Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town review
SnoopyMaster's FoMT Review

The good:

  • Decent Graphics for a Gameboy Advance game.
  • Ability to get married to a wide variety of bachlorettes.
  • Farming and Ranching gives players plenty of things to do.
  • Having a child.
  • You never really "win", so players will probably be interested in the game for quite awhile.

    The bad:

  • Music gest annoying after awhile.
  • Cannot be a female character.


    This is one of the first Harvest Moon games in the series. It's pretty simple, fun, and easy for most ages to understand. PLayers will start off with a blank farm, no crops, and no animals. From there they must work up to becoming successful, and even married with a child. While you're working at that though, there are several other things that you can also do.

    The marrige concept in this game is very simple, and the girls affection towards your character is displayed in heart colors. As you give her gifts and trigger certain events, the colors will keep changing, and eventually reach red. Then you can propose to her once other requirements are filled.

    Raising animals is not too hard, as you only must feed, brush, and "talk" to them daily. If you do not, the animal may become sick, and possibly even die. Chickens, Cows, and Sheep are available. If your animals are healthy and happy, they will produce milk (cows), wool (sheep), and eggs (chickens).

    Cooking is another very fun aspect. As the game goes on you may work up to the chance of buying a kitchen. From there you can gather animal products, crops, and other food ingrediants to make a countless number of dishes that may be used for just eating, or gifts.

    Mining is yet another thing to do in your spare time. There are two mines in the town. One can only be opened in Winter, where many different precious stones are found. The other can be opened all year round, where ores that are needed to upgrade tools are found. However, this is not easy considering the characters low stamina. You may end up fainting if you work too hard or too long in the mines. Bringing grasses, food, and other stamina-recovering items is a great idea.

    Money making is one of the harder things in the game. It can be done by selling things found around the town, selling crops and animal products, and a few other things. Money, or gold, is needed to progress at a few points in the game, so you do need to work hard to get a good amount.

    In general this is a very great game. Farming is a fun aspect of life, and it's nice to be able to somewhat experience it through a handheld device.

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