Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town review
Fun, fun, fun! You'll never put it down.

The good:

- Nice selection of marriage candidates
- Great amount of animals
- Very large farming area

The bad:

- Graphics aren't the best



While the plot line is a bit basic, the fun is still the same! Raise crops, take care of animals, and build up your farm while earning money and making friends.

While this game will never end, you can't consider the game "beaten" until you've gotten married!


There's a great selection of people to marry. Depending on your preferences, each bachelorette has their own personality, which will fit your certain needs.

But watch out, there's always the chance that your girl will be snatched right from under you! With the addition of rivals and rival cut scenes, it brings about that feeling of competition, which can be found in any love life.


While the graphics aren't the best, they're not horrible! They're everything that can be expected from a GBA game, pixilated and small.

However, the graphics aren't such a problem, and can definitely be ignored.

The Farm~

The land area that you have for your farm is enormous, and allows for both your animals and crops.

You're able to use a makeshift fence to hold in your animals. It's customizable, and can be made into any shape that you want so long as it's within the square plot of land. To make the fence, you could use stumps, or rocks. Although rocks don't look the best, they won't rot like stumps will!

There's plenty of room for crops on top of the area for animals. Even if you used half of the area for your livestock, the other half is large enough for row upon row of crops!

Another part of the farm is the barn. It's upgradeable to fit up to 16 animals, including two pregnant animals. This allows for the animals, including cows and sheep, to be quite profitable. Aside from the livestock is the poultry. When upgraded, the chicken coop will allow 8 chickens total, each giving eggs once they're fully-grown.

Altogether, both the land space and the barn/coop space allow for a large profit.


What if you get tired of farming? What will you do in the winter when there's nothing left to do? Mine!

There are two mines. One of them is accessible at all seasons, and the other is only accessible during the winter, when the lake freezes over. Each of them has many floors to conquer, but they both have surprises waiting!

If you break rocks, there's a possibility that a stone could be in it! It could be gold, silver, amethyst, emeralds, or other precious gems! These can be shipped for a profit, or kept and used for tool upgrades.


This game is very repetitive and can sometimes get boring, once the daily routine seems to be the same every day.

I usually find it best to set a goal and work for it; for instance, the cottage, which can be bought for millions of dollars. This way, you know that you're not working for nothing!

However, if this method doesn't work for you, there seems to be a built-in method! Winter.

In the winter, there's very little to do. The only thing that seems to be of any use is mining, which gets very tedious, especially if you're working to get to the lower floors of the mine.

Because winter is so boring, the coming of Spring is all the better! The game play seems to be more interesting and "refreshed," which takes away that repetitive feeling as you begin to build up your farm again after a season of mostly nothing but buying.


Altogether, the game is a must-get. With great space, a great selection of marriage candidates, and an effective method to battle the repetitiveness of the game, you'll never want to put it down!

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