits. You take a look around only to see that the fields are in a state of no repair. Weeds are growing left to right, tree branches are scattered throughout, stones every few feet, and is that a tree stump I see over there!? The owner died several months before and the farm hasn’t had anyone to take care of it since. Just your luck. One farm that may never actually be the farm of your dreams, or maybe it will some day. It is your quest, your adventure, to clean up the farm, repopulate the chicken coop and the cow barn, grow crops, and build friendships with the townspeople until you get the farm back to the shape it was when you first arrived that fate-defying day so many years before.

You now live in Mineral Town. It may be a small town on the outskirts of the busy city life but it’s one place full of it’s share of drama. Every so often, while visiting the townspeople, you may run in on situations that you would rather not ever have to come across. These situations are the type you would be much happier at home watching on daytime TV while you rest from the harsh farm life on your couch. But these dramatic events sometimes cannot be avoided. So pick a solution to each of the events, wisely, or you may find yourself making some townspeople mad. One of the features I enjoy the most in Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town is events that you can unlock every-so-often as you adventure in the game. Even visiting the Inn, the beach, town square, Mother’s Hill, the Goddess Pond, or the church could switch on an event. Some are simply enjoyable to watch, others could even reveal secrets about the town and it’s people. These type of events, the quarrels, gossip, struggles, and romance among villagers, keeps the day to day life on the farm from being boring. I try and enjoy each one I see, hopefully one day I unlock them all!

In order to fix up the farm your going to need to use your tools. To begin with you have 5 tools to choose from, sickle, watering can, hoe, hammer, and axe. To me that looks like enough tools to get the job done. Along the way you may discover that you can get many, many more tools then just these. So that’s where it begins through the cutting of weeds with the sickle, tilling of the ground with the hoe, chopping of tree stumps with the axe, breaking of stones with the hammer, and watering of the crops with the watering can. Try each of them out and see where you may end up, how much work can you get done in a day? Be careful, your farm character also had stamina and fatigue. Stamina can be lost and fatigue can be gained through working a lot like using tools to much in one day. Give your guy a break once in awhile ether go to bed early or sleep in to gain back most of his strength to begin the next day.

Finally! The farmland has been cleared of all it’s weeds, tree branches, stones, and tree stumps. It’s time to start planting crops and getting a steady income profit. Hmm.. It’s spring so could I plant pumpkins?! No surely not, they would die it’s not the right season to plant those just yet! Make sure that you plant the appropriate crops in each season or else once planted the crops will die the next day. Buy seeds from the town supermarket which only sells the seeds that can be planted in each of the particular seasons bought in. Cucumbers, which grow in Spring, will be sold in Spring while Sweet Potatoes, which grow in Fall, will be sold in Fall. Just a tip, don’t forget to visit the boating shed on the beach once in awhile, you never know what you may find for sale in there.

Selling crops just isn’t making you enough money to survive out on the farm?! Well then begin foraging around the town. Look throughout the south side of town down in the hills and forests for wild grasses and plenty of other wild items. Most of these for the exception of flowers can be sold through the shipping bin. Check around town each season because there is much to find to be sold. Try buying a chicken and then use it’s eggs to sell for a profit. Or you could use the eggs to produce even more chickens. Fill up your chicken coop and then sell each and every egg to gain an even larger profit. You could even buy a cow and use it’s milk to make money as well! But remember it costs money to feed these little guys so raise sparingly. Along the way after visiting the town you may find yourself with a few more animals than thought of.

Make sure that your not spending all of your time out on the farm or you could drive yourself crazy with being by yourself for so long. Go into town for a visit. Meet the townspeople. See anyone that you would want to get to know better or become friends with? Chat them up and try giving them things until you find out what they truly like. Giving them items that they like each day will raise your friendship with them. Becoming friends with the people of Mineral Town will open up many doors good enough to explore, you may find yourself with a few great rewards along the way.

So making friends with the townspeople just doesn’t cut the loneliness you are having out on the farm? Well there’s no rule against dating, just take a look around and you’ll see the countless amount of families living and populating the town. Would you want to be one of those families no matter how much you may have to struggle through? Begin a romance with one of the local hot chicks! You have 5 to choose from these include the pigtailed, redheaded Ann, the curly, pink haired Popuri, the smart, dark headed Mary, the long, brown haired Karen, or the short, brown haired nurse Ellen. Along the way you may run into the guys who already have their eyes set on these pretty ladies. Your just not willing to fight with them for the girl of your dreams so that is why you can try doing what no man or human has ever tried, court the Harvest Goddess into marriage with you. It will be hard and challenging but a true Farm King can accomplish it. Courting the Harvest Goddess has many more goals needed to be completed before marrying than the goals to marry any of the ordinary town girls.

One downside to playing Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town is that you can begin to notice how fast the time speeds by in a day. Without even counting individual numbers the clock seems to be stuck on turbo speed! But even if this doesn’t allow you to accomplish as much as you wanted to in that individual day this calls to spread your goals out through the seasons making the days pass by much quicker. Trying to do everything you have planned for that season in just one day can definitely make the days to come repetitive and not as fun as they could be if you spread your plans out through the week. Doing the same thing on your farm each and everyday can get very boring. Try spreading your schedule out. Water crops and feed animals everyday but only choose to let the animals out on certain days of the week. Give the mine a try see if you what you can dig up or smash rocks to see what you could find. Or switch it up even more and go around town talking to some of the townspeople you rarely talk to and spark a friendship with them, you never know what may happen then.

Walk around the town for awhile or even a few days. You’ll definitely notice that the music doesn’t change at all or until the next season. Music may change in each house visited in town and at night. But this change doesn’t change the madness of one individual song playing through your head for a whole season. The music of Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town doesn’t come across as annoying to me, I enjoy it but for others that’s not the case. In the future, through special in-game features you may find a few ways to discover new music records to play to rid of the same seasonal song playing over and over everyday.

There are just some features in the game that may never be accomplished by players. It can even be rare for the hardcore Harvest Moon players to accomplish some of the goals that the game has set. Which is a downfall for all players of this game so don’t be disappointed when you see some things may be more impossible to reach than others. Like I tell myself, just try as hard as you possibly can, because you never know what may happen.

Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town can become kind of weird at times. Weird as walking into the hospital to find that you’ll be sitting down on a Sopha not a sofa. You may start hearing townspeople talk like this at the Horse Race: This year someone else is racing, but it used to be Barely. Don’t they mean Barley from the Yodel Farm in town? There are plenty of glitches to discover throughout the game which for some players may be even more fun than unlocking townspeople’s events.

With all the ups and downs to the Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town game I would have to say that it is definitely a game worth playing on the Game Boy Advance. A massive amount of features gives for plenty of enjoyable game play for every player. It is truly a Harvest Moon game that can not be left out of any Harvest Moon fan’s collection.

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InsanityS Aug 4, 09
Time management definitely feels more important in this game than in other HM games I've played (although said games are restricted to AWL and Rune Factory 2). Game got a bit repetitve for me so I guess I'm not too good at spreading tasks out, but it's still a fun game until repetition sets in.

Great review. It was nice to read through.
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Jesivis Aug 31, 09
Why thank you Insanity Prevails. I haven't written a review in so long so I wasn't quite sure if this review would be up to par with what neoseeker accepts. I'm going to improve the way I write my reviews and maybe add a screenshot or two.
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